What’s Morningstar?

 Life is meant to be enjoyed.

We are a lifestyle brand deeply rooted in the 7 Stars of Creation: Power, Depth, Growth, Beauty, Sweetness, Fun and Truth. We believe that in order to conquer the chaos and extreme discomfort in this new era, we must go back to our root, and look to the stars with a new perspective. We also understand that we must put aside our differences and beliefs, and put our attention towards the true Morningstar, made up of the Rose, the Cube, and the Star, so that we can progress in to the Age of Aquarius.

Yes, we are #woke enough to know that we are more than just physical beings, but we cannot forget that we are also more than spiritual beings.  Our life matters and we are living this existence for a purpose. Coexisting starts in our own ability to truly love our physical self, and to also deeply love our spiritual self.

And we are not referring to the love that Venus can offer, we are addressing the highest vibration of love—the Sun.

We are not only trying to find balance within ourselves, but we are also learning how impossible it is to live with the people we encounter.  Whether friend, family, acquaintance, internet stranger, or foe, people are mirroring something back to ourselves that is hard to look at. Can we really be the only ones who get it? Are we really alone? Or our we the masses? How can we coexist with all cultures and beliefs if we can’t coexist with our own parents, or coworkers because they view life “incorrectly”. How can we show compassion to someone whom we also disagree with? Is a disagreement really a problem? Sadly, it is if you are struggling with pride, stemming from a broken ego and shame.

At the dawning of this new age, Lucifer Morningstar—the source power of the Venus Morningstar, or what was once known as “the brightest star in the sky”—is running rampant. 

This Venus Morningstar is manipulating our culture to be more like him. The most beautiful and tempting energy of any planet in our solar system, desires to control our wants, our relationships and our behaviors, so that he can prove himself to be the superior and “Divine Masculine”. Lucifer Morningstar, is at his core a narcissist—one that deserves to be, as it his birthright. But it is not our right, nor should it be our destiny. There is a true Morningstar, and he exists in the Sun as energy that wants to progress us, not harm us with egocentric thinking and hedonistic behavior.

The Morningstar of any planet is active, but also inferior. This is masculine energy.

The Eveningstar of any planet is passive, but also superior. This is feminine energy.

When Lucifer Morningstar grants power from his source, he is granting us active, but inferior love, from the ruler of Taurus and Libra.

This includes active but inferior consumerism, active but inferior work ethic, and active but inferior self-love and relational love. In other words, he gives us many relationships that don’t last, creating envy, wrath and lust; he gives us an excess of things we don’t really need, and takes away our time by having us spend all day grinding for cash, creating gluttony, greed and hedonism; and he gives us a relationship with ourselves that is about actively protecting our ego, and ignoring our heart’s true desires, creating inner pride and sloth.

We have all seen it in others, and it’s time to find these desires in ourselves as well.

We are all guilty of demanding that others accept us “as is”, instead of really accepting ourselves and then growing towards something better. We are all guilty of demanding that someone love us the way we want, without learning to love another the way they need. We are all guilty of demanding that others come down to our level, instead of facing the darkness, and rising to their level. This is what Venus’s active-inferiority looks like without balance from the Universe.

In this very Luciferian society, what do we want to do?

We Want to Create Balance.

We want to show you how to heal yourself, and open you up to a world of possibilities about a life worth living. We want to give you inner security and stability, in the face of chaos and upheaval. We also want to give you information about living your best life with the 7 Stars of Life’s Creation: Power, Depth, Growth, Beauty, Sweetness, Fun and Truth.   We can do this as one, so that we may all evolve together in harmony, in this new age.  Let’s learn together, because knowledge is power.

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We Want You to Know that You Belong to the Sun.

Venus belongs to the earth. We are evolved enough to know that the Venus Morningstar is not the brightest star in the sky!  That would be the Sun. And the Sun itself,  has it’s own Morningstar and Eveningstar—an altogether different energy from the planets, with it’s own makeup, directly affecting life on earth in powerful and divine ways. Learn about the truest power and highest vibration of love, from the star that gives us life.

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We Want to Show you the Beauty of the Eveningstar.

We want to empower women and men, with giving the knowledge of the beautiful, passive-superiority, of the earth and her diamond, the Venus (Hesperus) Eveningstar.  We have seen what is created from a culture with too much masculine, active-inferiority, and in turn we have revived Lilith and her active-superiority. This has come at the cost of losing the earth in her truest form, depriving life of her divine balance. We must remember that Lilith is merely a legion of parts that belong to us, but she is not the Earth mother we were born to, and are made of. Honoring the woman at her purest form, is honoring life itself. And that shouldn’t be a controversial statement. Get to know Eve and Lilith and what they mean for the world today.

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We Want to Provide you with Universal Knowledge.

We are a sum of parts, made of the earth, the creator, and the stars. At Morningstar, we will shed light on asteroids, signs, and of course, the planets. Every planet—even those that we cannot see at night— give us a Morningstar and an Eveningstar.  Based on the day you were born, you can find out what parts of you are active-inferior, and what parts are passive-superior, and then explain it to you in simple detail. We are each a conglomeration of masculine and feminine energy, and knowing your own truth, will help create balance and harmony, and give you the personal power that you truly desire.

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So let us indulge your Sun sign and at the same time, help you uncover the highest vibration of your heart.  Together, we can face our Luciferian ego once and for all.