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Just like Aries, Anika is confident, spontaneous and ambitious. She’s got swagger to match and an athletic (but womanly) build that she can show off when she feels like channeling her inner seductress. When she means business, she means business. However, she has a passionate and raunchy vibe about her that she effortlessly exudes. She also takes on some dark traits of Aries, which can be associated with childishness. If she is ignored or does not get her way, she will go to childlike extremes to get noticed – like pretending to be a professional driver so she could drive Laura home! At the end of that episode, everyone was like “OMGGGG Boo Boo Kitty is crazy, I wonder what she’s going to do now that she has Laura in her car!!!!” Spoiler alert: Nothing. She did NOTHING COOL. She basically drove Laura home to find out where she lives. Then showed up uninvited to Hakeem’s party in a slutty dress looking crazy and old as fuck compared to him and all his friends, and was like, “Look at me, I’m sexy and I have investigative skills! I found out that Laura lives with siblings in a not-so-good neighborhood!” Ok, Anika. No one cares.

Becky is a hard-working and stable Taurus. She keeps her own values while loyally supporting the ones she works for, and steadily works up the ladder at Empire. One of the admiral traits about Becky is that she is surrounded by corruption among the Lyons family, but she has yet to do anything that spoils her integrity. This in itself is a very Taurean trait, as it can be categorized as stubborn – although in this case, it is an admirable type of stubborn! Another Taurean trait she showcases is loyalty. Despite the fact that Lucius is a total dick, she is there for him as an employee and caring friend! She is also sassy but even keeled – she is not one to get extremely emotional. She is, however, a sexual being, and I am SO glad we got to see that side of her this season!

Jamal’s personality and talent is indicative of Gemini traits. He is gifted with his hands, and Gemini rules the hands. He is social, can have a conversation with just about anyone. Jamal is also mutable. The parts of his personality that he chooses to show others depends on the situation at hand. For example, when Lucious was in prison, Jamal basically turned into a Lucius clone! It’s funny too how he can personally offend his mom and siblings but then turn around acting all lighthearted about shit. Another facet of Jamal’s personality that has proven to be mutable is his sexuality. I mean can you blame him though?! Alicia Keys is everything. He’s could possibly be bisexual, but chances are he won’t explore the woman-loving side of himself in order to keep his public image consistent.

Thirsty Rawlings is a tough read! Cancer men often keep up an appearance over their otherwise sensitive hearts. This is why I think Thirsty is a Cancer. In Thirsty’s case, his appearance is kept with tacky suits and a business-only manner. Cancers are also known to be frugal with their personal belongings, mainly because they need financial stability – hence his discount suit attire. As much as we know about him, we know that he is a crooked lawyer who has connections in the nooks and crannies of different ecosystems. Being a water sign, he flows in and out of areas undetected. It’s how he can find dirt on people and make friends without getting too involved with them.

The sign Leo comes to mind when I think of Empire, which is Lucious’ baby. Just the word “Empire” is tightly associated with thrones, kings and royalty – and Leos are known for acting like, dressing like, looking like, walking like and even referring to themselves as royalty! On top of that, Lucious found comfort in associating himself with a lion and changing his surname to Lyon. As most of us know, the symbol for Leo is the Lion. In terms of Lucious’ personality, he shows Leo traits as well as some Scorpio traits. In fact, I believed Lucious to be a Scorpio at first. Then I realized he was dethroned from Empire after he shared with Mimi that he was going to fire some board members! That is NOT a mistake that a Scorpio would make. Lucious is also very proud of everything he does, and Leos are known for their fragile pride. In fact, Lucious is so proud that he would try to sabotage his son’s success when told that he had met every parents dream – for their children to surpass their own success.

Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin. It’s my #1 reason for associating Laura with Virgo. Virgo and virginity go hand-in-hand, as Virgo needs to see many forms of proof that her partner is worth holding her heart. Laura made it very clear to Hakeem that she isn’t “like other girls” and won’t hook up with Hakeem casually. It wasn’t until he had repeatedly proven that he is a gentleman, that Laura let her feelings for Hakeem show. She also has earthy appeal to her, wearing little makeup and naturally flowing hair. Another Virgoan trait that Laura possesses is that she is very detail-oriented. She was able piece together Tiana’s advice on how to strut her stuff, and Hakeem’s advice on how to be more confident, in order to become the clear leader in her girl group.

Just like many Libras, Camilla is fashion-conscious, captivating and calculated. She is all about partnerships, and like most Libras, can network her way into a lot of connections. Camilla networked her way into Empire twice! In fact, when she was chased away from Empire, she found a back way through partnering with Mimi. Libras work best through partnerships because they understand the need for balance in life. Libras know they are only one person and are limited in skill and perception compared to how they could be if they teamed up with others. Libras are also willing to step outside the box when it comes to relationship roles. She loves Hakeem and has him call her “mommy.” She wants a piece of Empire, so she marries a woman even though she is in love with a man.

Hakeem, the youngest Lyon son, is a Scorpio. He has not matured quite yet, but he is on his way to becoming a focused, powerful Scorpio. Although Hakeem lets people see that he is an intense person, there is an emotional nature that he keeps a secret. He often associates peoples’ actions with blows to his personal power. It’s difficult for him to truly enjoy other peoples’ triumphs when he thinks others are constantly undermining him. Another Scorpionic trait he shows is that he doesn’t let people into his personal life unless he knows they are trustworthy. This is why it took him such a long time to warm up to his own mother. Hakeem has a good instinct about others, such as when he knew that Laz (the steamy Adam Rodriguez) was up to no good. Also, may I mention that he has slept with 4 regular characters on the show?! Scorpio rules the genital area.

Sagittarius symbolizes higher learning and higher wisdom. Because Andre strongly identifies with his education and his faith, this leads me to believe that he is a Sagittarius. Sagittarians often look to education and faith because they are in constant search for the truth. This search for truth can drive some (such as Andre) crazy, as Sagittarius is powered by very intelligent, rapid-thinking brains. In fact, Sagittarians approach most things with their brains – even the many Sagittarius professional athletes out there will say that. Sagittarians are always looking to expand, as Jupiter (the planet of expansion) is the ruling planet. Andre also shows his Sagittarius traits by constantly coming up with ways for Empire to progress.

As much as we know about Rhonda, we know for sure that she’s a ride or die bitch. Being a Capricorn, she keeps her shit together despite the chaos she is surrounded by or involved in. She’s educated, but she had to work three jobs in high school to get there. Capricorns are built to take the road to success, no matter what their roots were like – this is something that Rhonda displayed especially in her younger years. Capricorns are great at setting long-term goals and doing whatever it takes to get there. Some may call Capricorns calculated. This is why Rhonda has been so good at manipulating others, as well as getting turned on by Andre sleeping with other people especially if it means getting ahead at Empire.

Mimi is a quintessential Aquarius woman. She is well-rounded, androgynous and non-conformist. Her fashion is inspired by menswear and she still manages to look sexy and feminine. Aquariuses are known for accomplishing more than most people can handle. Mimi handles so much on her own, such as battling cancer and being present for Empire’s events while managing her other companies. Also, just like other Aquariuses, she doesn’t take much personally and she conducts business the same way. She made friends with Lucious, taking women back home with them and opening up about personal issues. In the end, though, she was able to put all that to the side to sabotage Lucious.

Lastly, there’s Cookie. The one who holds shit down for everyone else. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which often manifests in the life experiences that Pisces natives have under their belt. It’s undeniable that Cookie has been through it all. Bearing 3 children, dealing drugs, producing music, building a company that turned into a huge corporation, spending 17 years in prison, losing Lucious to a younger woman and having to work with her. Cookie also constantly shows how much she sacrifices for loved ones, which is a trait that Pisces are well known for. She takes Carol in when she goes through a bender, she puts her pride to the side to care for Lucious who fucks her over repeatedly, and helps Jamal out with music she won’t even get credit for.

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