Astrology and Numerology Ties: Signs and Numbers

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Astrology and Numerology are like Peanut Butter & Jelly – separately, sure, they’re cool. BUT together, they are complimented and provide more meaning to life. Yes – PB&J provides more meaning to life. If you are an Astrology student who is just learning Numerology or vice-versa, I came up with a few correlations between the two practices. These are all bits of information that…

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Born on a Full Moon

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One of the many questions I get as an Astrologer is, “What does it mean for those born during a Full Moon?” Normally a mother will forget a birth time, or sometimes even a birthday, but most mothers never forget if their child came during a Full Moon. There’s something eery about it that makes her remember forever, and then…

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Your Birthday is on the 20th…

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If you were born on the 20th of any month, you are ruled by the Moon! The Moon offers you its intuition, susceptibility to your surroundings, and emotional need for affection. Your intuition is geared toward motives and behind-the-scenes action. When people say or do something, you instinctively know why. When something happens, you instinctively know the cause-and-effect of it….

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