Gemini is Mercury ruled, giving this zodiac sign the impulse to play, conceptualize and communicate ideas with those around them. Represented by the lover’s in the Tarot since there cant be a connection, love or a deeper understanding of another without proper communication –  verbal or non- verbal. When a Gemini is interested in something they get incredibly excited for the new experience, new connection and for a door opening into a new world of conversations.

Gemini is represented by the twins in western astrology and the lover’s in eastern astrology, both giving Gemini the nature of duality.  The whole story of Gemini is filtered through duality and the archetype of dark and light lives very strongly within these natives. The trickster is ever present in this zodiac sign as the native is split between two. Gemini’s are social people, they have an ability to be friends with everyone. In fact, in myth Gemini was Hermes, the messenger God,  and he was the only god allowed into the underworld. The mythology of Hermes in the underworld is an archetype which is encapsulated in the Gemini character.

The getting to know process for Gemini is extremely exciting because they are learning a new thing, a new idea, a new stimuli. However, Once a Gemini has figured out your patterns they think of them like a game and engage you in different ways from different angles; any way to keep their mind occupied and to keep the stimulus coming like a drug. Your psychological cycles become the Gemini’s playground having fun playing with what they have unearthed from your psyche.

This may literally come at your expense with lots of psychological whiplash the Gemini decides to use against you; playing devils advocate, having fun with mind games, playing with emotions — its just an emotional roller coaster. This comes from Gemini’s need to constantly be entertained or engaged in whats going on in the world that is directly around them. At times, It may feel like the Gemini is picking on you and you may feel like they are messing with you but they are actually just trying to understanding and grasp the small details, as silly as it may seem.

The Gemini’s filter is of duality, picking one thing and splitting into two, taking a concept and viewing it from the light and dark to fully encapsulate the meaning of whats going on. This may lead to a series of seemingly random questions that may make your head spin. If you want to get a Gemini hooked make sure you give them lots to think about and a lot of things to wrap their heads around. 

Gemini Celebrities

Musical Magi Prince had his Sun & Mercury in Gemini. Sun/Mercury in Gemini creates a fast witted and magical creator. He was multi-instrumental and had a unique style which will be remembered forever as a legend. He was also extremely androgynous, a character trait of Gemini’s duality.

Mystical and gifted actress Angelina Joli has her Sun and Mercury in Gemini. Through her career we have seen her darkness and her light. She is always able to present well never fumbling her speeches and always delivering her point.

Viktoria Deák

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Viktoria is a consulting astrologer and beauty expert. Viktoria always knew she could one day empower, heal and transform peoples lives by integrating the cosmos with beauty, due to her premier placement of Venus in Pisces. She graduated Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry and has worked with celebrity makeup artists such as Jay Canisstraci (Forrest Gump). She received her astrological certificate from Kepler College. Connect with Viktoria at her website and facebook.