Last night I had a very profound conversation with my mother, who was born during Neptune’s transit through Virgo in 1938. We were actually having one of those deep conversations about God and she said, “I am not exactly sure who God is, but I believe in the cloak.”  And then she reminded me of story my Scorpio Grandmother used to tell us when we were growing up.

When my mother was seven, she was overtaken by a very serious episode of pneumonia. Back in those days they did not have antibiotics to treat her, and after several weeks of fighting for her little life, the doctor told my Grandmother that she was facing, what they call, the moment of crisis and that she would probably not make it through the night.  The priest was called in to give her the Last Rights.

My Scorpio Grandmother was frantic; ringing her hands, and pacing the halls all night, she was forced to resign her self to the fact that there was nothing more she could do, but continued to pray up and down the hall way in front of my mother’s room.

(Side Note: My mother was born with Venus in Scorpio in her 2nd house. The second house represents the age from 7-14. It is very interesting that she would be facing a death defying moment during those years having a natal placement of Scorpio in the second house).

Suddenly, supernaturally, she remembers seeing a large black cloak come up from behind her, and then, gently wrapping around her. All she knew is that she felt an overwhelming feeling of peace. Unsure if this apparition was real or due to being sleep deprived, she knew, at that critical moment, faith is all she had.

Finally succumbing to exhaustion, she went and laid down next to my mother, who was still gasping for air.  By morning, she woke to my mother finally coughing up the mucus that had been slowly suffocating her for weeks.

My mother had made it through the night, and continued to get better from that day forward. This story made me think of Neptune in Pisces and the message that may be found in this transit.

Neptune, after 165 years, made his homeward bound into Pisces (2012-2025), and is subtly changing the spiritual vibe throughout the world.  Astrologer’s today struggle to define this phenomenal moment in history, but having a Pisces Rising and Moon in Pisces, I’m obsessed with this transit. As an Astrologer, I don’t want to miss a moment of it, due to the fact, we will never see this epic event, again, in our lifetime.  I believe my mother’s proclamation might be just the clarity we need to lift the fog on exactly, (if you can actually pinpoint anything “exactly” with Neptune) what this transit is all about.

Now when talking about Neptune, it’s hard to really grasp the magnitude of our God of the Sea, but for starters, we know that Neptune was founded back in 1846.  Although Neptune was discovered during this time, it has a long history hiding behind the veil.

We see that Neptune was in Pisces during St. Paul’s ministry to the seven churches of Asia, sharing the Gospel of the New Testament. The Good News broke down old religious structures of that time, and brought in a new visitation of spiritual energy, (this also ushered in the Age of Pisces). Neptune was also transiting Pisces shortly following Martin Luther’s 99 Thesis, which lit the match to the protestant reformation that created a flood of energy in the early 1500s.

During Neptune’s last visit through Pisces, we also see the birth of Charles Taze Russel (born, February 16, 1852), founder of Jehovah’s Witness’s, along side the birth of Sigman Freud (born, May 6, 1856), who discovered Freud’s theory of the unconscious and his new science of psychoanalysis, which revolutionized the treatment of mental disorders, and changed the very way that humans looked at themselves.

So you can see with just a few brief examples, Neptune is hard to define. But we do see a pattern surrounding spiritual matters; a crisis point, a death of an old belief system requiring the Last Rights, and a visitation from the other side, shall we say, the cloak.

Now it is up to you to decide if these founders were sleep deprived or not, but the need to break down old belief systems, in a supernatural way, were being unveiled.

I find it interesting that 165 years later, these particular belief systems are now being challenged or finally excepted during Neptune’s transit throughout the world wide web, like never before. When it comes to Neptune, we can never quit be sure what is illusion or what is the truth, but we can be sure that the energy that is manifested during the transit will play out over many generations to come.

Let’s take a trip back to the beginning of our century starting with Neptune In Virgo, to see how it may effect those who are still alive today.



Neptune In Virgo~ (1928-1943)

    This was a time that spiritual outlook took on a more service orientated expression. This generation rose from the Great Depression (so, Neptunian), the onset of World War 2, Civil Rights, Women Movements and Environmental concerns.

Interestingly, treatment of disease with penicillin, and chemotherapy was introduced.  Those born during this opposition to Neptune in Pisces, were the guinea pigs of these treatments, leading to the results we see today. Neptune in Pisces is opposing these ideas with new ways of confronting disease, using natural methods, such as; Medical Marijuana, herbs, essential oils, and many forms of meditation.

Neptune in Libra~(1943-1957)

Those who were born during Neptune’s transit through Libra, were born with a spiritual bent towards idealistic ideas regarding love and relationships. They see spirituality as seeking balance and harmony within their families and partnerships. Not being too fanatic, but somehow keeping it all in check.

They grew up influenced by the Anti-War movement in the 60s, where brotherly love was the answer to everything. This was the first generation to question values of marriage, resulting in a rise in divorce in search for happiness and love. The first to consider living together, challenging the sanctity of marriage.

Today, we see Neptune in Libra people finding their spiritual fulfillment by putting themselves first, allowing the pressures of perfection, in regards, to relationships, to no longer be the balancing point.  No longer struggling to hang on to long-term partners in fear of being alone, afraid of financial ruin and the aftermath of broken dreams. Seeing through the eyes of Neptune in Pisces, they can find true soul mates, creative freedom, and artistic money making ventures.

Neptune in Scorpio~(1957-1970)

Neptune in Scorpio brought in a wave to the rise of the drug culture, an obsessive need to bring out the truth to what is hidden, (psychologically) from public view. Including, dealing with the sexual issue hidden behind the pulpit. Taking off the rose- colored glasses regarding issues such as sexual abuse within families, psychological control, and psychic awareness.

This was the period of time that Law Enforcement and FBI agencies started secretly seeking out psychics to help uncover information that would solve, unsolved mysteries. Before this time, that would have been considered taboo.

Today, we see the Neptune in Scorpio generation leading the way in venues including talk shows like Dr. Phil, Psychic Detectives, and Mediums like John Edwards; showing the world that there is more to what lies behind what you see and finally giving it a voice, asking how we really feel about it all.

Neptune in Pisces is working together with Neptune in Scorpio-ruled people, in a magical way, to bring about the truth to the deep dark psychological issues that have incarcerated us, and ultimately finding healing that will release the generations to come.

Neptune In Sagittarius~(1970-1984)

Neptune in Sagittarius brought in an upsurge of interest in New Age topics; reincarnation, channeling, and “name it and claim it” televangelists.  Higher education, new philosophies and improving the living condition in Third World Countries were at the forefront. Bible’s smuggled into China, and missionaries went door to door.

The down side to these spiritual pursuits is tribal cultures were persuaded to convert to conventional religious ways to receive aid, losing their sense of authentic tribal community, which in many cases, lead to defamation of their villages, for their newly-adopted religion.

Neptune in Pisces is challenging the ideas born during these years, and revealing the breakdown in preachers, teachers and gurus, who were motivated by power, money and control.

To make the most out of Neptune in Pisces, the Neptune in Sagittarius generation must realize that they hold the key to the future, they stand on the podium, and their true intentions will be held under a magnifying glass. Pisces is about letting go of ego, so the motivation of true spiritual leadership will be purified by fire.

Neptune in Capricorn~(1985-1998)

During Neptune in Capricorn drugs became an international trade. Church “vs” State issues were questioned on every level. We also see the rise of the mega-church, where the more people, the more money, became the purpose driven life.

This is also the time that the foundational doctrine of the church was debated by the average church goer. Walter Martin’s book, Kingdom of the Cults, opened our eyes to  apologetics, creating a play for power between those pursuing their faith, and the foundation for which their faith were built.

Neptune in Pisces is going fairly easy on the Neptune in Capricorn generation. Watering down doctrine, and opening up a more compassionate conversation. One that focus’s on the bigger picture. That we are all in this together, and without a common ground, being the foundation of the earth, we have nothing to stand on.

Those born during this generation will dig up historical truths, preserve the past and develop creative insights that remind us that we must replenish the gifts of the earth for the generations to come.

Neptune in Aquarius~(1997-2011)

Neptune in Aquarius raises the vibration, unleashes communication around the world through the airways, and opens the door for knowledge to abound, as predicted in the book of Daniel 12:4: “But you, O, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

The friendship sign teaches us that we can do more together than apart. What you believe is no longer as important as that you DO believe.

This period of time took spiritual messages into the airways, through the internet, audio cassettes, and cds, instead of door-to-door. This also allowed us to connect with the essence of a person. Idealistically, holding hands around the world.  Dr. Laura, talk radio personality, (an Aquarius, by the way) became the voice of our moral conscious from 12-3:00 everyday.

Those born during Neptune in Aquarius possess the mental ability to work at lightning speed. They will teach us about humanity, about the language of our ancestors, and have the potential to create cult like followings through the screen on a computer (namely, YouTube). The danger, of course, is mass cult leaders; young gurus with no life experience, and a following that doesn’t even have to get out of their pajamas.

Those born during Neptune in Aquarius will prepare the way to the Age of Aquarius, open the doors for Neptune in Pisces to move in like a tsunami, if needed.  Destroying stale and outdated religious structures, rebel against family traditions, and create new tribes. The term, blood is thicker than water, will no longer be the ultimate truth.

Neptune in Pisces~(2012-2026)

So here we are, the epic moment in history, Neptune in Pisces. What will it hold? We may not see the full effect for another 165 years, but this is the beginning, or maybe the end.

We know that the personification of Jesus is represented in the archetype of Pisces. We also know that great evangelist like Billy Graham are a dying breed.

We are all questioning our faith, shall we say we may have arrived at the moment of crisis, are we being read our Last Rights?

The fog of confusion may be hovering, but so is the cloak; the crisis of faith that we all face, that there is something beyond. Maybe we can’t define it so confidently any more, or self righteously use fear based measures to save the world and bring them into the Kingdom of Heaven.


But like my mom said, “I don’t know exactly who God is, but I believe in the cloak.”

The cloak represents the miraculous moment when your back is up against the wall, and a miracle arrives, never too early, but never too late. There are miracles, and what we do know is, they do still exist.

Those born during Neptune in Pisces; the old souls, will teach us this ancient wisdom from the crib. I wish I could tell you exactly how it will all play out, but I do know one thing, Neptune in Pisces requires us to listen to our intuition, take care of the little children and believe in something greater than ourselves.

So I will end by saying, I don’t know exactly who God is, but I believe in the cloak.

Chrystal Lynn

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