Virgo Mercury Retrograde 2016

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The entire month of September will be the last of Eclipse Season and Mercury will be retrograde from August 30th to September 21st.  Anytime a planet goes retrograde it is a time or internalization and reflection.  It is recommended that you do not sign papers, buy electronics or make any rather major decisions that lie in the realms of Mercury. Mercury rules over all...
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A Common Interest:  Astrological Family Dynamics

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Have you ever picked up a book and started reading the last chapter?  Sometimes in life, we have to start with the end of the story to really understand the beginning. When I started studying astrology, I had no idea that it would not only be a fascinating tool to navigate life with, but it would actually be a guide...
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Beyonce Speaks: Making Lemonade from a Mercury-Saturn Conjunction

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Beyonce Speaks: Making Lemonade from a Mercury-Saturn Conjunction by mizChartreuse - The Age of Eleven: #DecodingTheAll Beyonce has a mfkn YOD. (Chart Rectification does not represent the abilities of Sharpe Astrology or any of it's affiliates.) When you watch Beyonce speak in video interviews and then glance at her birth chart, in an instant her Libra Saturn-Mercury conjunction makes sense. When two planets are conjunct,...
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Happy Gemini Season!

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Happy Gemini Season! Gemini, the 3rd sign of the zodiac, is ruled by Mercury – the planet of communication, intellect and thought processes. That being said, they love being wordy and showcasing their intellect. It’s ok, Gemini, you can admit it. Everyone knows it. Here are a couple words that you would love to add to your vocabulary. AND they’re both scientific terms,…

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Retrograde Planets in your Chart

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RETROGRADE PLANETS IN YOUR CHART, OR THE ART OF THE ASTRAL MOOD SWING.   So you’ve got retrograde planets in your chart. Little known fact: Having retrograde planets in your chart pretty much guarantees that you’re a latent serial killer. Just kidding. Obviously. In the grand scheme of things, retrograde planets in the natal chart are not actually as big…

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The Astrology of Influential Rockstars

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Arena Rock Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury Born: September 6, 1946/5:10 AM/Zanzibar, Tanzania Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen, one of first Arena rock bands and one of the best-selling bands of all time. Queen rocked numerous musical genres including gospel, rockabilly, pop, opera, Caribbean, heavy metal and blues rock. Mercury was best known for his versatility, impressive four-octave vocal range…

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Solar + Lunar Eclipse Season & Mercury Retrograde

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  It’s about that time again! Mercury retrograde and eclipse season is here. We are currently in Mercury retrograde’s pre-shadow period for the last time in 2015. With a Partial Solar Eclipse in it’s pre-shadow and a Total Lunar Eclipse occurring during its actual retrograde stage, it would be beneficial to consider taking certain precautions. Mercury went into its pre-retrograde…

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My 12th House, Part II: Moon

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  When I first started studying Astrology, the 12th house was a soft spot for me. I especially wanted to learn all about it because of my Sun, Moon, Mercury and North Node (coming soon!) all sitting pretty in the 12th in Aries and Taurus. I wandered through many bookstores filled with Traditional astrology writings that described the 12th house in the most hopeless way….

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Natal Chart Lessons: Personal Planets in Retrograde

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A planet is in retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards from our position on Earth. Retrograde planets don’t actually move backwards – it only appears that way when Earth passes them during their orbits. Those with a planet in retrograde in the natal chart seem to feel more comfortable with that planet’s energies when it goes retrograde throughout…

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Cancer New Moon: A Glass Case of Emotion

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Cancer New Moon: A Glass Case of Emotion The New Moon is this Wednesday, July 15 at 8:15 p.m. CST. It is highly beneficial to work with the phases of the moon to get in sync with the cycles of nature and use that energy to manifest. A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are conjunct. As you…

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Gemini New Moon: Welcome to the Real World

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New Moon in Gemini June 16, 2015 The New Moon: A time of introspection, and the beginning of the next moon cycle. The Sun and the Moon are conjunct in Gemini, meaning they are perfectly lined up with the Moon in front of the Sun, causing the Moon to appear dark. The darkness of the Moon signifies a blank slate….

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REvisiting Ophiuchus: What IS the zodiac?

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The #DecodingTheAll Mercury REtrograde series REvisiting Ophiuchus, Part I: What IS the zodiac? “Hello, people, 364.25 days equals one year!” “Um, NO, stupid! There are 52 WEEKS in a year!” “Ugh. Are you blind? A year is 12 MONTHS!” “You must be delusional. Everyone knows a year has THREE seasons.” “Dude. Guys. It’s only ONE year at a time. And…

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