In the spirit of Scorpio season, I thought about writing this for a while before actually doing it – to the point where I’m posting it the last day of the season. For those who have kept up with my Astrology Season posts, you are aware of the fact that I have been writing about what people often overlook about people in each sign. And I JUST realized why I couldn’t think of anything: because Scorpios only let you see what they want you to see. The rest is up to us to figure out, but you’d probably have to dig deep to do so. So, kudos to you, Scorpio people, for making me speechless. Here are some traits I love about you, and frankly am super jealous of.


Scorpios are Psychic on a Deeper Level

You Scorpios like to assume you can read other people. You often come up with theories on other people’s motives that seem like they came out of left field at the time… Then after some time has passed, you turn out to be right! This is because you read people and situations deeper than surface level, to the point where you see things that might take others time to realize.


There is no such thing as TMI with a Scorpio.

You want to know everything, without any details spared. Especially when people talk to you about sex? You don’t even flinch when they mention every position that was practiced, every word that was uttered, whether or not there was rough play, how many ounces of bodily fluid was excreted… you get it.

Why is this, Scorpio? Is it because every little piece of information is kept in your Rolodex just in case you need to access it sometime in the future? Is it because you live vicariously through other people’s experiences? I guess there is no telling, is there…


Scorpio is the Sleeper Hit of the Zodiac Signs

You do this funny thing where you meditate on things without taking any action for a LONG fucking time. And then when you do, everything goes as planned. Whatever it is that you planned out was so epic, that people tell stories about you. You become an urban legend. Depending on what you’ve done, others either look up to you or they stay far away from you. Anyone who knows a Scorpio knows that when he/she appears to be doing nothing, it’s a clear sign that some shit is about to go down.


Scorpios are Devoted

When you know you want something, you will stop at nothing to get it. Even if it means that you might have to admit to defeat or failure for a little while, you will sit back and pretend to do other shit while you plot your plan of action (see above). Even if it means you might have to pull a few strings or make people think that doing something in your best interest was their idea. Even if it isn’t right for you – you’ll make it work until you decide you want something else.


Why are Scorpios so Magnetic?

Well, it’s really one big illusion… You’re just really good at getting what you want. You have a combination of skills that make it seem like things magically appear at your feet. You are super investigative, so you can find anything out about anyone or anything, and you access that knowledge whenever the time is right. With this knowledge, you have the power to transform your current resources into a creation that fits your needs. That being said, you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. You have no problem doing whatever you need to do to get what you want, because to you, desire is black and white – you either want something or you don’t.


Scorpios are Irresistible

… but you already knew that, didn’t you 😉

There are a few things I can applaud about the Scorpio sex appeal. You know the saying, “eyes are the windows to the soul” – if that is true, your eyes would tell everyone that your soul is intense and sexy as hell. You also have a sense of humor that reels people in, and when they get to know you, they realize that you harbor a well of memories and that you have been through more than the average person. And when people are talking to you, the way you make them feel like you REALLY see them? Like they’ve never been seen before? And all you’re doing is sitting there? Omg. That’s hot as fuck.


Scorpios are Silly

With all this serious talk about Scorpios, let’s end this on a light-hearted note! Remember when I said earlier that you take in all types of information? That Rolodex of information in your head also makes you fucking hilarious. You do great impressions of other people because you have the focus it takes to study their every move and habit. You can laugh at any situation because you see and appreciate all the little steps it took for everything to unfold. You know that things in life are not circumstantial, and so you see the humor in triumph, failure, everything and nothing.

Mary Jo Montevirgen

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Mary Jo Montevirgen is a 12th house Taurean who likes meditation, food, saving money and soft things. She spends her days healing and reading people through astrology, numerology and Reiki. Follow her on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM to experience her silly Aries Mercury first-hand.