About Alyssa

Alyssa Sharpe was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She and her family moved around numerous times, before arriving in a little town called Crystal Lake, IL, where she finished out her high school career. She is one of six children, with only one shower to share between the eight of them. This may be where she developed her phobia of having to shower multiple times a week that she currently blames on being a Libra. All jokes aside, she is very close with her family and large extended family.

In the beginning of her Astrology career, Sharpe was only a server/bartender at a seafood place, freely reading anyone’s chart who would ask.  Alyssa was great at Astrology, but did not see a future, so she kept her career sights on the restaurant industry, where she was named MVP one year, won a jello-eating contest another, and was always up for promotion. It wasn’t until she moved to Austin, when she finally realized that working in a restaurant forever was not the dream she had since she was a kid. It was then in May 2012 that she made her first YouTube video, it was also that summer when she married the love of her life, Chris.

She became sort of an internet sensation when her “What I Hate About Your Sign” videos were shared rapidly around the Astrological community. This of course, met Alyssa with both contempt and praise from those in the community. Some Astrologers even going as far as to make videos showing their followers how to report her channel for promoting serious “Hate Speech.”  Luckily, Alyssa has way too much Uranus in her chart, and the negative reaction only made her stick around. Pretty soon, Sharpe’s channel evolved, showcasing her serious abilities and letting others know that she wasn’t to be typecast. At this point, she was being approached by multiple reality show producers, as well as both Hollywood celebrities and internet celebrities alike, forcing Alyssa Sharpe’s name to be on every Astrologer’s tongue, and bringing in thousands of new, undiscovered spiritual talents and fans, into the community.  FamousBirthdays.com, a site that ranks celebrities according to how often they are searched, actually lists Alyssa as the highest-ranked Astrologer.

On top of her YouTube channel, Alyssa has an Astrology Podcast on both iTunes and Google Play, produced by WhatMakesitFun.com’s Joe Mares, with whom she also has a gaming business called, “Business AF”. Their partnership is currently producing two separate adult card games in 2017, one being Astrology-related, and the other more mainstream, but made to honor their very strong Scorpio qualities. Sharpe is also a Featured Writer on Numerologist.com a very respected Astrology website with millions of views each month.

Sharpe’s former roommate and Astrological counselor, Mary Jo Montevirgen partnered with Alyssa in 2015, to form Sharpe Astrology, LLC, and together have created this very website, and formed a social media empire, to move the Sharpe brand forward. The dream between the two of them, is to produce Astrological information, in the form of products and services on every artistic medium—introducing many more people to this great science. Montevirgen and Sharpe have many things coming that will surely change the future of Astrology, just as Alyssa’s original YouTube videos have already proven to do.

Since July 2013, Sharpe has been paid to read more than 1,000 charts, and since December 2015, has made more than 500 personalized video readings for people all over the world.

Alyssa currently resides in Austin, TX with her Scorpio husband, Leo New Moon son, Cancer New Moon daughter and of course her white Schnauzer, Apollo—she also has a Gemini New Moon Stepdaughter who has appeared in a couple of her videos.

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Astrological Stats

Sun: Libra | Ascendant: Pisces | Moon: Taurus | Life Path: 8 | Destiny/Expression: 11 | MBTI: INFP

What I Love About Alyssa

By Chris, Alyssa’s Husband

Before I met Alyssa, I didn’t know anything about Astrology other than the magazine Horoscopes, so I was pretty surprised when the first conversation I ever had with her was about Astrology. She guessed that I was a Scorpio, because of my “water eyes”, and she caught my attention after that. Not only was she smart and pretty, but her passion and the exciting way she talked about Astrology, made me a believer. I have always been skeptical of different religions and belief systems, but the way Alyssa explained it all, convinced me that I wanted to learn more. So I married her.