Libra: I Balance


Understanding your Planets in Libra

Libra is the DIPLOMAT of the Zodiac

You FEEL and RESPOND like a Diplomat
Ascendant: You ACT and LOOK like a Diplomat
Midheaven: To the PUBLIC you ARE a Diplomat
Mercury: You THINK and COMMUNICATE like a Diplomat
Venus: You initiate LOVE like a Diplomat
Mars: You DESIRE and REACT like a Diplomat
Jupiter: You are LUCKY when you live like a Diplomat
Saturn: You have ISSUES and LESSONS whenever you act like a Diplomat

Why I Love Libra

Libra’s are insanely smart, fun & funny.

Before I begin, I contemplated asking someone else to write this piece for me. As a Libra, explaining to everyone why I love myself, reminds me too much of my everyday life. Why do you look in the mirror? You must be vain. Why do you take selfies? You must be desperate for attention. Why do you care so much about what people think of you? You must be insecure...

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The Can't Buy Me Love Mix

1. Company by Justin Bieber
2. Oops!... I Did it Again by Britney Spears
3. Apologize ft. OneRepublic by Timbaland
4. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by Amy Winehouse
5. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

The Libra Stats

7th sign of the Zodiac
Key Phrase: I Balance
Birthdates: September 23- October 22 (depending on the year)
Modality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Planet Ruler: Venus
Symbol: The Scales
House: 7th
Number vibration: 6
Tarot Card Association: Justice (Libra), The Empress (Venus)
Crystals with Libra Energy: Dumortierite, Green Kyanite, Rhodonite, Unakite, Covellite, Zebra Jasper, Merlinite, Stilbite, Vesuvianite, Fulgurite
Friends: Aquarius & Gemini (Grand Air Trine)
Enemies: Taurus, Leo & Scorpio (Fixed Grand Cross)
Cares Most About: Protecting Love
Libra Celebrities: Brie Larson, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, Sting, TS Eliot, Ray Charles, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julie Andrews, Mickey Mantle, Jurnee Smollett, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mahatma Gandhi, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Zach Galifianakis, Frieda Pinto

Libra is the ruler of the 7th house

You take thoughts and make them beautiful ideas.

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The Libra Child

The Libra child loves sharing his thoughts with others.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra has a strong appreciation for anything that pleases the 5 senses. Libra is also the sign of partnerships, so he keeps the ones he loves very close to him. Deep down, Libra is a romantic at heart. Even when not in a romantic relationship, he has one or a few friends he shares his life with. Categorized as an Air sign, Libra prioritizes self-expression and intellectual growth. Given the Cardinal modality, he is one to create visions and take action – although it may take a while to take action because Libra is notoriously indecisive…

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