The Aries Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse

The time has come for the

Aries Full Moon
Super Moon
Lunar Eclipse.

All happening along the Libra-Aries axis.

Libra is love, balance, and harmony in relationships. Libra keeps the peace, runs the ship, and wants the best for everyone involved. This is where we find the Sun and our egoic desires at the moment.

Aries is trailblazing, independence, and new beginnings. Aries is the warrior, breaking new grounds and embodying the fortitude to create a new paradigm for existence. This is where we find the Moon and our emotions at the moment.

A Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, and all oppositions call for balance. This is why zodiac signs that are opposite each other deal with the same core issue, but from different approaches.

This Moon is exact at 9:50 p.m. CST on Sunday, September 27. You can tell how this Lunar Eclipse and Retrograde cycle will impact you by looking for 5 degrees Libra and 5 degrees Aries in your natal chart, and seeing which houses they fall into.

The Moon influences water on Earth, so it influences our bodies and emotions. Emergency rooms experience an increase in freak accidents and people acting out during these times, and the closer the Moon is to Earth, the more intense the experiences are.

What is happening in Libra right now?

We’ve entered the Autumnal Equinox gateway, as Libra is the beginning of the official Fall season. Interestingly, the Sun in Libra is in the sign of its FALL.

Every planet has places where it is most comfortable, and placements where the planet is in detriment. For instance, the Sun rules Leo and is most comfortable there; the Moon rules Cancer and feels quite in its element there.

When a planet is in the sign of its fall, it simply becomes a victim of circumstances beyond its control.

The Sun in Libra

When the natal Sun is in Libra, it is considered “peregrine,” an astrological term that means “wandering.” Any planet that is peregrine has to act in a somewhat roundabout way, rather than directly and most powerfully. The Libra Sun is not weakened per se, but it does find self-expression more challenging.

Why is this?

The Sun is about our individual identity. The Sun is self-centered, which is why it rules Leo, the sign of prideful individuality. Libra is all about harmony in one-on-one relationships. When the Sun is in Libra, the Sun becomes hyperaware that its expressions of individuality have a real impact on other people.

The themes of this Libra season, in addition to keeping the peace and maintaining the balance, is discovering how to effectively be in a relationship through making mistakes. It is unfamiliar territory for the Sun to have to think so much about others, but can only help us to grow more empathic as we learn through trial and error.

Experience is the best teacher, and without the sour, the sweet wouldn’t please. If you’re going through hell, keep going.


The asteroid Juno, named after the Roman goddess of marriage, pertains to committed relationships and twin flame-type, soul lovers. When Juno transits through Libra, imbalances in power dynamics come to the forefront and will be loudly apparent in marriages and long-term partnerships.

Juno and Black Moon Lilith conjunct just before the Full Moon. Black Moon Lilith is the calculation of the Moon’s apogee, or shadow. Named for the Dark Goddess, Black Moon Lilith represents the shadow aspects of the divine feminine. Some theorize that the Black Moon calculation is the energetic signature of what once was a planet (Tiamat), and is now shattered into the asteroid belt.

Regardless of its origins, the Black Moon symbolizes the shadow. It is deep, feminine, maternal energy that operates at subconscious levels. It is the darkness, the power within us that has been forgotten or suppressed.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury is presently retrograde in Libra, so this adds a new dynamic to the Libran energy.

In general, Mercury is rather comfortable in the Air signs, as it rules Gemini and is dignified in most of Aquarius. Mercury in Libra embodies duality and the scales—seeing both sides of any situation. Mercury is a trickster, however, and doesn’t always want to be so diplomatic—Mercury just wants to express without worrying so much about the consequences.

For example, during the May Mercury Retrograde cycle in Gemini season, I called out everyone and their mother; my mother included. My sharp tongue held nothing back, and I publicly and privately dragged and cussed out other people who were stringing me along from Retrogrades past. I felt very justified and good about it, because I’d never really had the guts to call people on their bullshit so directly. Transit Mercury was conjunct my own natal Mercury in Gemini, so there was no stopping me.

And, in truth, it got shit done. People stopped fucking with me and I received everything that was due me, so I give thanks for that transit.

This Retrograde, however, wants us to be more diplomatic in a Libra way. It is occurring, for me, in my 3rd House of expression, opposite my 9th House of higher ideals. So while I’m not giving people tongue-lashings, I am certainly focused on using my words to negotiate and work to create outcomes that are fair and balanced for all parties involved.

Again, we have to remember that Retrograde can bring confusion and miscommunication, on top of the super close energy of the Lunar Eclipse Full Blood Moon, so it behooves us to think before speaking and double-read before hitting “send.”

The Aries Full Moon and the South Node

This Full Moon occurs in Aries, and the Moon’s lesson here is impulse control. Aries is fire, so emotional outbursts occur easily here. It’s not so much about grudges, but fiery expressions of anger or passion, and then the ability to quickly move on once the feeling has been expressed.

This Full Moon is rather intense because it’s the fourth of four eclipses (when usually eclipses occur in threes), AND it is a SuperMoon, so its physical proximity to the Earth is the closest it will be all year.

The South Node is also in Aries, which means the Moon’s North Node is in Libra. In natal astrology, the South Node is our comfort zone; the way of being we are used to and will default to because we already are good at it.

The North Node is where we need to evolve and work toward; it is the place beyond our comfort zone but exactly what we need in life in order to evolve and transcend.

So with the South Node being in Aries, there is a grand worldwide call to move beyond the firey, Mars-like, service-to-self mentality, at least for this gateway transition for this lunar cycle.

With the North Node in Libra, we are to really embrace the harmony and recognize the ONEness in everyday life. We need to remember our families and realize that everything is a part of us.

Integrating the All

Vesta is an asteroid named for the Roman Goddess of Hearth & Home; the keeper of the flame. Her energetic themes are similar to Virgo and Scorpio—strength, purity, perfection. I wrote a bit about the Vestal Virgins here.

Vesta is conjunct the Aries Moon, so again we have these pure virginal, death/rebirth scorpionic energies merging with the firey moon. The Moon meeting up with unconventional Uranus will bring that extra rebellious energy signature to the mix.

Couple all of this with the Black Moon Lilith transit—which is both the Devouring Mother and the Nurturing Mother—this is a period of turning inside out. We can see how this aligns with finding the balance between devouring Aries and nurturing Libra.

What must we destroy in order to recreate? What must we obliterate in order to rebuild? What do we have to burn to bring true purity, and transmute the dross metals?

2012 and the New Earth

The 2012 gateway was not just one moment in time; it was a gateway into a new dimension of consciousness. But this transition is not akin to flipping a light switch. It is a slow bifurcation of timelines as the old falls away to make room for the new.

But what is the new? It is unwritten, and the foundation is being created from moment to moment.

Saturn ushered us through the 2012 shift of the ages as it transited Scorpio and sent us through the death and rebirth archetype. Saturn lingering at the 29th degree of Scorpio brought a lot of accidents, would-be disasters, self-destructive behavior, and actual physical deaths.

But Saturn has now finally entered Sagittarius, the sign of freedom and integrating higher truth. Our priorities will shift to ultimate freedom as we rewrite the story of what it means to be alive and thrive in this new age.

Growth doesn’t come without stretching, and pain, and expansion. It happens through pushing past the comfort zones; working past what we thought our limitations were. In truth, the only limitations are in our minds.

We are creating the new earth, the new way of being. Earth is shifting, but life doesn’t happen to us; it happens through us. As we undergo our individual transformations and evolve and grow, we are the filtration system through which the planet also ascends.

The universe is pure consciousness, and it all resides internally and is projected outwardly. This is a time of reawakening the divine feminine; goddess energy is resurrecting. These planetary alignments are a call to rebalance the masculine and feminine within us, and in our one-on-one relationships.

There’s a lot going on here.

See you on the other side.


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