Beyonce Speaks: Making Lemonade

Beyonce Speaks: Making Lemonade from a Mercury-Saturn Conjunction

Beyonce Chart

Beyonce has a mfkn YOD to chiron. (Chart Rectification was done to show the author’s interpretation. For a Mercury/Saturn conjunction, it is not necessary to know the exact time. Beyonce’s birth time is currently unknown.)

When you watch Beyonce speak in video interviews and then glance at her birth chart, in an instant her Libra Saturn-Mercury conjunction makes sense.

When two planets are conjunct, they operate as one unit. Mercury is communication; Saturn is restriction. Need I say more?

I could say a lot more, actually, because she has a super Libra stellium featuring Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto–so in many ways that whole cluster of planets are inextricably connected. But for the purpose of this blog, we are focusing on Beyonce’s Saturn and her Shadow Integration process.

“You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.” -Formation

Beyonce knows.

Bey Speaks Funny?

Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter can’t take one step without all the world taking to their keyboards to write think-pieces on her stride. And one thing people love to speak on is, well, how Beyonce speaks. Or how she doesn’t speak.

In 2012, Wendy Williams made some catty remarks on her show about how Beyonce doesn’t know how to talk. “She sounds like she has a 5th grade education.”

Many people do find her expression in interviews to be…offish. And you all know the voice comediennes use when imitating Beyonce. “See those mountains over there? I own them. Cos I’m Beyonce.”

Maya Rudolph doing Beyonce on Saturday Night Live in 2014:


Bey Doesn’t Speak at All?

Then there was a NY Times article in 2015 entitled “Beyonce is Seen but not Heard,” which remarked on how one of the biggest superstars in the world has not given a face-to-face interview since about 2013/14. Beyonce even graced the cover of Vogue and had a full photoshoot spread…without an accompanying editorial article, which heretofore was unheard of in the industry.

The Afflicted Mercury

So why can’t Beyonce speak? Or, why has she chosen not to speak so much, and just share her life with us through the art?

It comes back to that Saturn-Mercury conjunction.

Whatever Saturn touches, it restricts and weighs down. It brings a deep sense of earthiness to the affected planet, being that Saturn rules the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn.

So, for Beyonce to have her natal Saturn conjunct Mercury indicates a lot of mental reserve, and even a subconscious, underlying feeling of inadequacy or fear pertaining to direct self-expression.

Her strategy works. Beyonce moves in silence and lets her success make the noise. If interviews ain’t her strong suit, she doesn’t have to do them. She really doesn’t have to do anything other than what works best for her.

“Mercury in aspect to Saturn is traditionally considered to concur with profundity of thought, a shrewd, careful and thorough mind, canniness in business matters…”

On 12/13/13, Beyonce dropped an entire album on the world with no warning, like, “poof! Glitter, blishes!” and immediately shot to number one.

On a random Saturday during Black History Month 2016, Beyonce

Her hat has Saturn written all over it.

Her hat has Saturn written all over it.

dropped a single and music video celebrating her witchy blackity-black-black-black-blackness like, “slay or get eliminated, blishes!” and broke the internet then kilt the Super Bowl.

Again, no hype, no marketing, just a drop.

Then everyone fell out and took to their keyboards to deconstruct the song and the video, asking all type ah questions. We had barely caught our breath, when BAM.

Beyonce Lemonade: Hold UpLemonade.

The slay to end all slays. And this time, she was kind enough to give us 7 days’ notice so we wouldn’t all fall out at once.

“It is only when the mind is full of opinions that Mercury becomes the slayer of the real.”

Talk is cheap: Bey BE about it

Clearly, this no-speaking thing is working to her advantage, because her stock just keeps rising.

I think her manner of speech is actually rather becoming. Her voice is deep and rich but girly and youthful at the same time. Her accent is super southern but black, and it makes my heart warm to hear her say “ecscape,” or giggle as she fumbles for the proper words to express herself when put on the spot to answer a question.

When I watch old Beyonce interviews, I’m like, “Oh. Yeah, she’s like me.” And I mean that literally as well, because I, too, have a Mercury-Saturn contact in my chart (an opposition).

“There seems to be some association of Mercury-Saturn contacts, particularly the “hard” aspects, with speech difficulties such as stammering or stuttering and also with defects of hearing.

[These contacts] are reasonably easy to deal with, although not particularly important unless other planets are involved in the configuration or unless one or the other planet is on an angle.”

For Beyonce, her Mercury-Saturn contact IS particularly important because they’re two planets in a stellium of many other planets, and Jupiter is right there next to her Saturn only expanding the Saturnine effects in her nativity.

Jupiter + Venus in its ruling sign + chaotic Pluto are all BFFs with that Saturn-Mercury partnership.

I give this woman major props for making Lemonade with what she’s got.

Beyonce Working her Virgo 11th House

It’s hard to say in exactly which house is Beyonce’s SaturCury (MercTurn?) in Libra, because we don’t know her exact birth time. But from Sharpe Astrology research and analysis, we have rectified her chart to include a Scorpio ascendant*.

Scorpio Risings are like icebergs, who may be pretty to look at, but have so much going on beneath the surface. This makes sense for her in that she appears one way as this elusive icon, but surely Beyonce the private being is shrouded in depths we’ll never know…and in ways she probably couldn’t even put into words.

This Scorpio AC puts her Saturn+Mercury in her 11th house of friends and networks. Her Sun is also in her 11th house, making her very good at leveraging her connections.

I also set her birth time to 11:11, which is just my personal projection, but gives her a first decan Scorpio Ascendant.

“Mercury-Saturn contacts are subtle and worth further investigation because they provide an opportunity for a completely different use of the mind…the one-pointed mind can be directed inward to explore the darker recesses of the psyche.”

And Lemonade certainly was that. Beyonce went much deeper than I think anyone thought she was capable of as a pop star, and shared her platform with a host of beautiful women.

All while having an afflicted Mercury.

Warsan Shire

image from NY Times

Perhaps this is why Beyonce chose to tell the story of Lemonade by quoting many of the words of one of the greatest poets of our time – Warsan Shire, the Kenyan-born, Somali-British Poet Laureate.

Astrology is the great equalizer. EVERYONE has some form of restriction in their psyche. For me, knowing how to delineate a birth chart gives me so much more empathy and compassion for every person on this planet.

Shadow Integration with the Goddess of Slay

Perhaps Beyonce as an individual feels impeded in her communication skills, so she uses that 11th house Libra conjunction to not only capitalize on the talent of her networks, but also to elevate many other women in the process. That’s so 11th House as well. Can’t speak? Share someone else’s art and image that expresses and reflects how you feel.

Bey Lemonade Porch

Does Beyonce care about how she is perceived? As a Virgo Sun combined with her super Venusian Libra stellium, we can certainly gather that yes—her image is cultivated to private perfection. I mean, we see that.

She gives us what she wants to give us, and owes us nothing more than her chosen creative expression. She doesn’t have to go deep, but as an evolving woman, she owes it to herself. And I genuinely enjoy what I see.

Beyonce’s Saturn-Mercury conjunction is a perfect example of taking what could be a challenging and detrimental situation around communication, and making…well, Lemonade. 🍋

Her influence is universal, and few others on this planet can imagine how much pressure that entails. So while her fame machine mightn’t permit her all the freedom as a public figure, she is a master of the craft when it comes to using your chosen, given platform to the best of her ability.

“When there are no longer any familiar landmarks for what defines truth and what defines falsehood, the individual must search deeply within himself to determine what is true or false for him alone. In the acceptance of this responsibility lies a great deal of freedom.”

Do you have any Saturn-Mercury contacts? How do they manifest in your life?


*Chart Rectification does not represent the views of Sharpe Astrology or any of it’s affiliates.

All the quotes in this article are from Liz Greene’s book, Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil.

All the photos in this article are screenshots from Beyonce’s Formation music video, and her visual album, Lemonade.



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