Autumnal Equinox Libra Season Oracle Reading

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Autumnal Equinox Libra Season Oracle Reading by mizChartreuse of The Age of Eleven The Autumnal Equinox The Western Zodiac is based on the seasons, and the seasons are based on the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. The Winter and Summer Solstices bring the shortest and longest days of the year, respectively, due to Earth’s tilt on its axis…

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Virgo Season Oracle Reading

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Welcome to Virgo season! Virgo is about being of service to the collective, and perfection of the physical. It is a feminine, mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury and is focused on healing, adaptation, change, and grounding. Virgo’s earthy nature makes it practical and analytical, all about completion and becoming whole.   Here is the divination for this time period. Virgo…

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My Personal Crystal Oracle Reading

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Oracle card readings are invaluable divination tools for self-understanding. As I shared in the Introduction to Oracle Readings, oracles offer guidance, insight, and suggestions for what kind of action may be necessary to bring about a desired outcome. Since antiquity, Oracles were beings who remember and embody the inherent connection we have to the divine. An Oracle should always bring you forward to yourself; not cause…

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Introduction to Oracle Readings

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What is an Oracle? Oracle cards are a tool of divination, or guidance. Similar to other tools for self-understanding, such as palm reading, I-Ching coins, runes, pendulum work or most similarly the Tarot, oracle card readings can help us receive insight and self-understanding for current and future situations. Each oracle deck has its own theme, and every card in a…

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