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A Jupiter in Libra Return

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Alyssa gave me this opportunity to share with you my Jupiter Return story of this current Jupiter Transit for Libra. At risk of sounding too overly dramatic (I feel like that ship is about to sail), but what has happened so far in my Jupiter Return has opened my eyes to everything. I hoping my story, regardless of where your...
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A Common Interest:  Astrological Family Dynamics

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Have you ever picked up a book and started reading the last chapter?  Sometimes in life, we have to start with the end of the story to really understand the beginning. When I started studying astrology, I had no idea that it would not only be a fascinating tool to navigate life with, but it would actually be a guide...
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The VMAs: A SuperMoon Super Hot Sagittarius Mess

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The 2015 MTV VMAs: A SuperMoon Super Hot Sagittarius Mess #DecodingTheAll with mizChartreuse   The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards show was cray, which is par for the course for the non-music-playing station’s annual grand ritual. There are layers to decode in this, and when we have astrological insight, that brings even more clarity to the whole spectacle. The VMAs…

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Astrology & Parenthood: The Great Leveler

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We’ve mastered the art of the SMIZE. 😉 Astrology & Parenthood: The Great Leveler Many of our adult experiences are colored by childhood issues and the skills/coping mechanisms we did or did not receive in our youth. This means that even though we are individuals, we receive many of our various complexes from our parents. For example, I love to…

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Mercury Retrograde + Capricorn Moon: Revisiting Religion

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The #DecodingTheAll Mercury REtrograde series Mercury Retrograde and the Capricorn Moon: Revisiting Religion The prefix “RE” means “to do over,” so the overall theme of REtrograde is REvisiting. Old RElationships pop up. The dust we’ve swept under the rug starts to get lumpy. Lessons we thought we learned come a-knocking to see if we’ve REally moved past them. Right on…

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A Debilitated Sun Story (Or Why Being Selfless is Selfish)

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Sun in the 7th house. My personal placement. One of my many debilitating placements that continue to counteract all my nice exalted placements–like my Moon in Taurus and Jupiter in the 11th house. Can I say placements again? Placements. The Sun naturally wants to be in the 1st house where it can protect your ego, where it can bask in…

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My Saturn Return Story

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**I previously wrote these words at the moment transit Saturn came into an exact conjunction with my natal Saturn, in November of 2014. I made the video about my Saturn Return, a few months months later. (Please Scroll Down for Video)** People seem to disagree on when your Saturn Return actually happens. Does it start when Saturn goes into your…

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