Understanding your planets in LIBRA

Using the example of Libra as the DIPLOMAT of the Zodiac
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Sun: You ARE a Diplomat
Moon: You FEEL and RESPOND like a Diplomat
Ascendant: You ACT and LOOK like a Diplomat
Midheaven: To the PUBLIC you ARE a Diplomat
Mercury: You THINK and COMMUNICATE like a Diplomat
Venus: You initiate LOVE like a Diplomat
Mars: You DESIRE and REACT like a Diplomat
Jupiter: You are LUCKY when you live like a Diplomat
Saturn: You have ISSUES and LESSONS whenever you act like a Diplomat


The 7th Zodiac Sign of Libra

The Unbreak My Heart Mix

1. Company by Justin Bieber
2. Oops!… I Did it Again by Britney Spears
3. Apologize ft. OneRepublic by Timbaland
4. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by Amy Winehouse
5. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

Heroes & Villains of the Zodiac

Libra: The Paradigm

The Libra
is the Physical
Archetype of Love








Opal, Tourmaline






Why I Love Libra

By Alyssa Sharpe

Before I begin, I contemplated asking someone else to write this piece for me. As a  Libra, explaining to everyone why I love myself, reminds me too much of my everyday life. Why do you look in the mirror? You must be vain. Why do you take selfies? You must be desperate for attention. Why do you care so much about what people think of you? You must be insecure.

And I do think that as children, with our Sun debilitated in Libra, we have a few things to overcome. Insecurity, vanity, and attention seeking might be some of them, but they truly come from a place of general interest (and sometimes great pain). We don’t know how to be ourselves at first, and so we gather clues from the other signs. As we grow in confidence and maturity, we share ourselves in return. After all, life is about sharing experiences, and giving back what we’ve taken. We are not much different than societal mirrors. If you don’t like a Libra, it might be because that Libra is mimicking you.

As Libra’s, we know everything there is to know about everybody, but when it comes to ourselves, we draw huge blanks. “Do I like steak? Hell, I can’t remember. I know YOU like steak.” And yes, on occasion it can go as far as, “Do I like myself? I can’t remember. I think YOU like me. Do you like me?”

Libra is the seventh sign, which means we bring in the second part of the Zodiac, and we pride ourselves in doing so with style, grace and charisma. The second half of the Zodiac is all about selflessness, and Libra is where we get that first shot at it. We are not all perfectly giving. In fact, we can go the opposite way and hoard everything, from our feelings, to our possessions, to our lovers and children, but it comes from a good place—we protect, and will fight for the things we love, sometimes a little too hard.

We are ruled by the dark side of Venus. Taurus, our Venus counterpart, is ruled by the light side—the side that shines with love, pleasure, affection and beauty, for all to see. But Libra is that unseen beauty, that mysterious depth of character, which pretends to be shallow, ignorant, or ugly, in order to relate to others. Sometimes this means that we find our beauty and self-worth in other people, but at our best we share our worth. We become one with our lovers, exchanging our talents and gifts, healing each other’s wounds, and creating balance.

Libra’s are insanely funny. We want to make people happy, so we entertain them by putting on spectacular shows. We like to tell jokes that make people think, and we enjoy being around witty and intelligent people to share our ideas with. We love laughing and we work to make everyone laugh with us, even at our expense. No one can cut a self-deprecating joke the way a Libra can–we just secretly wish that more people understood our sarcasm.

We spent our early childhoods taking in and observing a random a sample of humanity, spent our teenage years actively engaging with the culture around us, and now as adults we thrive in giving the world what it wants, and then blowing their minds with even more.

Basically, we’ve been inspecting people intuitively since birth, and because of this, our psychic sensors are extremely high. Sometimes it feels like we can read minds, as we instinctively anticipate the needs of others. Popular psychic, Sylvia Browne (who happens to be a Libra) lumps Libra with Pisces as the most psychic of the Zodiac signs. Other signs can disagree (I see you, Scorpio), but when it comes to our perfected ability to read other people, there is no competition.

Libra’s value their time, but are not selfish with it. We actually loathe making people wait longer than what is considered fashionable. Some of us will put off showering to make it to your baseball game in time. Sadly, people like to point out the times we didn’t show, due to our apparent flakiness. When in reality, we didn’t come, because we weren’t up for entertaining, and we aren’t sure people want us any other way. A fault, we work to fix, as we are always working to achieve perfect balance.

We are very creative, and always experimenting with fashion, photography, painting, drawing, selfie-ing, writing and acting. We love to get lost in the finer things, and we absolutely love art. We might be known as the hopeless romantics, but if we were to be honest, our first love was art—we just grew up and decided that it be nice to find someone to create with us.  We don’t just want to enjoy creation, we want other people to enjoy it with us.

We are the only sign ruled by an inanimate object, The Scales. This, in itself, can make us appear to be uncaring, indecisive and aloof, but in fact, it makes us good at weighing the pros and cons of every situation, before we react in an emotional way. When we finally do get emotional, it’s because something we love was taken from us. Otherwise, if we cannot do it objectively, we try not to get involved.

Libra is the most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac, and I’m not just saying that because I am one. I’m saying it because I’ve analyzed every sign for years, and Libra is the one sign that everyone gets wrong, repeatedly.  We are special, and have breathed new life into every person we’ve crossed paths with. The words we speak live on inside those who have met us, and wherever we go, we leave our mark, and we do it in spite of that debilitated Sun, and subsequent lack of ego.

Libra’s do everything out of their forever love and adoration of humanity.

And that is why I love us, Libra.

How Many Times one Libra Has Flirted Today


7th sign of the Zodiac


Key Phrase: I Balance

Birthdates: September 23- October 22 (depending on the year)

Modality: Cardinal

Element: Air

Planet Ruler: Venus

Symbol: The Scales

House: 7th

Number vibration: 6

Tarot Card Association: Justice (Libra), The Empress (Venus)

Crystals with Libra Energy: Dumortierite, Green Kyanite, Rhodonite, Unakite, Covellite, Zebra Jasper, Merlinite, Stilbite, Vesuvianite, Fulgurite

Gwen Stefani

(October 3, 1969)

'It was such a turning point to find that I had a talent and I had something to contribute, somewhere.'


Teammates: Gemini & Aquarius (Grand Air Trine)

Enemies: Aries, Cancer, & Capricorn (Cardinal Grand Cross)

Frenemies: Virgo & Scorpio

BFF’s: Leo & Sagittarius

Feels Intimidated By: Pisces & Taurus

Most Likely to Be Asked Out By: Scorpio

Most Likely to Fall in Love With: Aries

Cares Most About: Falling in Love

Secretly: Ambitious AF & Selfish

Libra Celebrities: Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, Sting, TS Eliot, Ray Charles, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julie Andrews, Mickey Mantle, Jurnee Smollett, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mahatma Gandhi, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Zach Galifianakis, Frieda Pinto

The Libra Child

By Mary Jo Montevirgen

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra has a strong appreciation for anything that pleases the 5 senses. Libra is also the sign of partnerships, so he keeps the ones he loves very close to him. Deep down, Libra is a romantic at heart. Even when not in a romantic relationship, he has one or a few friends he shares his life with. Categorized as an Air sign, Libra prioritizes self-expression and intellectual growth. Given the Cardinal modality, he is one to create visions and take action – although it may take a while to take action because Libra is notoriously indecisive!

From a young age, Libra child makes harmony and beauty a priority in his life. In fact, this is what inspires much of how he goes about his daily routine and his relationships with others. He likes to decorate, so give him a say in how his room is furnished. You will be amazed at how Libra child can put furniture and decorations together to showcase his personality while keeping aesthetics soft and welcoming. He likes to make his personal space inviting so that other people will feel welcome in it. Although others may not notice, he tailors his activities with and his gifts for other people based on what he knows they enjoy. He is happy to do something that his friends and family love for the sake of just spending time with them.

Be prepared to comfort Libra child when he realizes that not everyone is as accommodating or generous as he is. He is born with a sense of right and wrong, especially when it comes to relations with others. Libra child will fine-tune this sense with experiences among others. He will even experience tests to either weaken or build his sense of conviction. During these tests, he will weigh pros and cons, and he will doubt himself although he instinctively knows what is right. If Libra child communicates with you about the arguments he has in his head, or asks a ton of questions, encourage him to trust himself as long as his intentions are pure. As his caretaker, you will help him strengthen his convictions, as he will be confused by the misdeeds and ill intention that surround him. As an adult, he will hopefully be able to balance his love for people along with his sense of right and wrong.

Libra child loves sharing his thoughts with others. Much of this is attributed to the fact that Libra is an air sign, which, in astrology, facilitates the flow of information and communication. By sharing his thoughts with others, he finds common ground with them; When common ground is found, connections are made. Libra child finds socializing and connecting with others to be important, whether it is with a few people or with many. Some Libra children like having many friends because they enjoy being surrounded by love as much as possible, and other Libra children who are more introverted can enjoy being surrounded by love with just a few friends.

If you are a Libra child’s parent, it is important to keep him in a loving, inviting and harmonious environment. Three key elements (love, expression and harmony) do much more to keep Libra even keel more than most people can imagine. Without them, he may have an imbalance between mind and body. His general outlook may be clouded with delusion, or hardened with insensitivity. Libra rules the 7th house, which is the house of marriage and partnership, so they will be greatly affected by any separation of parents. If Libra child senses discord between parents, he will do his best to fix the issues between them. You may even find him trying to negotiate or establish peace in the middle of an argument, or playing devil’s advocate in order to get both sides to understand the other.

Fairness is always a priority for Libra child, so he will let you know if notices that something is unfair! As a caretaker, it is essential that you find the right balance between setting a fair environment and teaching him to cope with unfair circumstances. Otherwise, he will be confused and frustrated when he sees unfairness. The Scales’ influence on Libra child will also show in his work activity. You might notice he will alternate times when he works vigorously, and times when he relaxes to recharge. although he is capable of feeling driven to work vigorously for a long time, he prefers to take “time outs” to preserve his energy.

In terms of extracurricular activities, he will feel energized when involving himself in the arts by taking singing or acting lessons, learning how to play a musical instrument, or painting and drawing. He may also love to read and write, and the bookstore may be as interesting as a playground to him. Libra child might dabble in multiple extracurricular activities in an effort to find his favorite hobbies. He does not like rushing to make decisions, as he prefers to explore and weigh his options before making up his mind. Whatever hobbies and activities Libra child chooses, it will involve connecting with people at different levels. This could be from behind a computer or piece of paper, or this could be through direct contact with others. Among people, you can find Libra child fully engaged in meaningful conversation or chatting about anything and everything among a larger group.

Libra Child understands balance and justice, which are two great strengths to have as a child. As a parent, it is best to encourage the application of these strengths by emulating them. Although each child is different and has personal needs, give an equal amount of attention to each child. Show your support in their activities by going to see their concerts, plays, sporting events, or anything else they may be involved in. And don’t forget Libra child’s birthday – it will hurt him greatly. Libra child loves celebrations and special occasions. In fact, from an early age, you will notice that he loves dressing up and grooming himself. He loves to put his best face forward, and he will make it a point to look nice if he is leaving the house or having company. Libra child will show from an early age how much he enjoys being a gracious host, providing good food, music and conversation. As a baby, Libra will learn how important music is to ambiance, as he will light up when music plays. Another hobby of his is putting things together, so you might find him very interested in building blocks, or model cars and airplanes.

The nickname “Lazy Libra” came from Libra’s love of sitting still. However, his inner balance eventually stimulates him to move around and get blood flowing! Libra is represented by the Scales, which is a symbol of balance, justice and fairness. From an early age, the Scales’ influence will show in many areas of Libra child’s life. If he is taken to a sporting event, he will often root for the underdog, unless his loyalty is to the other team. This is because he feels that everyone deserves a chance to win. Among peers, Libra child can often be found defending those who are bullied or often made fun of, as he strongly dislikes unfair treatment. When playing a game, Libra will be the first to speak out if he sees someone playing against the rules. He will show early on that he likes to make other people feel special. He has enough love in his heart to genuinely care about a large amount of people. Libra child may have many friendly acquaintances, but it is common for him to have just a few close friends who he lets close to his heart. He makes a wonderful peacemaker, as he can be seen smoothing things over after fights among friends. As long as Libra child is not personally involved in an argument, he is skilled at facilitating proper communication between parties.





Goddess of Love


Goddess of Love


Mary Magdalene

The Seventh House

The 7th/Seventh House in your birth/natal chart is all about the relationships that we hold dear, as well as the traits we don’t see in ourselves. Follow the link to Alyssa Sharpe’s articles on the 7th House!

Mahatma Gandhi

(October 2, 1869 - January 30, 1948)

'Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.'

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