The 11/11 Scorpio New Moon

Cheerz to the 11/11 Scorpio New Moon – the Power of Perspective!

The 11 gateway is quite auspicious, and I’ve used that energy signature to give birth to so many magical things. This is why my lifestyle brand company is the Age of Eleven.

11/11 is probably the perfect day of the year for entering a new portal and gateway to a new dimension of your own personal reality.


A Walk Down 11/11/11 Memory Lane

2011 was transformative for me; the year when I got very serious about my inner game and personal development. I was re-remembering my spirit, even though my boyfriend of 3 years and circle of friends were largely irreverent and blandly secular.

As 11/11/11 approached, I was heeding the call to higher purpose. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew I had to participate in something greater than myself in order to bring it forward.

I leapt right into that portal power on 11/11/11. I didn’t intentionally know what I was creating, but the repercussions stand to this day.

And sometimes, we don’t need to know all the answers, as long as we know some kind of new, different action is required in order to bring about a new outcome.

On 11/11/11, I attended three vastly unique meditation sessions that had a major ripple effect on my life.

Flash Mob Meditation at the Mall

The first 11/11/11 meditation was “flash mob style,”  in downtown Chicago. I went with my bff at the time. We didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to be part of something greater than myself with no religious affiliations.

Around sundown, a huge group of over 100 people got together to meditate in front of Water Tower Place, a huge mall. There was no agenda; just people coming together to be quiet and still…in a busy public place.

Passersby and harried early holiday shoppers were confused; some ridiculed (“is this a cult?”); some sat down to join us; others just kept on walking. For the last minute of the meditation, someone at the front struck a brass gong and we all said “om” together. It was powerful, being in a congregation of that size, all physically vibrating together like a chorus.

Full Moon Meditation and Ophiuchus

Later that evening, I went (with the man who would, within a matter of months, become my husband) to a Full Moon gathering for 11/11/11 at metaphysician Freddie Green’s house in south Chicago. The group was smaller and more intimate, and we got to chatting about the magic we all wanted to work in our lives.

It was there that I met an astrologer named Dr. Atara, who shared her book, The Zodiac Conspiracy, with us.

I’d heard about Ophiuchus and 13 signs astrology before, because the “shifting of the zodiac” story pops up in mainstream media every year or so, sufficiently breaking the Internet with Leos refusing to believe they’re “really Cancers” and freedom-loving Aquarians shuddering at the thought of being boring old Capricorns.

What is especially interesting is the fact that mainstream media is, once again, running the story about the “New Sun Sign” Ophiuchus this week, bringing up the same old questions and dramas and debates this year. Curious timing!

Remember that Western, tropical astrology is based on the seasons, and a good way to envision this is by thinking of a band of energy circling the earth, like a ring.

This is called the ecliptic, and it is divided evenly into the 12 signs; each sign representing a universal archetype… a phase we go through in the circle of life each year.

The Tropical Zodiac is based on the relationship between the sun and earth, which gives us the seasons of the winter and summer solstices and spring and autumn equinoxes.

Read my article about Ophiuchus and Sidereal and 13 signs astrology here.

Dr. Atara’s book about the hidden 13th sign gave an interesting perspective and reconciliation of two different astrology systems.

In her book, she says that your sidereal (which means “star-based”) zodiac sign is who you really are, subconsciously, at a karmic level, and your tropical Western classic zodiac sign is who you are learning to be in this incarnation.

That makes sense in a way, though, right? Because if you use astronomy or sidereal astrology, the sun may appear to be passing in front of a certain constellation (today it is in Libra, not Scorpio, from our vantage point on earth).

But WE, our physical bodies, are located on the Earth. So using the ecliptic, Earth’s “aura,” also makes sense because we are ON planet Earth.

Besides, the sun doesn’t really “move” through the constellations; WE on Earth are rotating around the sun, giving it the appearance of it being in front of certain constellations. But everything is in motion, the stars included. So can any ONE perspective be the only right one?

All of our reality is a mental construct, and completely subjective.

If you were to be on the planet Venus and draft a Venus-centric natal chart from your perspective there, everything would be positioned differently.

Perspective is everything. A day on Venus is longer than a YEAR on Venus. For real.

Dr. Atara’s reconciliation of your soul in the stars vs. your life in this earthly incarnation is an interesting perspective, because it kind of matches with the drafting of your Draconic natal chart.

Your Draconic chart is supposed to symbolize your SOUL in the stars; who you are before you incarnate. Your Draconic chart is basically the same placement of your natal chart, but all the planetary placements are rotated backward 30 degrees.

The sidereal chart that 13 signs astrologers use is rather similar; most of the zodiac placements are shifted backward 30 degrees.

Pop Culture, Perspective, and Polarization

So, there is much to be said about perspective here. I always say that astrology and your natal chart is YOUR perspective; YOUR lens, YOUR viewpoint. It is how one person can see the world so radically different from another person, even when the two are looking at the same thing.

My Capricorn Moon means my emotions are rather stilted. A Cancer Moon probably cries over spilt milk.

A good example of this is Kourtney Kardashian (Capricorn Moon) and Kim Kardashian (Pisces Moon). Which sister have you seen ugly crying more? Obviously the more emotional Pisces Moon, Kim. Kourtney is stoic and level; heck, she barely made a peep when hand-delivering her own babies in the hospital.



Is Kim more “right” for crying when the FBI had to get involved when someone was threatening to sell Kourtney’s underage nudies? The photos were OF Kourtney, and she just kept it cool and the situation was handled without us having any opportunity for a Kourtney ugly cry GIF. The situation wasn’t even happening to Kim, yet she was bawling like it was her sex tape scandal all over again. Was Kourtney “wrong” for not getting bent out of shape?

Living in the land of “right” and “wrong” is the epitome of polarization, and doesn’t serve us in the bigger picture.


Is there any ONE thing in existence that every single person on the planet can agree on? No. Not one.

“Well, love is universal,” you might say. Sure, but what IS love? Some parents believe beating their children is an act of love and discipline *cough*bullshit*ahem.* Some people in dysfunctional co-dependent relationships believe their tango of madness is love.

Back to the Future

So what’s significant about 11/11 this year, 2015?

The blank slate, quiet, hidden New Moon is occurring in Scorpio, the regenerative sign of the never-ending death and rebirth cycles. gives us this list of Scorpio keywords. And they are infinite!



There is a LOT of information out there; many rituals you can do, but my suggestion for this 11/11 gateway is to TRUST yourself.

Think about the themes of Scorpio and how they play out in your life. Scorpio is “I Create.” We ARE creating, in every moment of our lives.

Be truthful with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. Make a dedicated effort to release that which no longer serves. After the Blood Moon Eclipse, we are in a place now where we truly have to LET GO of what is not sustainable.

We die to be reborn; the phoenix cannot rise until it burns.

This is the first New Moon in Scorpio in two years where Saturn is NOT in Scorpio, bringing that restriction and heavy karmic energy with it. Saturn is working through Sagittarius, bringing structure and discipline to our plans to implement and create our own freedom.

Jupiter, the planet of all things lovely and expansive, is sextile the New Moon today. Sextiles are good and easy flow of energy, so there is planetary support in all matters of abundance.

Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, and the planet of transformation, is also sextile this Moon. Pluto is POWER.

You want to ground in the earth? Bury your crystals? Build an altar? Connect with your ancestors? Write an abundance check? Meditate for 11 minutes? Whatever you do is fine, as long as you do something.

But focus on clearing and releasing, because sometimes the visions we dream for ourselves are STILL not even big enough, compared to what the universe has to offer.

YOU are the source of all your abundance. Astrology is a tool; a projection of your own mental constructs, for what you experience in this holographic universe.

The world is your oyster, the New Moon is your blank slate, so I suggest clearing and allowing yourself to follow your intuition, connecting with your higher mind, and trusting the process.

Just like during 11/11/11 when I wasn’t sure exactly why I was drawn to the spaces I found myself in, I just followed my heart’s desires and opened up a whole new world of magic.

BreastfeedingGoddesses2 (1)I’ve always used 11 to my advantage, and even my baby’s due date was 11/11.

Read my column about the 11/11 gateway and some of my experiences at “The Age of Eleven: What is 11:11 and What is it Trying to Tell You?”

You can see what you see, use your own tools to make yourself better, and live a productive life.

Meanwhile, I know what I know, and will operate according to my own vision, regardless of what ANYone in the world can try to tell me.

I Am my own authority, and you should be your own, too.

Beware of dogmatic principles and teachings that threaten you for being “wrong” if you think differently.

Cheers to the gateway. Make some magic today.



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