Venus in the Zodiac Signs

Venus in the Zodiac Signs

Do you feel magnetic in love? Blocked in love? Practical? Sacrificing? Secretive? All of this would be indicated in your astrological birth chart, so it is beneficial to understand Venus in the zodiac signs.

In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, value, material abundance, sensory pleasures, and relationships. The nocturnal planet represents our yin, receptive, creative sides, and indicates how we experience attraction. It corresponds with the rose quartz crystal–the ultimate stone of self-love and harmony.

Venus in the Zodiac Signs

Venus in Earth Signs:

Venus in Taurus

Venus rules Taurus! Taurus is the perfect comfortable, sensual, hands-on, and creative place for Venus, who loves to ride in the lap of luxury. Venus here knows that hard work must be implemented to support that expensive taste. In a daytime chart, Taurus gives Venus the focus, drive, and good fortune to make things happen. In a nighttime chart, Venus in Taurus may tend to focus on immediate gratification rather than long-term comfort. Overall, Venus in Taurus relates to others in a grounded, methodical, and rational manner, while valuing stability, loyalty, creativity, and practicality.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo is in its fall. Virgo energy doesn’t really support Venus’ gifts. Virgo is so focused on details and is concerned with perfecting the material and physical world. This can pose a problem in relationships, because picky Virgo can find fault with potential partners, OR feel not worthy enough for a suitable match. In a daytime chart, Venus has dignity by triplicity, so its constructive criticism can be met with approval. In a nighttime chart, Venus is peregrine (an astrological term that means “wandering”) and feels aimless in its quest for perfection until it realizes that perfection is a process, not an end result. Your lesson? Appreciate the flower’s beauty even as you prune the weeds.

Venus in Capricorn:

Venus in Capricorn’s focus is on the acquisition of material wealth in all its forms. This isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes Venus in Capricorn natives may prefer things over people, or maybe they often “keep score.” These natives appreciate success-associated status symbols like luxury cars. Venus is peregrine in a nighttime chart for all but the first 6 degrees of Capricorn. In a daytime chart, Venus has dignity by triplicity, so Capricorn’s energy grounds and focuses Venus. When dignified, Venus in Capricorn loves to share the wealth through its tangible expression of identity, but be aware of a tendency to be more concerned with how much your partners can be of use to you.

Venus in Water Signs:

Venus in Cancer:

Venus in Cancer leads with the heart in every relationship. It can be too much at times, but this is how Venus in Cancer defaults when it comes to meeting emotional and security needs. A lesson here is to recognize that not all relationships operate on the level of providing emotional support and nurturing, protection, and spiritual connections. When dignified (from 1 to 10 degrees and 21 to 26 degrees of Cancer), Venus has some appreciation that relationships are about balance—but it still can be a struggle for these deeply emotional natives. When peregrine (from 11 to 20 degrees and 27 to 30 degrees of Cancer), Venus will wander about until it realizes that emotional needs can be met without the help and participation of a partner. Remember that we can form connections on different levels, and that is okay. We all don’t have to be BFFs and lovers.

Venus in Scorpio:

Venus in Scorpio is in detriment, and peregrine for the first 14 degrees of the sign. Venus in Scorpio may find it challenging to be social—natives would rather be doing something deep and substantial than light and small-talky. Similar to Venus in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio is highly focused on the deep, emotional, spiritual connections that can be experienced through relationships. This is limiting to Venus, but the power of Scorpio causes the native to engage in very intense and transformational relationships. A lesson here is to recognize that not everyone wants to experience such deep emotional bonds, and to appreciate the more mundane connections. Not everyone you meet has to blow your mind.

Venus in Pisces:

Venus is exalted in Pisces! Here, the planet strikes the perfect balance between the watery emo-ness and the Venusian drive to experience all things harmonious. Venus in Pisces can let go of ourdated structures and conventions in relationships quite easily, as it understands that when we relate to other individuals, we are relating to the universe, and the beauty, perfection and ONEness of all creation. The emotional conections Venus makes in Pisces are far more gentle than the ones it creates in Cancer and Scorpio. Venus in Pisces is all about dissolving the boundaries between us, and reconnecting with the true source of the universe: recognizing the ONEness in everyday life.

Venus in Air Signs:

Venus in Gemini:

Venus is peregrine, or “wandering,” from 1 to 14 degrees and 21 to 30 degrees of Gemini, but it wouldn’t notice because social butterfly Gemini energy is used to wandering and flitting about. These natives are charming and beautiful but don’t get tie up and like to keep it moving. This doesn’t mean they’re incapable of being in relationships, but they are not easily “owned” and may not have a natural energy conducive to the focus, routine, and constancy that relationships require. Not possessive by nature, Venus in Gemini loves to connect to the entire world and undoubtedly will have many Great Loves of Their Lives.

Venus in Libra:

Venus rules the sign of Libra! Libra energy is the perfect fit for Venus. Unlike airy Venus in Gemini with its many loves, Venus in Libra is also airy, but focuses on one relationship at a time, maintaining balancce and harmony. Venus in Libra can produce refined artistic capabilities and expressions of beauty and balance—this is the placement of the artist, the musician, the mathematician, the diplomat, the peacemaker, the impartial confidante. When it comes to relationships, charming Venus here will work to maintain the peace at any cost, but must learn that balance is also a process. Life has its ebbs and flows, and to find true balance in relationships, each partner has to be him or herself, fully, while caring for the other.

Venus in Aquarius:

Venus in Aquarius has the most structured and stable energy of the air signs. It’s the least emotionally oriented Venus because Aquarius is not concerned with the individual, but with the bigger picture and the needs of the group at large. Venus in Aquarius may struggle to maintain harmony with others who hold dissenting beliefs or affiliations, but by the same token is attracted to others based on their ideals and philosophies. Venus in Aquarius’ lesson is to be aware that they can translate universal compassion (in theory, like toward “humanity”) into specific compassion (in practice, directed toward actual individuals). People who form ideals are at least as important as the ideals themselves!

Venus in Fire Signs

Venus in Aries

Venus is in detriment in Aries—an uncomfortable position here, because it wants what it wants when it wants it. Aries energy is the least aware of others, but in an effective relationship, all parties must be able to fill their half and express themselves fully. The lesson for Venus in Aries is to learn how its actions impact others. Venus here acts before it thinks; it will plow past boundaries, then experience and learn from the consequences.

Venus in Leo

Venus is peregrine through most of Leo, but at least it’s not in detriment like in Aries. Leo energy is aware of and able to relate to others, but is still quite self-centered and wants appreciation and acknowledgment.Venus in Leo is warm, giving, fun, charming, and charismatic. The lesson here for Venus is to learn about the more spiritual, selfless aspects of relationships and the creative process. And although these natives love applause, they must remember that their opinion should be the most valuable.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius values freedom above all else. In Sagittarius, Venus is peregrine and wandering through most of the sign, and this manifests as a search for the truth about our relationships to the universe. Venus in Sagittarius is sensitive to boundaries and restrictions, and expects a great deal of faith and trust in relationships. Its fiery nature in this sign may mean that Venus loses some of its natural diplomacy, but ultimately it respects the fact that when we truly connect with others on a spiritual level, we also are connecting with the universe.


In addition to the sign Venus is in playing a role, the house position is important, as are the aspects. Venus square anything is a challenge. Unaspected Venus is alone. Venus trines are usually beautiful. What is your Venus doing?


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