Mars & Saturn on Antares: Facing Fear

There’s a fire in the sky if you dare look up.

Mars & Saturn are currently aligned to fixed star Antares and will ignite their 2 year cycle.  Antares is the heart of the scorpion in the Scorpio constellation.The star is located in tropical sagittarius  [sidereal scorpio] but the passionate heart of Scorpio blazes through the star. If you look up you can see the star pulsate from ruby red to emerald green.
If there is something in your life causing you fear, try and remember that fear is the same emotion as excitement! It is ultimately your choice on how you want to harness and manifest the energy. Take a moment tonight and meditate to Antares, you may find information you need to breakthrough to your future. Inhale, feel the fire and exhale the flames within you.
If you want to connect to Antares for a better understanding of your current astro situation, follow this guided attunement meditation:
 Find a calm place, preferably outside so you can see Antares. Once you locate the trio of Saturn, Mars and Antares sit in a meditative position and gaze at the pulsing heart of Antares. As you gaze at the starlight take a deep breath in and hold for 2 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, then hold for 2 seconds at emptiness. Close your eyes and visualize a ruby red sphere around you. Feel the spheres aura change around you to emerald green while intertwining into red. While you’re visualizing the sphere, repeat, “ Antares, Antares, Antares.”
After you have said the mantra, send your awareness down into the earth below you. Imagine a rock of iron beneath and visualize the iron becomin liquid. Take an inhale and visualize that with every in-breath the liquid iron starts to coat your body. At your first inhale, visualize the liquid iron coat your feet, then the next inhale rising to your tailbone, and keep breathing it up until your entire skeleton is gleaming with its iron coat.
Start to place your awareness about 5 inches above your head and visualize a miniature sphere of Antares hovering above your head. Breathe down the energy of the Antatres and let the stars energy fill you. It is as if the star has coated your insides. Let its light be absorbed and reflect off your metallic bones. Now shift your awareness to your chest. Draw the stars energy down from the cosmos and the iron energy up from the earth. Visualize them reconcile in your heart. Imagine the star pulse over your chest.
You can now let your mind wander across the stars qualities. Once you are ready to finish, with your palms facing down, place your hands on the ground. Breathe out and send the excess energy you don’t want into the earth. When you are done, take a moment to reflect on your experience and insights. Much like dream recall, It is a good idea to note the experiences while they are still fresh in your mind.
Viktoria Deák

About Viktoria Deák

Viktoria is a consulting astrologer and beauty expert. Viktoria always knew she could one day empower, heal and transform peoples lives by integrating the cosmos with beauty, due to her premier placement of Venus in Pisces. She graduated Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry and has worked with celebrity makeup artists such as Jay Canisstraci (Forrest Gump). She received her astrological certificate from Kepler College. Connect with Viktoria at her website and facebook.