Understanding your planets in CANCER

Using the example of Cancer as the FEELER of the Zodiac
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Sun: You ARE a Feeler
Moon: You FEEL and RESPOND Excessively
Ascendant: You ACT and LOOK like a Feeler
Midheaven: To the PUBLIC you ARE a Feeler
Mercury: You THINK and COMMUNICATE through Feeling
Venus: You initiate LOVE through Feeling
Mars: You DESIRE and REACT through Feeling
Jupiter: You are LUCKY when you live through Feeling
Saturn: You have ISSUES and LESSONS whenever you Feel


The 4th Zodiac Sign of Cancer

When Doves Cry, The Playlist

1. What’s My Age Again? by Blink-182
2. Hey Jude by “Across the Universe” Soundtrack
3. When Doves Cry by Prince
4. Screaming Infidelities by Dashboard Confessional
5. Dear Mama by 2Pac

Heroes & Villains of the Zodiac

Cancer: The Manifestor

The Cancer
Puts Our Souls
Into Bodies














Why I Love Cancer

By Alyssa Sharpe

When it comes to the Zodiac, there is only one Sign I don’t feel awkward about expressing my loving feelings for, and that Sign is Cancer. You can say you love, but can you actually feel that love? This truth is what the Cancer people in my life, have taught me to understand.

Cancer is the 4th sign, ruler of the HOME and SOUL.Your essence is water, feeling your way though the tides of life, learning to dance under the moon’s ever changing light.

You are affectionate and nurturing. You’re a total homebody, but will rarely turn down a night of fun, if the company is worth keeping. It’s such a rewarding feeling to have a Cancer want to be around you. Cancers can smell bullshit, and they will walk away from you, if they sense your insincerity.

When I have trouble, Cancer will listen. No matter how crazy my story might be, you care to know every detail. You will listen to the beginning, middle and end. You will laugh when I laugh, and cry when I cry. You are the natural empath — Psychically aware of the moods and feelings of others. You have a strong desire to make others feel better.

You know how to laugh at yourself. It’s actually the common consensus among Astrologers that Cancer is the most humorous of all Zodiac Signs. Through wit, self-deprecation, and acute observation, you will disarm and enchant the most serious of people.

You are opinionated and wise, but somehow also accepting and optimistic — an old soulthat manages to stay young at heart.

You know how to save — both hearts and money.  You take care of your assets, so it’s not confusing, as to why so many millionaires are Cancers. You know the value of everything in life, and you won’t throw it away in exchange for the petty nothingness.

You love deeply and completely, but you don’t stop there. You will invite us into your warm, comfortable home, and then you will bake cookies. You are passionate, witty and wise. Above all, you are unapologetically you, and that is why I love you.

Times A Cancer Has Watched The Notebook With Haagen-Dazs


4th sign of the Zodiac


Key Phrase: I Feel

Birthdates: June 21- July 20 (depending on the year)

Modality: Cardinal

Element: Water

Planet Ruler: The Moon

Symbol: The Crab

House: 4th

Number vibration: 2

Tarot Card Association: The Chariot (Cancer), The High Priestess (Moon)

Crystals with Cancer Energy:Aventurine, Chrysocolla, Iolite, Peach Aventurine, Preseli, Rhodonite, Smoky Quartz, Yellow Jasper, Goldstone, Fuchsite, Iolite, Moonstone

Diana, Princess of Wales

(July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997)

'I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved.'


Teammates: Scorpio & Pisces (Grand Water Trine)

Enemies: Aries, Libra & Capricorn (Cardinal Grand Cross)

Frenemies: Gemini & Leo

BFF’s: Taurus & Virgo

Feels Intimidated By: Sagittarius & Aquarius

Most Likely to Be Asked Out By: Leo

Most Likely to Fall in Love With:Capricorn

Cares Most About: Their Family & Safety

Secretly: Going to Take Over the World

Cancer Celebrities: Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Lionel Messi, Kevin Hart, Selena Gomez, Robin Williams, Princess Diana, Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Louis Armstrong, Harrison Ford, Ernest Hemingway, Khloe Kardashian, Jane Lynch

The Cancer Child

By Mary Jo Montevirgen

The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon and symbolized by the crab, which imparts Cancer natives with a soft interior and hard exterior. Cancer does not show feelings easily, retreating to her protective shell when she experiences rejection or emotional adversity. In fact, she feels very deeply but doesn’t know how to verbally express these emotions – she doesn’t quite know how to manage them. Just as water tides are affected by the Moon, the Cancer baby’s moods can be as well. The Moon also symbolizes the “Mother figure” in one’s life, so she may have a very strong attachment to her mother especially in her early years.

Cancer is often considered to be the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. Cancer child perceives energies and moods that others cannot, so she can be unpredictable and hard to read at times. She is born family-oriented and reserved around new faces. Cancer baby can get uncomfortable when new people try to carry her. She will have a harder time being weaned off of breastfeeding than other babies, since Cancer rules the chest area. Cancer child may grow up faster than other children her age because of her desire to care for others. Cancer child loves having electronic pets or stuffed animals to take care of. In the future, the Cancer adult will be one who prioritizes becoming a mother or father figure.

The Cancer child dislikes being among crowds of people. She is sensitive to others’ thoughts and feelings, and it can be overwhelming. Cancer child is happiest when her love for comfort is fulfilled with cozy surroundings at home. Her home is her sanctuary, and her life at home is what she carries with her into the world. Calm communication and stability must be constant there, since the way she is treated at home is the same way she will treat others. On the other hand, if she is frequently exposed to hostility and raised voices, she will also integrate that into her life outside of home. Expose her to other children as early as possible, as this will help her distinguish the differences between her expectations of friends and family members.

The Cancer child internalizes all of her experiences in order to move forward in different areas in her life. Just like the Crab, she sheds her old shell to find something bigger and better suited to support her upward evolution. On the other hand, Cancer craves security, so she probably won’t move on from her existing situation until another one seems to be more promising. This process is very important to Cancer’s development. She succeeds when she has time to examine her current situation, decides to move on, and finally adjusts to her new situation.

During times of adversity, the only time Cancer child will fight is when she feels threatened. Sometimes she just wants to be left alone when she is conflicted, and that desire should be respected. This is how she can clear the thoughts and emotions in her mind. Give her a fair amount of alone time, but gently let her know that it is okay to have feelings. Cancer child may also have a hard time communicating her needs. She knows that some emotions cannot be expressed with words, so she often resorts to not saying anything at all. Additionally, she sees being hurt as a weakness, and she doesn’t feel comfortable asking for much. Help her learn to communicate even when it is challenging, because emotional openness helps relationships flourish. It is important for her to  learn to confront issues between people, or else resentment builds and ends up breaking relationships. Tell her stories about when you were hurt by someone you were close to, and the actions that you took to resolve those situations.

The Cancer child is very perceptive to peoples’ energies around her, and she intuitively knows what other people need. Some Cancers purely love nurturing others out of kindness, whereas some distract themselves by being of service to others. She is thoughtful, loves to nurture and wants to be strong for other people. This leads her to everyone’s favorite hobby – eating! Cooking is a favorite pastime for Cancer child because she knows that food nurtures people and brings them together. As a child, Cancer is happy to help set up the dinner table and prepare food. However, don’t expect her to enjoy cleaning up afterwards!

Although people of every sign carry on their childhood experiences to some extent, the Cancer adult’s persona will be even more significantly shaped by her childhood. Many Cancers have photographic memory, which is a factor in being able to experience her childhood as if it was just yesterday. She will remember times when she was treated wrongly, which may result in abandonment issues in the future. On the contrary, when she is raised with love, she will continue to come back to her caretakers with gratitude and even more love in the future.




Goddess of the Moon


Goddess of the moon


Mother of Jesus


The Fourth House

Cancer Rules the 4th House of HOME, as well as FAMILY, ROOTS and your INNER WORLD. Everything you find in this house represents who you are when no one is looking . Our 4th house is defined by the IMUM COELI or IC. Follow the link to Alyssa Sharpe’s articles on the 1st House!

Ariana Grande

(June 26, 1993)

'I just slept 14 hours my family thought I died.'

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