About Alyssa

Alyssa Sharpe, also known as Alyssa Trahan, is an Astrologer, Actress, Artist, Writer, and YouTuber living in Los Angeles, CA. If you would like to meet with Alyssa for a chart reading, or get a commissioned painting, click here.

Sharpe was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She and her family moved around numerous times, before arriving in a little town called Crystal Lake, IL, where she finished out her high school career. She is one of six children, and the oldest daughter of two vagabond Pisces.

In her early twenties, Alyssa was a server/bartender at a seafood place, freely reading anyone’s Astrological natal chart who would ask. It was in May 2012 that she made her first YouTube video, but it was with her “What I Hate About Your Sign” videos where she became the first of Astrology’s internet sensations, being viewed by millions.

Since July 2013, Sharpe has read over 1500 natal charts for people all over the world as a professional astrologer.

She has been married since 2012 and has two children.

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Astrological Stats

Sun: Libra | Ascendant: Pisces | Moon: Taurus | Life Path: 8 | Destiny/Expression: 11 | MBTI: ESFJ

What I Love About Alyssa

By Chris, Alyssa’s Husband

Before I met Alyssa, I didn’t know anything about Astrology other than the magazine Horoscopes, so I was pretty surprised when the first conversation I ever had with her was about Astrology. She guessed that I was a Scorpio, because of my “water eyes”, and she caught my attention after that. Not only was she smart and pretty, but her passion and the exciting way she talked about Astrology, made me a believer. I have always been skeptical of different religions and belief systems, but the way Alyssa explained it all, convinced me that I wanted to learn more. So I married her.