Jupiter & Saturn (OR the glass is half… ?)

Optimism and pessimism. Idealism and realism. Folly and wisdom. Youth and old age.
Starting to get the picture, cats?
Okay, enough with this beatnik crap.

Jupiter is the planet of hope, optimism, idealism, faith, expansion. Jupiter gives us the willingness and buoyancy to try new things, or to just go for it. Jupiter is the cosmic helium that gets us off the ground. Jupiter used to be seen as one of the benefics of the zodiac, a planet that gives us the happy-fun-time vibes.

Saturn, on the other hand, is reality. Time, concrete results, limits, boundaries, restrictions. Saturn is the icy-cold dose of reality, but also the ability to actually buckle down and achieve. Saturn used to be seen as a malefic of the zodiac, for the obvious reasons. No one likes to be reminded that “it’s all fun and games, until somebody loses an eye.”

These planets are both important, valuable, and inescapable. Here’s a quick course in how to work with these planetary rhythms.

For an example of these planetary energies in practice, take a look at the signs ruled by Jupiter verses the signs ruled by Saturn.*

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces.

Sagittarius luuuuuvs to grapple with questions of faith and philosophy and all that important shit – it’s the master truth-seeking sign. But when I think of a Sagittarius, do I think of someone who prioritizes changing the batteries in the smoke alarm? Or getting an oil change? No, I do not. Their role in this world is to inspire us all to dream big and follow our hearts, Jupiter-style.

Pisces… oh Pisces. Pisces, despite all of the crap that they get, are actually the most beautiful souls of the zodiac. Pisces take the Jupiter energy to a whole new level with their need for universal love and transcendence. But anyone with any significant Pisces placement in their chart will tell you that their lives are a whirlpool of chaos. Sadly, it takes more than heart to get the bills paid. Which brings us to…

Saturn. Who rules Capricorn and Aquarius.

Capricorns are the masters at knowing the resources they have available and working within the boundaries of reality to get shit done. They are tireless achievers. Saturn sucks them in to being very fixated on the “real shit” in life, so much so that they don’t have a lot of time for stopping and smelling the roses. Midlife crisis, ahoy!

Aquarius takes the Saturn energy up a notch. Instead of mastering the system, Aquarius wants to shatter the status quo through innovation. Even though Aquariuses are incredibly unique individuals, their “tell” is that they can identify a problem – and invent a solution – in two seconds flat. Saturn gives them their intimate knowledge of the restrictions that which is necessary to push the envelope.

Jupiter and Saturn are the conflicting energies that we all possess to some degree. The reason I’m writing this is because I feel it’s a very worthwhile enterprise to get yourself in tune with the way that these planets play out in our lives.

Are you having a day where no matter what you try to do, you run into roadblocks? Is time running out, and you feel like you don’t have a second to think? If you’re comfortable with Saturn energy these days can be an opportunity to take a deep breath and re-frame the situation.

Make a list of the things you’re accomplished in your life. Set a timer for ten minutes and meditate, filling yourself up with air. Stretch your body and massage your skin with a moisturizer of your choice (Saturn rules the skin and bones.) Enjoy the little bit of time that you’ve set aside. The point here is to celebrate and ease the Saturn transit that you’re undoubtedly feeling, not to run away from it.

Are you feeling the good vibes, or perhaps being a bit “overly?” Flirting with life, danger, exes? Overspending on shit you don’t need? Overeating or overdrinking? Are you convinced that you’re the star of the show and you can do no wrong? The dark side of Jupiter is a kind of mania and disregard for limits and other people’s boundaries.

Bring yourself back down to earth before you get taken down – hard. Fast or eat lightly. Abstain from drugs and alcohol. Balance your budget (yes, this can be a ritual. It’s all about intention.) Curl up in child’s pose or wrap yourself tightly in a blanket. Ground yourself in the earth. Start and finish just one task.

Look at your chart. Look at the current planets. See if Jupiter and Saturn are transiting over any points in your natal chart (aka, if right now Saturn or Jupiter are in the same place as a planet was when you were born) or if they’re up to some crazy nonsense in real time (making some kind of aspect to the sun or moon or your ruling planet). How does what’s happening in the stars relate to how you’ve been feeling or acting?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to seek balance between the extremes.

*For the purposes of this, I’m sticking with the traditional rulerships wherein Pisces is ruled by Jupiter instead of Neptune and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn instead of Uranus. No, this is not an excuse to mention Uranus.

Janine Gleyson

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Janine Gleyson is an astrologer, tarot reader, intersectional feminist, and cat mama, amongst other things. She has studied astrology since she was able to read words. Her goal is to empower all people to take control of the course of their life through the true self love and self knowledge that comes through the use of this gorgeous cosmic science. Follow Janine on Twitter Here!