Saturn square Neptune: Everything vs Nothing

Saturn square Neptune: Everything vs Nothing

The Sun is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, and Saturn and Neptune in Pisces are currently in an exact square.

Saturn is restriction and discipline; Neptune is illusions and amorphousness.

Saturn loves boundaries; Neptune dissolves boundaries.

A square is when two planets are dueling for dominance. It’s an angle that brings tension and spurs action.

Neptune, the planet symbolic of spirituality/delusions has just stationed direct after being retrograde for a long time. So with this square with Saturn, there is a tug of war between two diametrically opposed ways of being.

As with any tug of war, the only way to release the tension is either for one side to give into the other, causing upset and elation, or for the opposing (in this instance, squared) forces to ease up and call a truce.

Even though creating and maintaining balance is probably better in the bigger picture, sometimes one side can’t see the value in just relaxing for a moment. So in this time, we might see extremism on certain ends of a spectrum.

“Build walls! Create borders and boundaries! No one can come in! And if you do, we need to track your every move!” That’s Saturn.

“Live and let live. I don’t want to create drama. S/he’s an ass, but I’ll just let them be. Protecting myself is useless because they’ll bulldoze over me anyway.” Hello, Neptune.

These energies are speaking different languages, and the polarities will play out both in the collective consciousness of society, and in our personal direct lives. Keep an eye open for parallels between the macro and your micro.

The square calls for cohesion and reconciliation.

Use the positive attributes of both these planets to your advantage. Apply discipline to bring dreams into reality. Use your wild imagination to build something solid and stable in the physical realm.

We can integrate it all: that which appeared solid is shifting. That which seemed impossible is at hand.

Nothing is out of order. Ever.

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