Happy Capricorn Season!

Happy Birthday Capricorn! Your season is notorious for puffy coats, runny noses, dry air and SNOW! And you… You are notorious for being ambitious, calculated, independent and bossy. You’re also hilarious, but in a cynical, I’ve-seen-it-all manner. We also know that when you party, you can show everyone else how it’s done! There is so much more to you, though, that other people don’t know because astrologers don’t acknowledge the other traits! Sharpe Astrology has your back, and we would like to acknowledge the Capricorn traits that you might feel are under-appreciated.

When in a relationship, you carry a torch around for that person until the flame completely dies out.

The thing about you in relationships is, when you love someone, you want to provide for that person in any way possible – emotionally, physically, socially and financially. That being said, the pressure of being everything to someone can really get to you! Your emotions can be masked by all the pressure you feel to provide for others, which can harden your surface at times. Deep down, we know you are a a softie. When you love someone, you adore most things about that person. Even when this person hurts you, you find it in yourself to appreciate everything else about your relationship. And you will do this until your relationship is 100% over.

You go beast mode at work when you have things on your mind.

When you have issues on your mind, your head spins at least 100 miles per hour. You’re a problem-solver by nature… You don’t idly watch things unfold or let your problems fade away. Generally, people feel stuck at work when they have things to take care of. You get that way, but that doesn’t stop you from being productive. So much energy builds up inside you when you can’t do anything to fix issues at the forefront of your mind. So what do you do with all that energy? You apply it to whatever you are doing. In fact, you work even harder and faster than usual. It makes the time move faster, and it even helps you escape from your thoughts for a little bit.

In times of crisis, you stay cool as a cucumber. 

When everyone around you is in a panic, you take a minute to brainstorm. Don’t get me wrong – you are fast to act. However, you know that you can come up wth the best action plans when you withdraw into yourself quickly. By doing so, you can heighten your awareness above your surroundings. And that is what people need more of.

When you are responsible for other people or animals, providing for them is your #1 concern.

Want to know one of the cutest sights to see? Watch a Capricorn interact with an animal or a baby. Everyone loves seeing a professionally-driven and well-composed person turn into mush over someone or something cute. When you have a furry one or another person to care for, they become your priority. You want to be sure that you fulfill their needs because happiness begins with stability, and happiness puts smiles on their faces.

You willingly carry out sacrifices for the ones you love.

It takes a lot for you to really care about someone. When you feel this way for someone, it is because you see this person as truly special and unique. Your love runs so deep that you do what it takes to help your loved ones, even if it means giving up your wants and even some of your needs.

The people you surround yourself with come from all walks of life.

You can come from any background or live in any setting. You can even be sheltered all your life, but nothing stops you from becoming acquainted with good people from all walks of life. Your circle of friends can include people from all over the world, and people with very different lifestyles from you and each other. One thing that they all have in common? They would be there for you in times of need, because you would do the same for them, and you have probably proven that already.

You love problem solving.

As a builder of the zodiac, it feels good to make the best of whatever resources you have. So, when a problem arises, you are quick to step up to the plate with solutions. Additionally, you enjoy playing devil’s advocate, but not to be a dick – you do it because you want to make sure that when decisions are made, the best option is chosen.

You climb to success as quietly as possible.

It’s hard not to notice you. When you surpass expectations, you are recognized. When you naturally shine, others get blinded. However, what people don’t know, is that you actually don’t care for recognition as much as others do. After all, recognition is not your main goal for being great at what you do. You are great at what you do because you want to succeed. You want as many commas as humanly possible in your bank account. Even more importantly, you want to make sure that you have enough for you and loved ones to live comfortably. Because of your drive to be great at what you do, you DO get recognized – and other people think it is because you want to overshadow them. Totally not the case. You know that people patting you on the back, or even people being jealous, will not help you reach that goal. In fact, it will probably distract you. You can’t help the fact that people pay attention to you.
Mary Jo Montevirgen

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Mary Jo Montevirgen is a 12th house Taurean who likes meditation, food, saving money and soft things. She spends her days healing and reading people through astrology, numerology and Reiki. Follow her on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM to experience her silly Aries Mercury first-hand.