The Astrology of Relationships with Large Age Gaps

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In love, we tend to make decisions based on “The heart wants what the heart wants” right? But what about the more important question, “Why does the heart want what it wants?” In the Astrology biz that’s what we call Synastry, or a comparison between two people’s charts, There’s a lot of Astrological-love-match information out there (and it all deserves it’s…

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A Common Interest:  Astrological Family Dynamics

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Have you ever picked up a book and started reading the last chapter?  Sometimes in life, we have to start with the end of the story to really understand the beginning. When I started studying astrology, I had no idea that it would not only be a fascinating tool to navigate life with, but it would actually be a guide...
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Juno: Asteroid of Marriage and Commitment

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Asteroid Name: Juno Named After: The Roman Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth; represents the Month of June, Love, Dedication, Peacock Lovers and Community Protection Asteroid #: 3 (Select Juno under “Additional Objects” on Might Remind You Of: A Virgo who puts Love On Top. Not Beyonce necessarily, just a Beyonce quote. Juno is the ancient Roman goddess of Marriage…

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Neptune in Pisces: I Believe in the Cloak

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Last night I had a very profound conversation with my mother, who was born during Neptune’s transit through Virgo in 1938. We were actually having one of those deep conversations about God and she said, “I am not exactly sure who God is, but I believe in the cloak.”  And then she reminded me of story my Scorpio Grandmother used…

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Saturn square Neptune: Everything vs Nothing

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Saturn square Neptune: Everything vs Nothing The Sun is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, and Saturn and Neptune in Pisces are currently in an exact square. Saturn is restriction and discipline; Neptune is illusions and amorphousness. Saturn loves boundaries; Neptune dissolves boundaries. A square is when two planets are dueling for dominance. It’s an angle that brings tension and spurs action. Neptune,…

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The Astrology of Influential Rockstars

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Arena Rock Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury Born: September 6, 1946/5:10 AM/Zanzibar, Tanzania Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen, one of first Arena rock bands and one of the best-selling bands of all time. Queen rocked numerous musical genres including gospel, rockabilly, pop, opera, Caribbean, heavy metal and blues rock. Mercury was best known for his versatility, impressive four-octave vocal range…

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Planetary Transits & Life’s Big Questions

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I’ve been asked a lot of the same questions in the past month or so! I realized there may be others who have the same questions, so I wanted to impart a bit of my knowledge to let you know that if you are going through these issues, you are not alone. The majority of questions clients have asked me…

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Descendant Rising: How Astrology Raises Consciousness

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What does it mean to raise consciousness? Knowledge: A problem can’t be solved from the same level of consciousness at which it was created. Application: There is no problem that can’t be solved by raising your level of consciousness. One form of consciousness-raising is by using tools to help you know yourself. Astrology is one of the finest tools we…

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Gemini New Moon: Welcome to the Real World

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New Moon in Gemini June 16, 2015 The New Moon: A time of introspection, and the beginning of the next moon cycle. The Sun and the Moon are conjunct in Gemini, meaning they are perfectly lined up with the Moon in front of the Sun, causing the Moon to appear dark. The darkness of the Moon signifies a blank slate….

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Sagittarius Full Moon: The Good, the Bad, & the Real

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Cheers to the Full Moon! On the one side, we have the Sun, Mars, and Mercury (Retrograde) in Gemini. On the opposite, we find the Moon in Sagittarius, floating through the mystical constellation of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer. The Moon Dynamics The Full Moon is in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius at 12 degrees. Sagittarius is the stage of rebirth…

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The Planets in the 10th House

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These are the descriptions for those of us with Planets in the 10th/Tenth House! If you do not have a planet in your 10th House, look for the description of the sign that cusps your 10th house, in the links below. Click Here for the Introduction to the 10th House/Midheaven. Click Here for the Signs cusping your 10th House/Midheaven. Sun in…

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Crystals & the Planets

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Age of Eleven Gateway Courses Crystals 101 Class 6: Crystals and the Planets The planets are massive, heavenly rocks that influence our bodies here on Earth. Crystals are massive, inner-earth rocks and can also influence our bodies here on the surface. “As above, so below” is a universal law, and as such, the beautiful crystals that form below us also correspond…

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