Career Spotlight: Interview with a Leo Midheaven

Career Spotlight:

How Joe Mares Makes it Fun with His Leo Midheaven

It’s always great to find someone who follows their Natal Chart’s promise for their lives, it’s even better to  find someone who is thriving in it—Joe Mares is that guy.

Mares is a Virgo with a Scorpio Moon/Rising, and Leo Midheaven–since your Midheaven is the career path in your natal chart, I’m mainly interested in how that particular aspect plays out in his life. 

Joe is an artist, former pro wrestler, improver, and entertainment manager, as well as a card game, video game and virtual reality experience creator. If you know anything about Leo, as I do, you would totally be crying right now. Leo is the sign of fun, games, children, passion, creation, heart, pleasure, ego, excitement and entertainment. 

Joe found some time to break away from his busy and exciting schedule, to sit down and talk to me.

You just have to show that you’re good, or that you’re willing to prove yourself.

Hello Joe! I know that you live in Los Angeles, what’s the weather like today?

It’s sunny and breezy. We don’t have seasons, so it’s like this 95% of the time.

I personally believe that L.A. is the greatest city on earth. I love the feeling I get when I’m visiting. What’s your favorite part about living there?

I love that the people here are so ambitious, driven and positive, while somehow still being laid back. It’s a really mellow vibe. Makes it easy to create and be creative.

So I take it you dabble in the arts (Laughs)? For you, is it a hobby, career, or overall lifestyle choice?

Yeah, it’s everything. I do art and create stuff for fun, but I also do it for a living. L.A. itself is like a giant art exhibit, with our history, different neighborhoods, culture etc. It’s nice to see the city really embracing it’s uniqueness and history in a cool way. It used to be somewhat dangerous and sketchy in some spots, but it’s more gentrified now. So it really is a very artist friendly city. You should totally move here.

I’m definitely thinking about it! I would love to know about your career in the arts, how does one get paid for creative work? Are you a performer, or more behind the scenes?

I do both actually, my Leo Midheaven has always drawn me to the stage. In any case, you just have to show that you’re good, or that you’re willing to prove yourself. For example, I started my journey in the video game industry as a tester. I was also going to school for game development at the time, so I had experience and some skill, but I also knew I had to prove myself. 

I had an opportunity to work for Riot Games (League of Legends) circa 2007, but since they were a scrappy start up at the time, they didn’t have money to pay. So, even though I was going to school full time and living on a tight budget, I  knew it was more important to prove myself when the opportunity came. So I told them I would work for free, and so I did. In my time there, I directed the animation for the first 40 heroes, did some production work, game design, and I even named the game! It used the acronym “LOL” on purpose–just some fun trivia if anyone ever wondered. After that I’ve never stopped working as a creative in the game industry. I also get paid now lol.

Being a Leo Midheaven helps keep the energy up at the office... I’ve never been worried about my career, and I’m amazing at job interviews. So I got my Leo Midheaven to thank for all that.

Oh my gosh, that’s incredibly awesome. Seriously, I find the life of a Leo Midheaven (and yours in particular) so fascinating! Your career and public image is literally ruled by fun and games. I mean, is it still all fun and games for you, or does it just feel like work?

It’s so funny, most people who work in the game industry are so burned out on games that they don’t play them at home anymore because they can’t stop analyzing them or finding flaws in it. I’ve always been able to see a piece of entertainment as it is, and not look at it through a creative lens. I can do that when I’m at work, but I can shut it off when I’m out on a Saturday night. So it’s still fun for me at work, and at home.

Also, when you’re doing a producer type role, being a Leo Midheaven helps keep the energy up at the office as well. I’m a Virgo so I van be prone to worrying, but I’ve never been worried about my career, and I’m amazing at job interviews. So I got my Leo Midheaven to thank for all that.

Speaking of your Virgo Sun, Leo is actually ruled by the Sun, which means that your career plays out through your Sun sign. So you are probably one of the most well-organized and structured gamers out there!  Leo also rules the heart, so when you lose your passion for something, is it hard not to quit everything, and start over?

It’s weird, I don’t really lose my passion, it just shifts. I love being a game developer, but I also love pro wrestling, so I did that for a bit. I also love improv, so I did that for a bit. So I stop working on something if it has nothing to teach me, or if I don’t think the audience will discover something new with it. So my passion is always in me, and not in any one specific tangible thing outside of me.  I will always remain passionate, as long as it’s for something cool the audience will discover, or if I can learn from it–usually they come in the same package. But I think I get all my passion from my Scorpio moon and rising.  You’re the Astrologer, so you can tell me if I’m off base there.

Moon on the Rising is a person who follows the many ebbs and flows life has to offer–like the moon and the tides. Scorpio itself is about transformation and growth, so I can definitely see you not wanting something if it can’t teach you! Scorpio is also opposite the money sign: Taurus, so it makes sense that you have done things for free, and worked really hard for them!  I’m actually interested in your those projects you do for free, can you tell me a little bit about some of those current or future projects?

Yeah, I’m working on a ton of side projects, ranging from books, to tv show pitches. But the one I’m most excited about is with the beautiful, affable, super intelligent and totally not crazy Alyssa Sharpe. It’s a card game that can best be described as Cards Against Humanity meets astrology. It should be pretty fun, and it will be on Kickstarter around Virgo or Libra season. When any news or updates are available, you can find them on Astrologer_Af on Instagram. I also love helping people break into the creative industry, in fact, I have a podcast dedicated to it, called “What Makes it Fun“.

You’re not going to believe this, but I know of Alyssa! I actually heard she’s a nightmare—huge ego. She’s definitely very lucky to be working with you.

She’s not THAT bad.

Thank you for that, and thank you so much for your time! I’m really excited for whats to come!

Thank you, Alyssa!

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