About Alyssa Sharpe – Leading Global AstrologerAlyssa Sharpe

My name is Alyssa Sharpe. For years, I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. I believe that horoscopes and astrology are about more than daily predictions and personality traits. From your birthday to the time you were born and where you were born – the all-important details about your life help create a perfect map of the sky at the very moment you were introduced to this world. And stars definitely have a message for you.

And that’s where I come in!

I am an experienced astrologer who has successfully translated the stars and what they have to say for hordes of clients over the last few years.

While traditional astronomers focus primarily on the placement of stars and planets at the time you were born – I focus more on what you need at the moment you’re coming to me. Your birth chart will indeed play an important factor in this, but I aim to blend traditional practice with that of modern astronomers.

I try to avoid making predictions about your life or about the future. Rather, I prefer to listen to your own interpretation of your life. I’ll help you explore your life purpose and how your birth chart plays into this. There may be things hidden deep within your chart that you’ve never considered or thought of, which could provide the insight you need to find fulfillment, bliss, and peace in all areas of your life.

Personalized Astrology Consultation

I offer personal one-on-one consultation for those who are looking to better understand themselves and the world around them.

If you’re not sure what to ask when the time comes for your consultation, there are a few basic questions that might interest you. Most people ask questions surrounding things like their relationships, lifestyle choices, and their careers. Here is a list of some of the questions you may want to ask during the consultation:

  • Why do I choose the wrong people for myself?
  • Am I working in the right field?
  • How can I lead a happier life?

There are so many things you can ask during a consultation, so it’s important that you think about your priorities. What is most important to you? Do you want to learn more about your relationships? Do you want to know more about your behavior and the reason behind the choices you make?

And if you’re ready for a consultation, but you don’t know what time you were born – you’re not the only one. Since this is crucial information for us to put together and understand your natal chart, I suggest you look over your birth certificate. On it, you should be able to find the exact time you were born. However, it could also be in your baby book, on your hospital bracelet, etc. When you do find the time you were born, make sure you don’t round it up or down. The time you were born should be exact so that we know exactly how the stars were positioned at that moment.

Whether you have a set series of questions that you want to explore, or would like some guidance in uncovering those that you have hidden deep within your mind – I can help you come to understand yourself, your life, and arrive at the best possible answers for yourself though our personalized astrology consultation.

Are You Ready To Decipher Your Life?

Once you feel that you are ready to get the guidance you need, click here for a free personalized, in-depth video report from me that will reveal the true essence of your being and tell you what wonders the universe has in store for you.