Sagittarius, you are one of my favorite signs, mainly because I kinda wish I was more like you! Everyone knows that you have star power. Your sign infiltrates the world of winning sports teams, popular musicians, scientists, authors… like wtf can’t you do?! Nothing. That is the answer. But everyone who knows a Sagittarius already knows that 🙂

Everyone knows that you, Sagittarius, can achieve the near-impossible, that you are an explorer and that your sense of humor is as hilarious as it is cynical. But what about the parts of you that people don’t see? Below are some of my favorite traits about Sagittarius that I believe are underrated and unfortunately overlooked:

You have a strong sense of community.

You naturally stand out in many ways, due to your charisma, unmatched sense of humor/cynicism or star qualities. However, nothing makes you happier than being a part of something larger than yourself. Within the communities that you are a part of, you will do your best to bring people together by organizing outings and events. Some of you will turn to religion or organizations such as Freemasonry to fulfill this need. Some will surround themselves with friends, or chosen family, who have like-minded ideals. It is in your nature to want to become a well-loved member of a group of people with whom you can trust and be open with. It is among these people whom your generosity has no bounds.

You know when to quit.

Your eye is always on some sort of target – people know you as tenacious and determined. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty if it means getting what you want. However, being ruled by Jupiter gives you a large enough perspective to know when things are out of your control. When you really want something that you cannot have, you don’t stubbornly hold onto the possibility of something you cannot realistically attain, and you find perfect substitutions. Chances are, these substitutions end up being a better fit for you in the long run anyway.

Losing only makes you stronger.

As mentioned above, your eye is always on some sort of target. If you don’t hit that target (and you know you can get it), you will come back to it until you are exhausted. And when you finally let yourself rest, you’re still not really resting – you’re at the drawing board, strategizing and viewing this target from different perspectives. This is what makes you look “lucky.” You rest when you need to, so it looks like you don’t really work that hard to attain your goals. In reality, though, you know that your brain is just as powerful as the actions you take, and that is always working.

You are prepared for destruction.

If anyone is wondering what to do to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, go to a Sagittarius. Just trust me on this one.

Your philosophical nature causes you to question tried and true beliefs.

Your views on the world, religion and politics are anything but linear. If you associate with any type of group with similar beliefs, you will question a lot of what you are told. As I said above, you like to feel a sense of community, and your desire to be a part of something bigger than yourself will overrule the questions you have in your head. You know that not everything you believe in makes complete sense, but this won’t stop you from being loyal to them.

You are vulnerable to the demands and influence of others.

Anyone who has the pleasure of being love by you knows that you are willing to do anything for them. If this means sacrificing, giving as much of yourself as humanly possible, then so be it. Your calendar is filled with events and occasions to support your loved ones, because that is what you do when you love people. You are there.

Mary Jo Montevirgen

About Mary Jo Montevirgen

Mary Jo Montevirgen is a 12th house Taurean who likes meditation, food, saving money and soft things. She spends her days healing and reading people through astrology, numerology and Reiki. Follow her on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM to experience her silly Aries Mercury first-hand.