Jupiter Retrograde 2016 Horoscopes

Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and optimism – began its retrograde phase on January 7, 2016 and will go direct on May 9, 2016. When a planet is in retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards. This influences us to access this planet’s energies in a more introverted manner that many of us may not be completely comfortable with. The retrograde phase for a planet is over when it goes back it its regular course of movement – otherwise known as going Direct. Keep in mind that from the time a planet goes direct to when a planet goes to the degree it went retrograde at, we experience it’s shadow periods before and after retrograde. The pre-retrograde shadow occurs before the retrograde motion and will often initiate issues that we work through during the retrograde period. The post-retrograde shadow occurs after the retrograde motion and will give us the time to reflect and figure out where we went right or wrong.

We have about 3 more months to experience the effects of Jupiter retrograde. That being said, I’d like to give some advice to you based on Jupiter’s retrograde phase and other planetary transits to your signs!


Aries: You are inspired to be more proactive in parts of you life that need shaping up. You will want to work hard AND play hard. Try to avoid overexertion or else you won’t be able to accomplish as much as you’d like! It takes extra work to feel optimism and positivity right now, so be sure to remind yourself of all that you are grateful for. You may find yourself acting impulsively while believing that you are being levelheaded.

Taurus: You will realize that your sense of obligation and your stamina has limits. Perhaps you will realize that you spend too much energy on one area of your life, and you are ready to balance all that you are involved in. At this time, the universe is showing you signs to manage your activities. It is up to you to figure out how. Travel is encouraged for you at this time. Lastly, make sure you limit self-indulgence!

Gemini: Your wit and tendency to keep things lighthearted will draw more people towards you during this time (as if they aren’t already :P). This is a time when you want to relax more than usual, as you see the importance of recharging your body and mind. If there are any areas in your life that feel routine to you, you will seek to step outside that box. Your visualization skills are at a high right now, so it is a great time to plan courses of action.

Cancer: You will take this time to teach for a sense of self-assurance. You will be compelled to share your innermost, quieted feelings with those close to you. If you don’t feel confident about your own feelings, you can find clarity by writing them down. Use your creativity to figure out how to be there for others without overextending yourself. This is a time for high mental activity, and you will find it fun to figure out hidden meanings behind peoples’ words.

Leo: During this time, work on existing projects and goals. Set yourself up by researching, gathering knowledge and taking advice from others. Strategize and figure out details of how you can succeed in long term goals, and make alternate plans in case you don’t get exactly what you want. Your experiences and thought processes during this transit may make you complacent, but keep looking ahead!

Virgo: Although Jupiter is retrograde, because it is in your sign, you can accomplish a lot if you push hard. Tendencies towards shrewdness will lessen. You now have a good understanding of others’ issues. and your empathy will come forth stronger than usual. If you are feeling down during this time, you will find it is a relatively smooth transition to better moods. You will take on more of an interest in the “bigger picture.”

Libra: You will not be complacent at this time, moving your attention towards the different ways you can grow. Your intuition is tuned in now, and odds are in your favor if you listen to it. If there is something you don’t feel good about doing, don’t overthink it – just don’t do it! Your optimism will most likely shake you out of any issues at this time. Your public image could grow if that is something you have been working towards. Acts of humanitarianism will bring you great joy during this transit.

Scorpio: This is a good time to expand your circle of acquaintances, but make sure that you take your time getting to know people. Trust that you know the right decisions about your social life, since you can sense what is under peoples’ surfaces. Take care to be as positive as possible, as Jupiter will build upon any moods you are feeling at this time. The future is usually a main concern for you, but you will enjoy living in the “now.”

Sagittarius: Your general excitement towards life will cool down for a short time. If you are looking to accomplish anything at this time, you have extra encouragement from Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius. Doors will open if you work towards your aspirations. However, make sure you remind yourself to double check any tasks you perform, as you might feel inclined to skip that step.

Capricorn: Now is a good time to think up new, creative ways to reach your goals. The planets are suggesting that you tweak some behaviors and strengthen your positive outlook! If you are unsatisfied with any situation, look for a correlation between this situation and your sense of self-worth. To improve these, observe and adopt how other people assert their own sense of self-worth. And take time to relax. Do the things you love with people you love.

Aquarius: Revisit old projects and goals to regain passion in your life. You may find yourself being frivolous with resources. Taking risks can bring you excitement, but make sure you don’t risk too much! You may feel like the only way to feel good about yourself is if you keep hitting your targets. Keep in mind that now is a favorable time to set the stage to transform your life. You just have to organize your thoughts, and take steps instead of leaps.

Pisces: At this time it will be difficult to look at things straight on – do your best to make sure your perception is in line with reality. You will realize how sensitive you are to other peoples’ needs, and you will be inclined to work towards protecting yourself energetically. During this transit you will have a lot of feelings that need to be expressed creatively. Also this is a great time to trust your intellect, as your thought processes will lead you to productive solutions.

Mary Jo Montevirgen

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