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Beyonce Speaks: Making Lemonade from a Mercury-Saturn Conjunction

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Beyonce Speaks: Making Lemonade from a Mercury-Saturn Conjunction by mizChartreuse - The Age of Eleven: #DecodingTheAll Beyonce has a mfkn YOD. (Chart Rectification does not represent the abilities of Sharpe Astrology or any of it's affiliates.) When you watch Beyonce speak in video interviews and then glance at her birth chart, in an instant her Libra Saturn-Mercury conjunction makes sense. When two planets are conjunct,...
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Saturn in the Zodiac Signs

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Saturn in the Zodiac Signs By mizChartreuse – The Age of Eleven: Recognizing the ONEness in Everyday Life Saturn's glyph is “the cross of matter rising through the crescent of the soul.” As Alyssa Sharpe says, “it's the cross on the hill where you die.” Saturn drives us to understand the nature of our pain. It is diurnal (a planet...
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Venus in the Zodiac Signs

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Venus in the Zodiac Signs Do you feel magnetic in love? Blocked in love? Practical? Sacrificing? Secretive? All of this would be indicated in your astrological birth chart, so it is beneficial to understand Venus in the zodiac signs. In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, value, material abundance, sensory pleasures, and relationships. The nocturnal planet represents our…

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Saturn square Neptune: Everything vs Nothing

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Saturn square Neptune: Everything vs Nothing The Sun is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, and Saturn and Neptune in Pisces are currently in an exact square. Saturn is restriction and discipline; Neptune is illusions and amorphousness. Saturn loves boundaries; Neptune dissolves boundaries. A square is when two planets are dueling for dominance. It’s an angle that brings tension and spurs action. Neptune,…

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The 11/11 Scorpio New Moon – the Power of Perspective

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Cheerz to the 11/11 Scorpio New Moon! The 11 gateway is quite auspicious, and I’ve used that energy signature to give birth to so many magical things. This is why my lifestyle brand company is the Age of Eleven. 11/11 is probably the perfect day of the year for entering a new portal and gateway to a new dimension of your…

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Decoding the All: Aries Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse

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Decoding the All: the Aries Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse by mizChartreuse of The Age of Eleven   The time has come for the Aries Full Moon Super Moon BLOOD MOON Lunar Eclipse. All happening along the Libra-Aries axis. Libra is love, balance, and harmony in relationships. Libra keeps the peace, runs the ship, and wants the best for everyone…

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Autumnal Equinox Libra Season Oracle Reading

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Autumnal Equinox Libra Season Oracle Reading by mizChartreuse of The Age of Eleven The Autumnal Equinox The Western Zodiac is based on the seasons, and the seasons are based on the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. The Winter and Summer Solstices bring the shortest and longest days of the year, respectively, due to Earth’s tilt on its axis…

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Virgo New Moon: Your Persuasion Can Build a Nation

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Virgo New Moon [Eclipse]: Your Persuasion can Build a Nation Squeaky wheels get the grease, but are you squeaky because you raise hell, or squeaky in the manner of accepting nothing less than the best? You can be effective without being indignant. It’s important for us to know our power; to recognize just how much we are the authors of…

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The VMAs: A SuperMoon Super Hot Sagittarius Mess

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The 2015 MTV VMAs: A SuperMoon Super Hot Sagittarius Mess #DecodingTheAll with mizChartreuse   The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards show was cray, which is par for the course for the non-music-playing station’s annual grand ritual. There are layers to decode in this, and when we have astrological insight, that brings even more clarity to the whole spectacle. The VMAs…

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Virgo Season Oracle Reading

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Welcome to Virgo season! Virgo is about being of service to the collective, and perfection of the physical. It is a feminine, mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury and is focused on healing, adaptation, change, and grounding. Virgo’s earthy nature makes it practical and analytical, all about completion and becoming whole.   Here is the divination for this time period. Virgo…

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Astrology & Parenthood: The Great Leveler

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We’ve mastered the art of the SMIZE. 😉 Astrology & Parenthood: The Great Leveler Many of our adult experiences are colored by childhood issues and the skills/coping mechanisms we did or did not receive in our youth. This means that even though we are individuals, we receive many of our various complexes from our parents. For example, I love to…

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Libra New Moon

Leo New Moon: The Shape of My Heart

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The August 2015 New Moon finds the Sun and the Moon conjunct (aligned together as illustrated in the image above) in the sign of Leo at 22 degrees at 9:53 a.m. CST. If you look in your natal chart at the house where 22 degrees Leo falls, that is how you can tell what areas of life will be directly…

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