Mars in the Natal Chart – your cosmic #hustlemuscle

Mars is an energy that a lot of people are uncomfortable with. Historically it was seen as one of the “malefics” of the zodiac, a nasty thing that brings unrest and chaos to an otherwise orderly chart. Astrology used to be something that only the rich and powerful had access to. Maybe the idea of the peasants getting all riled up by Mars energy, was too much for these dudes to handle. Thankfully we live in a more enlightened time now.

In its lower, more negative energy, Mars is the drive to subjugate others to your will, or to hurt. Mars is war. It’s up to you to decide if this war is worth fighting – or is it all in your head? Because Mars can wrap us up in our own power.

At its higher octave, Mars is your personal drive to get shit done. Mars is passion and sex and courage. Mars is the spirit in you that knows “I can do this.” Mars is your ability to cut through the bullshit and call all bluffs. Mars is the fuel you need to build your own personal empire.

If Mars is cruising through a house in your chart, think about what that house means to you right now. If it’s in your fourth house (for example) think about if you’re using this energy positively. Is it giving you the courage to stand up for yourself during family disputes? To identify unhealthy environments that you’re stuck in, and to cut through that dynamic? Maybe Mars is assisting you to go out and change your living situation. These are all fantastic ways to channel the cosmic “oomph” that Mars can give you as it cycles around the sky.

But be careful. If you’re sucking others in to wars that don’t need to be fought, creating violence where there doesn’t need to be any, or burning through bridges that are actually your foundations, you’re going to be left in a much worse situation when Mars moves on. Mars can be our selfish id. Try not to leave too much of a mess for your ego to clean up.

Mars in our natal chart shows us where we can most easily tap in to our Mars energy throughout our life. Again, depending on other planetary aspects, we might be more prone to using our Mars in a functional or nonfunctional way. But no matter what, Mars is our primal survival instinct and we all need it to grow and thrive. With mindfulness, you can begin to channel your Mars energy in a completely new and exciting way. AKA, Mars lets you become the badass bitch warrior you always knew you could be.

Mars in the natal chart shows you how you’re likely to assert yourself based on what you want. Below, I’ll describe the strengths and weaknesses of each Mars sign. It’s up to you which side you want to incarnate in your life.

A small note: if your Mars is a very high degree (26-29) you’ll probably be more able to access your Mars energy in a mature and mindful way. If it’s a low degree (0-5) you may be naturally more inclined to ignore your anger or self-preservation or act out destructively depending on the sign your Mars is in. Not that you’re doomed to this pattern forever, but it’s something you’ll need to consciously work on to improve.

Mars in Aries: Aries is all about independence and finding your own way in the world. Mars rules Aries, so those with their Mars here will find it quite easier to access their ego (aka, start shit, in all senses of the phrase.) Aries Mars don’tgenerally have an issue with considering their own needs (dramatic understatement.) They would benefit from learning to temper their inner warrior. Aries Mars’ life lesson is to learn to f****** chill.

Mars in Taurus: Mars is said to be in its “detriment” in Taurus. Those with Taurus Mars might have difficulty revving up their ambition, ego, or anger. They don’t consider Mars’ energy to be comfortable to engage with so they mostly ignore it and the drive it could give them. Except, of course, until they’re seeing red. For everyone’s sake, please try to get in touch with your Mars before you gore us all like we’re your matadors. Thanks.

Mars in Gemini: Mars in Gemini is channeled in communicating and learning from others. These folks will easily be able to put their hustle and ego into words, though they should be careful it doesn’t devolve into just talking smack or bluffing. They can be excellent negotiators, advocates, and may build an empire with their desire to disseminate knowledge… if they’re not just full of hot air.

Mars in Cancer: Mars energy drowns in the watery, nurturing Cancer (it’s said to be in its fall here.) Cancer wants to bask in love and feelings, so Mars’ potential to catalyze is quite difficult to tap into in this sign. Mars in Cancer is prone to being felt mostly as internalized anger that’s rarely expressed to others. Without a lot of work, your cosmic hustle can be lost here. Cancer Mars needs to make a lot of time to discover and prioritize its own needs.

Mars in Leo: Leo wants to create and be adored for its creations. Mars lets you ante up to get what you want in either a positive or negative way. So option one, you have the drive to pursue and create exactly the life you want, or option two, you can create the most exquisitely dramatic explosion of anger possible. Bonus points if there’s a big audience for either scenario. Use your Mars in a positive way and the sky is your limit. Fall into its self-serving side and face the fallout.

Mars in Virgo: Gorgeous Virgo wants to pick apart and analyze… well, everything under the sun. Obviously, having the chops to explore, compare, and pursue your life goals is a pretty great asset. At your best, you have your life road map memorized, divided up, and ready to conquer. At your worst, your passion and drive can get lost in the details as you compile dossiers on offenses and revenge plans. Not everyone has the hardworking nature you do, so don’t fritter it away on anger.

Mars in Libra: Libra’s the sign that lives to relate to other people, so the self-serving Mars is really in its detriment here. Similarly to Taurus and Cancer Mars, Libra Mars needs to work to prioritize its own needs in the face of social pressure or personal discomfort. There’s no healthy relationship without honest communication of personal boundaries and adequate self-care. So quit stuffing your anger and self-preservation instinct away, then getting pissed when others can’t accommodate you. You know that’s not how this thing works.

Mars in Scorpio: Mars is in its traditional rulership in Scorpio, the sign of personal transformations. Mars in Scorpio seeks to be a badass bitch by mostly secretive and indirect means – think that Sun Tzu “Art of War” and Macheavelli type nonsense. You know, the stuff that seems passive or counterintuitive but then actually works. Unlike Aries Mars, Scorpio Mars is more capable of playing the long game. Again though, watch out for manipulating others too much for your own gain. In fact, learn to consider the needs of others, period.

Mars in Sagittarius: Sagittarius Mars can find its ego and ambition routed through the channels of philosophy and higher learning, religion, or travel. You may end up building your personal empire through along any one of these methods, or you may end up letting your destructive nature roam free. Focus is a big keyword to learn for a Sagittarius Mars.

Mars in Capricorn: Mars is exalted here. In the sign that loves to utilize its resources to scale its way up the metaphorical mountain, Mars enjoys the full range of its ability to bring the cosmic heat and hustle. Capricorn Mars has plenty of drive, and knows how to turn the car on and plan the route straight to the top. Beware becoming bitter or superficial in your personal quest though. Remember that the true status is happiness, not the biggest pile of slain enemies.

Mars in Aquarius: Mars in Aquarius has the motivation to come up with innovative ways to get its goals accomplished. If an Aquarius Mars is your enemy, you won’t know how exactly you pissed them off… or what they’re going to do next. Aquarius Mars, please use your Mars to tap into your drive to improve the world, not in coming up with new torture devices for the rest of us.

Mars in Pisces: Mars in Pisces speaks someone who may find it hard to bring their Mars energy down to this plane. Pisces dreams, and Mars wants to make shit happen in the here and now. You’ll come up with cool and groovy ways to assert your own needs and get your queen on, but make sure it’s concrete and tangible and not, you know… imaginary. Similarly, please be sure to communicate your needs clearly to your friends and loved ones. They want to respect you and not to piss you off, but they need to know how.



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