Virgoan Indulgences

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Hello Angels, it's Friday the day ruled by Venus! The planet of love and beauty, Venus, is in Virgo and conjunct jovial Jupiter. Both of these planets in astrology are considered benifics i.e. their planetary influences are usually positive and beneficial. When Venus and Jupiter meet in the cosmos, or in your natal chart it is said to bring good fortune...
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Venus On Regulus Friday

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Happy Friday, the day ruled by Venus. As Venus waxes towards her entrance in Virgo she makes a conjunction to royal star Regulus, the heart of the lion in the Leo constellation. Regulus moved into [tropical Virgo] in 2012, creating a shift of the stars archetype as a symbol of duality of both Leo and Virgo qualities. Fixed star Regulus,...
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Retrograde Planets in your Chart

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RETROGRADE PLANETS IN YOUR CHART, OR THE ART OF THE ASTRAL MOOD SWING.   So you’ve got retrograde planets in your chart. Little known fact: Having retrograde planets in your chart pretty much guarantees that you’re a latent serial killer. Just kidding. Obviously. In the grand scheme of things, retrograde planets in the natal chart are not actually as big…

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Venus in the Zodiac Signs

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Venus in the Zodiac Signs Do you feel magnetic in love? Blocked in love? Practical? Sacrificing? Secretive? All of this would be indicated in your astrological birth chart, so it is beneficial to understand Venus in the zodiac signs. In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, value, material abundance, sensory pleasures, and relationships. The nocturnal planet represents our…

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Natal Venus in Scorpio

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People with Venus in Scorpio have the ability to become deeply encompassed by love relationships. When in love, this person has a desire to control the course of the relationship. Scorpio Venus may find most relationships to be boring, as they prefer to be in one that incorporates a bit of surrender. They are very dedicated, crave intimacy, and they have a preference for commitment. Whomever partners with a Scorpio Venus will…

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Transit Venus in Virgo: October 8-November 8, 2015

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The planet Venus was named after the Roman Goddess (Venus) of love, beauty and desire. The planet Venus represents just that, as well as money, values and the way we express pleasure. Venus’ location in the natal chart reveals how the native approaches personal relationships and physical comfort. The Venus glyph ♀ joins a circle and a cross, which balances identity and higher knowledge, respectively. Venus’…

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The Astrology of Influential Rockstars

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Arena Rock Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury Born: September 6, 1946/5:10 AM/Zanzibar, Tanzania Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen, one of first Arena rock bands and one of the best-selling bands of all time. Queen rocked numerous musical genres including gospel, rockabilly, pop, opera, Caribbean, heavy metal and blues rock. Mercury was best known for his versatility, impressive four-octave vocal range…

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Planetary Transits & Life’s Big Questions

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I’ve been asked a lot of the same questions in the past month or so! I realized there may be others who have the same questions, so I wanted to impart a bit of my knowledge to let you know that if you are going through these issues, you are not alone. The majority of questions clients have asked me…

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Libra New Moon

Leo New Moon: The Shape of My Heart

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The August 2015 New Moon finds the Sun and the Moon conjunct (aligned together as illustrated in the image above) in the sign of Leo at 22 degrees at 9:53 a.m. CST. If you look in your natal chart at the house where 22 degrees Leo falls, that is how you can tell what areas of life will be directly…

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From Bruce to Caitlyn: An Astrological Insight

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Preface I just found out a month ago what KUWTK stood for. That being said, I didn’t even know who Bruce Jenner was until he decided to become Caitlyn! I am curious about all the hype surrounded around her reconstruction, so I decided to do a little research and I found out what many people probably already know about Bruce/Caitlyn: Bruce…

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Venus Retrograde in the Houses

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Venus Retrograde in the Houses + Venus Rx in Leo Crystal Wisdom Oracle Reading <3 It’s time to pay attention to our hearts. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, romance, finance, relationships, harmony, and our values. It stations retrograde today, July 25, 2015. This means that from our perspective on Earth, Venus will appear to be moving backward for the…

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Natal Chart Lessons: Personal Planets in Retrograde

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A planet is in retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards from our position on Earth. Retrograde planets don’t actually move backwards – it only appears that way when Earth passes them during their orbits. Those with a planet in retrograde in the natal chart seem to feel more comfortable with that planet’s energies when it goes retrograde throughout…

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Cancer New Moon: A Glass Case of Emotion

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Cancer New Moon: A Glass Case of Emotion The New Moon is this Wednesday, July 15 at 8:15 p.m. CST. It is highly beneficial to work with the phases of the moon to get in sync with the cycles of nature and use that energy to manifest. A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are conjunct. As you…

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The Planets in the 10th House

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These are the descriptions for those of us with Planets in the 10th/Tenth House! If you do not have a planet in your 10th House, look for the description of the sign that cusps your 10th house, in the links below. Click Here for the Introduction to the 10th House/Midheaven. Click Here for the Signs cusping your 10th House/Midheaven. Sun in…

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