Aries: The Scapegoat

(Chrystal Lynn Sun Sign Series)

If there is one word to best describe Aries, it is the scapegoat. The scapegoat, while innocent in nature, takes on the burdens of the world. Being born a warrior of the first order, Aries understands what it takes to courageously stand in the gap under fire.  You see, the internal workings of the Ram are fueled with an unquenchable fire. Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac, which is ruled by the hot tempered planet Mars, and his identity is on the line.

Often attracting situations that require their martian nature to rise up from within and to make split decisions to save the day.

Unfortunately for Aries, it is often through adversity, and tragic disappointments that they ultimately find their identity. Knowing who you are and being who you are, are two different things. This becomes a life long quest for our first child on the wheel. They seem to attract danger around every corner, but somehow, come out on top. Living from one adrenalin rush to another for years can take its toll. They ultimately have to learn that timing is everything and to enjoy the moments at the bottom while climbing to the top.

Young Aries may be accused of having ADHD. They struggle internally with the volcanic energy that rushes through their veins. Sitting still is an impossible option. They’re usually completely unaware of the heat they put off when entering a room. It can feel like a cannon ball of fire igniting the energy field, changing the dynamics of the group with their presence alone. They say they don’t like to create an emotional scene, but they seem to leave a wake of emotional upheavals where ever they go.

Typically, Aries children do not do well in traditional school settings, because their physical impulses pulsate throughout their body. They are interested in what everyone else is doing, and can’t wait for any excuse to make a move.  They are drawn to sitting near the window, often with an uncontrolled bounce in their leg, starring off into the distance, dreaming of the next adventure.  Aries is the first to the door, first to the playground and first to end up in the principles office. They learn early on that their over the top, pushy nature, does not go unnoticed, and self control is not their best attribute. When this energy is not used constructively or given an outlet it can build up slowly like a volcano and suddenly explode.  Aries soon realizes the power he has over others, the ability to intimidate and control can become a power trip that is hard to deny.

Aries usually has a very close relationship with siblings, cousins and neighborhood friends. They grow up surrounded by a band of hoodlums or bad girls, as they learn to lead. Mars activates their ego and the words I’m born this way, come to them effortlessly. Immature Aries can allow their competitive nature to spin out of control, and they may even stoop as low as identity theft. I am not talking about credit cards, I am talking about those who have a strong identity; they want it, you have it, watch out! You won’t think at first glance that Aries can be so calculating; after they’ve left you for the next and more exciting opportunity, you may feel confused and stripped of your identity.

 Competition is not a foreign word. In fact, just hint to them they can’t do it and the game is on. When they are young they go through a gangly stage. You can’t imagine that they will grow into the strong, robust, athletic beings that they eventually become. Even our Aries lady has a strong physique. Ruled by the planet Mars, this creates strong physical features. Mars is a masculine energy, and is what gives both male and female Aries very defined features. A prominent forehead, protruding jet jaw, strong shoulders and a walk that is hard to keep up with. They have a slight lean forward when they walk as if they are always climbing a mountain.

Aries rules the head and as a result, they often suffer from headaches. The Arian glands are the adrenals which pump adrenalin through the blood stream in the event of an emergency. This can cause a rush of anger or impulsive energy, which is where Aries gets the reputation for being quick to anger, quick to respond to an emergency and quick to be at the right place at the right time. This is also why we commonly see head injuries throughout the Aries life.

Young Aries are fascinated with the military, police force, and any job that requires a uniform. They can also be very intrigued with fire.  The Fire Department offers a great outlet for their fearless ability to handle explosive situations. When Aries are young and wild, you do have to watch them closely for signs of pyromania; the love of deliberately setting fire to objects, this is also considered a form of Impulse Control Disorder. Being that Aries is ruled by Mars, this energy can play out in different ways, and if not addressed can spiral out of control, becoming destructive, obsessive and impulsive.  Martial Arts, water sports, weight lifting and outdoor physical activities should be a common practice in their lives and can help to keep their energy under control.

It also wouldn’t be uncommon to find and Aries with tattoos, working as a bouncer in a bar or in a motorcycle club, leading the pack. They have this strong need to protect the group, work best under pressure, and thrive in unpredictable moments of excitement. They also do great in construction, moving companies, and coaching. 

They will thrive in occupations where they can be physical, lead a group and command the room. Although they are independent by nature, they do need the pressure of a group to fuel their fire.

We often spend our lives searching out the reason for the repeated lessons we learn. What comes to mind for Aries is the first step in Alcoholic Anonymous, “We admitted we are powerless over alcohol, and our lives had become unmanageable.”  It’s ironic that this is the first step to recovery and Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Power can become their undoing and simultaneously their way to personal fulfillment. I believe the lesson lies somewhere within the need to admit powerlessness over the extraordinary power you are born with and looking back over the years of unmanageable life events.

It’s hard to believe that something miraculous happens when you trust in something greater than you, and in return, you finally experience the freedom of your identity to the fullest and can truly say with honor, I was born this way.

Chrystal Lynn

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