Modern Family and the Zodiac Signs




Modern Family is one of my favorite shows, and as I’ve watched them over time, I’ve really come to see how each of the characters represent a certain type of zodiac energy. Enjoy!

Modern Family and the Zodiac Signs

by mizChartreuse of The Age of Eleven


Luke represents Aries! He’s always innovating quirky ideas and being creative, and is content working solo and being independent. He can do gymnastics, is a natural at magic, and his solution to grandpa Jay’s front gate being stuck was to build a rocket so the entire family could get over it. #fire

Andy, the “manny” (man nanny for baby Joe), is a stubborn Taurus–he took years to admit that his shitty girlfriend-turned-fiancé Beth was an asshole, and wouldn’t admit he was madly in love with Haley even though it was very, very obvious. #fixed

Trophy wife Gloria is a fierce and fabulous Gemini. She knows how to run her mouth, express her opinions, and do funny imitations of various American accents. She’s also a natural #wordsmith. Gloria: “I put on the sugar jacket so he wouldn’t take rejection so hard.” Jay: “You can’t sugarcoat the truth!”

Father of the Year Phil Dunphy is obviously Cancer. He’s sensitive, sweet, #nurturing, and can give a wicked massage. He cares about how people (especially his father-in-law and rival Realtors) perceive him. He works hard to provide for and connect with his family, and he sells houses so people can create their best homes.

Haley embodies self-centered Leo. She is shallow but loving, and deep down has some insecurities about her life’s direction. Her popular blog was full of selfies and pics of her fashionable #OOTD. She loves #attention, has a lot of pride, and she is manipulative in that she is kindest when she wants something from her sister and others.

Mama Claire is the perfectionist Virgo. She spent years as a control freak housewife, #micromanaging and handling her children’s affairs and meticulously keeping the household running. She was able to branch out and work for her father because nepotism–AHEM–her attention to detail made her a good candidate for managing other employees.

Cam is so Libra. He is a perfect #househusband; naturally adept at taking care of his & Mitch’s daughter, keeping house, and interior decorating/house flipping. Even when he works outside the home, he strives to impact the lives of the youth, whether as a music and gym teacher, or the football coach. Cam keeps the peace, maintains the balance, and plays devil’s advocate splendidly.

Lily’s the Scorpio. She doesn’t give a fuck, and in fact said “fuck” at the altar while being a flower girl, just to make her emotional daddy smile. We can count on her to be #blunt and say exactly what’s up. “You don’t live here,” she told Dylan when he tried to move in and her dads didn’t know how to kick him out. “You’re fat,” she told vodka-loving Sal when she was pregnant. #sting

Manny is Sagittarius in that he is always on the quest for higher truth. He’s the resident #philosopher; always having something poignant and punny to say. Manny is smart but dorky in school; self-educated in other niche interests, worldly, and cultured. He’s even made up his own language.

Mitchell is an environmental lawyer. Nothing screams Capricorn more than that! He #works hard and enjoys it–when he tried staying home with Lily for a while so can could work, he couldn’t stand it. After spending much of his youth not living true to himself, Mitch is getting better with age: adopting a daughter and finally getting married has certainly brought out the best parts of the old goat.

Alex is so Aquarius. She’s way above everyone else in her family and circles; intelligent, compassionate, a nerd, and #humanitarian. Although she sometimes feels isolated and voluntarily takes on pressure from being unable to relate to her shallower family members, Alex is queen of integrating the bigger picture for everyone.

Patriarch Jay is the Pisces–the grand culmination of the zodiac and the Pritchett/Dunphy clan. He represents #Source energy in that his hard-earned entrepreneurial wealth has given his children and grandchildren great platforms from which to build. His mansion home is where everyone gathers to celebrate and reset. He was patient in his challenging “first life” with his first wife, and now has a new chance and perspective on family with his stepson, his second wife Gloria, and their young child Joe–bringing everyone together.


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