Libra New Moon: Welcome to The Good Life

Libra New Moon: Welcome to The Good Life

“Like we always do it this time. I go for mine. I gots to shine. Now throw ya hands up in the sky.”

We made it, y’all.

Cheers to the New Moon! 

Libra New MoonThis evening, the Moon and the Sun will be directly aligned from our vantage point on Earth, causing the dark New Moon in Libra at 20 degrees.

Check your natal chart to see in which house 20 degrees of Libra falls, to know which area of your life will be most influenced by this New Moon cycle.

Everything of note is still happening along the Libra/Aries axis of identity. September’s powerful Harvest-Full-Blood-SuperMoon Eclipse in Aries was about the balance between independence and community; handling individual needs while relating to others harmoniously.

For me, 20 degrees Libra is in my 4th House of my Soul—the most private, personal, subconscious, and karmic part of my birth chart. 

My 4th House cusp in Libra is an important line known as the IC (imum coeli), which speaks to my inner self-perception. It’s the id, in psychology. It’s what I came here already knowing and being.

Having a Libra IC means I’m naturally good at relating to people. Nurturing, being a domestic goddess, and being a diplomatic, balance-maintaining wife, mother, and friend are second nature to me.

Since astrology works in balance, naturally my Libra IC is opposite my Aries MC (medium coeli), or Midheaven, which speaks to my outward self-projection. It’s the ego. It is the most public, external part of my chart, pertaining to my career/fame/public platform.

Having an Aries Midheaven means that my destiny is to let go of my comfort zone of maintaining harmony in relationships at all costs, at the expense of my own well being.

Ya can’t give from a dry cup.

If you have an Aries North Node, you, too, must also maintain balance while fully expressing your individuality. I’m here to use my skills as balance maintainer to grow and embrace my independence and individualism as it pertains to my public platform. 

I have the most wonderful partnerships in the world— with my husband, with my daughter, with my entrepreneur associates, with my best friends— but what do I do so uniquely that has nothing to do with anyone else? For me, it’s writing stories and being the messenger, so thank YOU for reading my words. 🙂  

The transiting lunar nodes are opposite my natal ones right now. At the time of this New Moon, the North Node is in Libra and the South Node is in Aries. My birth chart gives me a Libra South Node and an Aries North Node. So while it is switched around, I have felt much of the celestial happenings lately in a very direct and personal way because it is all along the same axis, and the oppositions are all playing off of one another.

This New Moon is just as (if not MORE) powerful than the Aries Blood Moon. 

That Blood Moon last month was a culmination; a major release of planetary miasma and energetic dross as we observed the Moon grow, illuminate, change colors, bleed out, and transform before our very eyes. 

As the last in the series of eclipses, the Blood Moon was a grand finale. People predicted the end of the world, as they always do, and in many ways, it WAS the end of the world…as we know it. 

What is the world? It is our matrix interface; our perceptions of our subjective reality.

What did that Blood Moon complete for you? 

For me: 

It was banishing the imposter spirit; the thought that I can’t do all of these amazing things I actually do every day. 

It was rebuking the self-sabotage tendencies that creep up when good things abound. 

It was letting go of playing small and timid. 

It was clearing out the blockages in my womb center of creation.

How we end things is JUST as important as how we start them.

I remember when I was wrapping up my most recent relationship four years ago, I did it in the most gracious way I possibly could, all while still breaking a man’s heart. I knew that I had to be diplomatic, and compassionate, and loving, and fully honest with him, otherwise that karma would come forward to me some day.

Think about relationships that start with an affair or inauthenticity. Can the new couple ever feel fully secure if the foundation of their partnership began with deception and secrecy? 

How we begin things is JUST as important as how we end them. 

In my Aries Blood Moon blog, I mentioned the poignancy of not only the 2012 gateway/shift of the ages, but how important the following years (2013-2017) would be in terms of creating the new paradigm for existence.

This New Moon cycle is a micro version of the grand shift—after the major bloodletting completion and release of the Blood Moon, this New Moon brings a reset for the new paradigm. 

No longer can we do things the way we’ve been doing them. Uranus, planet of innovation and unconventional actions, is urging us to pioneer the new frontiers of consciousness.

“Go ahead and switch the style up / and if they hate, let em hate and watch the money pile up.”

The last New Moon, I was in Colorado and started to write a list of my intentions for the cycle. I wrote about the things I wanted to procure and manifest, and then I had to pause for a second and check myself.

Everything I was about to write that I wanted, I ALREADY HAD IN THAT MOMENT. From the brand new car, to the luxurious living space, to daily maid service, to free wine, to my choice of private spas and hot springs, to legal bud, to warm sunshine, to a beautiful marriage, to a gorgeous 2-year-old, to the explosively viral Breastfeeding Goddesses meme someone made, to my written publications being well-received…I could only look around at myself and surmise: my life IS perfect.

“Having money’s not everything; NOT having it is.”

In every moment, life IS perfect. Even when you don’t have those things.

“Let’s go on a living spree! Shit, they say the best things in life are free.”

 In every moment, life is perfectING. Even when it seems that it’s not.

I quickly changed the heading of my New Moon Intentions list to a Gratitude Log. 

And for this New Moon, I beseech you to take inventory. The process of balance involves being at peace and grateful for WHAT IS. 

Just like how my natal North and South Nodes are the opposite of where they are in the sky, I’m learning how to stand in the center of all the opposing forces.

I don’t feel the need to teach so much for this cycle, but more reflect on the daily manifestations as I am living them, and making them happen with the power of an idea written down. 

You know what Libra is about. Apply that balance to your life, and especially the pertinent house in your birth chart, and you’ll be good.

Embody the balance. 

Be here now.

Give thanks in all things.

Embrace the stillness.

Communicate clearly, from the heart.

Create anew.

And above all, trust and know that all is ALREADY at hand. 

“Before I had it, I closed my eyes and imagined it.” -Kanye West, “The Good Life”

Yeezy for Peezy! Happy New Moon. Create something Like NEVER Before. 


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