Hello Angels, it’s Friday the day ruled by Venus!

The planet of love and beauty, Venus, is in Virgo and conjunct jovial Jupiter. Both of these planets in astrology are considered benifics i.e. their planetary influences are usually positive and beneficial. When Venus and Jupiter meet in the cosmos, or in your natal chart it is said to bring good fortune through love, art and pleasure. Each Venus/Jupiter conjunction are going to be filtered through the signs they are in and since they are in Virgo, you may find that the little things bring you pleasure over the next couple of days.

Virgo’s key phrase is, “I serve”. There is no other sign in the zodiac that takes more pleasure than being of service to others.  Jupiter will be amplifying Venusian qualities and in Virgo you may find pleasure in indulging in your to-do-list, getting tasks accomplished, doing thoughtful things for others, re-awakening your stationary fetish, finding happiness in health supplements, natural cleaning products or drooling over a new collection of essential oils. If none of these hit the top list then scroll below for some inspo.

You can click on the free birth chart calculator to find if you have a Venus/ Jupiter conjunction or to find what house cusp Virgo is on in your chart, that is where this benific energies will be taking place for you.

Let me be your guide and serve you in some Virgo indulgences!

A perfume perfect for Virgos created by Virgo designer Karl Lagerfeld. The perfume is called Paper Passions which is said to smell like, “Proustian evocations of stationery, newly published novels and boxes of A4 foolscap.”

How about some succulent porn? Virgo is an earth sign, typically having green thumbs and taking joy in gardening and being around nature. Succulents are the perfect plant for Virgo. Virgo’s are hard workers and succulents do not need to be watered often.

Virgo clutch by Valentino! Valentino Garavani clutch in grained calfskin, a metal which is characterizes the the zodiac sign Virgo’s earth element.

How about letting your Virgo self indulge in some Angel food cake under this Venus/ Jupiter transit. Virgo is often depicted as the angel in astrology especially in earlier texts.

Virgo’s are ruled by Mercury and have a love for knowledge. Why not indulge yourself in some library therapy sessions by scrolling through pinterest and tumblr to design your future library.

Cleaning is like meditation to Virgo. Take this Venus in Virgo transit to beautify personal environment. Make sure that before you embark on your house banishment extravaganza that you set your intentions. Organizing/cleaning is like meditation and sacred to the Virgoan soul. End the cleaning seance with some sage and lemongrass.

Virgo’s are nuance witches, noticing everything with their super perceptive abilities. The ability to analyze and calculate information at lighting speed gives Virgo precision of pattern recognition, making chess a perfect game for a la Virgo. This is Virgo Chess Queen & Super Model Carmen Kass.

How about some simplistic ivory eyes to indulge Venus in Virgo ? If you are a Venus, Sun, Ascendant or have a plethora of Virgo planets you may want to try this look out. It adds depth to the Virgo vision and may help draw your Ivory Man.

All natural wine to appease Jupiter in Virgo? Wine may help take the edge off the Virgoan need to control. If you are a Super Virgo, you can make homemade kombucha which will do the trick.

Indulge your inner Pygmalion. Let the Venus and Jupiter in Virgo energy flow through you as you sculpt the details of your paramour to be. You know, the perfect one you’ve always dreamt about.

Viktoria Deák

About Viktoria Deák

Viktoria is a consulting astrologer and beauty expert. Viktoria always knew she could one day empower, heal and transform peoples lives by integrating the cosmos with beauty, due to her premier placement of Venus in Pisces. She graduated Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry and has worked with celebrity makeup artists such as Jay Canisstraci (Forrest Gump). She received her astrological certificate from Kepler College. Connect with Viktoria at her website and facebook.