Libra New Moon: Goddess Offerings

I have been waiting for this Libra New Moon for months now! The Libra New Moon brings a birth of a new cycle, a new beginning! The chaotic astro weather of eclipse season is finally over and this New Moon is an opportunity to plant seeds and watch them manifest into fruition on the Full Moon on October 16th.

L.A. – Friday 5:12 pm
NEW YORK – Friday 8:12 pm
LONDON – Saturday 1:12 am
HONG KONG – Saturday 8:12 am
SYDNEY – Saturday 10:12 am

This month’s New Moon is especially magical for creating and amplifying beauty! During a New Moon, the Moon goes through “death” under the rays of the Sun, making this a perfect time to embody the Moon in the dark to detox, rejuvenate and transform. It’s time to rebalance, revitalize, revamp and beautify thyself into attunment with the harmonious, creative, elegant and seductive cosmic vibes of this Venus ruled month. Here are five goddess offerings to beautify yourself under this romantic New Moon in Libra!

I Botanical Elixir: On the day of the New Moon open your heart and drink rose water to manifest love. The rose was sacred to the goddess of love and erotic passion and Venus in scorpio honors the Mars ruled thorns of the rose. Red roses are known to be used in love magic as protection in love spells. Roses are also associated with Eros, the god of love and beauty, so leaving some rosewater to the gods and goddesses of love is also ideal for manifesting.


II Sacred Bath The ruler of the New Moon is seductive Venus in Scorpio. Adding rose, the sacred flower of the goddess of love, to your bath will open your heart to the energy of love and goddess Aphrodite. Rosewater is also thought to restore balance within, which is perfect for this Libra New Moon energy.


Venus in Scorpio will also be trine Neptune in Pisces during the New Moon. Taking a dip in the sea or taking a sensual rose bath with Epson salt will work magic not only purifying and cleansing but also unbinding the spell of Neptune’s mysterious fog.


III Love Crystal Necromancer: The New Moon is a perfect time to bring your crystals to life. Rose quartz is highly ideal since it is a love stone known to heal the heart chakra. However, any love crystal such as garnet, lapis lazuli and pink aventurine are also ideal. Charge your crystals by placing them around your rose bath while you set your New Moon intention into the crystals so that you can use them as a talisman of good luck and fortune throughout the lunation.
IV Procrastination Banishment: If you are really feeling the dark Moon vibes you can try this exercise in a place of spiritual power, or in the comfort of your own home. Sit in a meditative position facing south and clear your mind. If you are comfortable regulating your breathing, try the “four-seven-eight” breathing technique. Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds and hold your breath for a count of seven. Slowly exhale completely through your mouth for eight seconds. Now inhale again and repeat three times for a total of four breaths. Close your eyes and visualize a red sphere around you. While you’re visualizing this, repeat, “O Mars, I conjure you by the High God of the Universe, that you may hear my prayer and attend to and fulfill my petition. I ask that you sever me from procrastination and grant me strength and vitality to complete my mission.”
 V Venus Mudra: This Mudra or Venus lock, is a kundalini technique which channels sensual and sexual energy flow for balance and focus. To form the mudra, Interlace your fingers together with palms facing each other. If you are a woman place your left thumb on top and if you are a man place your right thumb on top. Feel free to mediate and practice yoga to calm your mind and bring peace and harmony to your New Moon.


 Libra is represented by the scales, which is all about weighing everything to bring balance, peace, strength and harmony in relationships, especially your relationship with you. This lunation is about strengthening the core of self love, which in turn will lead you down the right path, attracting people who vibrate the same energy as you. With newly entered Jupiter in Libra, this months New Moon sets the flavor for the entire year to come! Jupiter in Libra is also about broadening relationships, while Venus in Scorpio will be about deepening the connection. Jupiter in Libra’s theme will also be about wisdom; in terms of relationship, communications and values. It is important to set and narrow down your intentions this New Moon so that you can actually watch them come to light during the Aries Full Moon on the 16th of October. Take this New Moon to honor yourself and what you really want to manifest for this year.

Mini New Moon in Libra Horoscopes


If you do not know your rising sign go to the free birth chart calculator to find yours since your horoscope will be most accurate according to your rising sign.


Aries/Aries rising: The New Moon takes place in your 7th house of partnership. This lunation cycle is all about bringing peace, love harmony and balance to your relationships and fortune and abundance follows.

Taurus/Taurus rising: The New Moon falls into the sector of your chart which has to do with health and service. Thus, this lunation cycle is all about attaining balance to your health and daily routine.

Gemini/Gemini rising: This New Moon is all about love! The New Moon falls into your house of romance, children and hobbies. Just remember to have wisdom and keep your balance even-keel.

Cancer/Cancer rising: Dear moon child, this lunation is all about creating beauty, harmony and peace at home. You may be feeling like you want to travel or expand your home.

Leo/Leo rising: You will be feeling like royalty in your local community! The New Moon falls in the sector of your siblings, places you visit on a day-to-day basis and the rhythm of your thoughts. You find yourself feeling creative and   abundant on a day- to- day basis.

Virgo/Virgo rising: The lucky New Moon falls in your sector of money and talents. This lunation brings you peace, love and fortune through assets. Just remember to be wise and keep the balance.
Libra/Libra rising: Happy Birthday and solar return Libra! The New Moon falls in your solar first. So this lunation is all about YOU and creating beauty, harmony and wisdom within yourself – inside and out.
Scorpio/Scorpio rising: The New Moon falls into your house of the unknown. You may not even know that your luck and fortune are just right around the corner. This is a perfect to take up meditation connect with your spirits, since abundance will be coming to you  in mysterious ways.
Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising: The New Moon takes places in your house of friends, acquaintances and social network. There is no doubt that your social sphere is broadening and this is where you will find fortune, love and harmony.

Capricorn/Capricorn rising: Capricorn, you are totally ambitious this month with Mars in your sign! As long as you maintain balance and wisdom, abundance and fortune come to you in your career which in turn bring you harmony and peace.

Aquarius/Aquarius rising: The New Moon takes place in your sector which rules long distance travel, higher education, spirituality and foreigners. Fortune, love, peace and abundance come to you through these various sectors.

Pisces/Pisces rising: Pisces your ruler, Jupiter, is tied to this creative New Moon. You should have lots of abundance and fortune coming to you through other peoples resources, Jupiter in libra always supports negotiation.

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Viktoria Deák

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Viktoria is a consulting astrologer and beauty expert. Viktoria always knew she could one day empower, heal and transform peoples lives by integrating the cosmos with beauty, due to her premier placement of Venus in Pisces. She graduated Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry and has worked with celebrity makeup artists such as Jay Canisstraci (Forrest Gump). She received her astrological certificate from Kepler College. Connect with Viktoria at her website and facebook.