The VMAs: A SuperMoon Super Hot Sagittarius Mess

The 2015 MTV VMAs:
A SuperMoon Super Hot Sagittarius Mess


The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards show was cray, which is par for the course for the non-music-playing station’s annual grand ritual. There are layers to decode in this, and when we have astrological insight, that brings even more clarity to the whole spectacle.

The VMAs aired live on Sunday, August 30, riding the waves of the Pisces SuperMoon Full Moon energy.

The Moon influences the Earth greatly, based on its phases. It impacts the tides; it impacts our bodies since we are mostly comprised of water. This Full Moon is considered a SuperMoon because of the Moon’s close proximity to the Earth, making it appear larger and exerting an even stronger electromagnetic gravitational pull upon the Earth.

The Video Music Award trophy is a Moon Man. And this year, the Moon Man was super extra with its new rainbow motif, designed by Jeremy Scott.


source: Jeremy Scott – Instagram

So, we got a Super Extra Moon Man for the SuperMoon VMAs.

Moon moon moon.

The Pisces Super Moon was exact on Saturday, and was an opposition between the Sun in Virgo at 7 degrees and the Moon in Pisces at 7 degrees.

True to form, the Video Music Awards show was chock full of oppositions.

It was filled with a lot of Sagittarius FIRE.

The Women of the VMAS: Sagittarian Rule

Nicki Minaj

Nicki is a quintessential Sagittarius, born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, just like my daughter Eleven. 😉 Nicki has FIVE planets in Sagittarius in her 10th/11th Houses of career/public platform/network, so she is super fiery and uses that dramatic energy to propel her career.

“$50K for a verse / no album out!” she growled in Kanye’s “Monster” track. Her personality put her in demand from jump.
Nicki Minaj Chart

She has Saturn at 0 degrees Scorpio and has just about completed her Saturn Return, so she’s now really about to integrate her Saturn Return lessons, including the rather public ending of her longtime, super private, romantic relationship.

Since Nicki has a daytime chart (with her Sun above the horizon), restrictive Saturn will generally be more constructive in her life. And since her Saturn return occurred in her 10th House of fame across her Midheaven, we can really see how the work she’s put in over the last several years has impacted her career.

With her natal Pluto conjunct her Saturn, her Scorpionic transformations were clearly a mask; her comfort zone schtick, reflected in her attire and multiple personalities. She’s public, but private, and takes no prisoners, boy.

But now, it’s time to get real.

Nicki’s Jupiter is in her 10th House, and according to the astrology of sect, Jupiter also acts even more beneficial when in a daytime chart.

So even though her Saturn return could have torn her down, it fortified her. And her Jupiter is right there in the 10th House, blessing her public platform and career even more. The more transparent she can be about her personal transformations, the more she will endear herself to her audience.

Nicki Minaj opened the VMAs ceremony with a fiery, all-red performance of her song “Trini Dem Girls,” dressed in a classic sexy African-themed Trinidad Carnival masquerade costume.

Side note: To my knowledge, this is one of the first songs she’s released that pay major homage to her nationality. Moves like this will also endear her, especially to the native Trinis who I heard on many occasions accuse her of forgetting her birthplace.

“In July, Minaj criticized MTV for not extending a Video of the Year nomination to “Anaconda,” calling the snub another example of popular culture ignoring the contributions of black women artists. Swift interpreted Minaj’s social media complaints as a personal attack and accused Minaj of “pit[ting] women against each other,” but apologized later that week after her response was widely criticized.” [source]

Taylor Swift joined Nicki onstage to sing “The Night is Still Young,” and portions of Taylor’s song “Bad Blood.”

For reasons why this moment was poignant, watch this video:



Taylor Swift

Taylor is also a Sagittarius, but her Sun is the only planet she has in a Fire sign, and it’s in her 12th House alongside her Capricorn Uranus.

Taylor also brings some of the fire energy, but her Rising sign is Capricorn, which features a 1st House Stellium. With four planets in Capricorn and four planets in her 1st House, her chart is greatly focused on expressing her true identity. We can see how her Mercury (expression) exactly conjunct her Ascendant plays out—her songs tell her life stories.

Taylor Swift Chart

With all that planetary energy in Capricorn, Taylor is naturally able to put in a lot of work to build her career based on her identity and truth. The majority of the aspects in her chart are oppositions, so she clearly is used to creating balance and adjustment.

Taylor is super earthy and watery. Her Capricorn Saturn and Cancer Moon are her chart rulers, and her Mercury conjunct her AC is her first expression. Diligence, emotions, and expression and clearly are her strengths.

So while Taylor is also a Sagittarius like Nicki, it did behoove her to apologize about her statements because she couldn’t hold a candle to Nicki’s fire blast. Taylor’s people knew this, and so in conjunct with Nicki’s people and MTV’s producers, they squashed that shit.

The gals dem ting “buried” dey bad blood live on stage in a fire bath of red.


Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Opposition: balanced.


She’s Just Being Miley”

The VMAs doesn’t need a host, but Miley Cyrus, the daughter of all things raunchy and wild, was chosen to be the master of ceremonies to come onstage and gave us all LSD flashbacks.

Miley Cyrus is yet ANOTHER Sagittarius! However, like Taylor Swift, the dominant elemental energy in Miley’s chart is Water and Earth, not all Fire like Nicki’s.

Miley Cyrus Chart

Other than her Sun, her only other Fire placements are her Chiron in Leo in her 4th House (a wound around being appreciated for who she is, stemming from her childhood family life) and her North Node in Sagittarius, which indicates that her destiny is toward that worldly Sag energy on the quest to integrate higher truth.

Although she is a Taurus rising, the first responder in Miley’s chart is her Mars (aggression) in Cancer (emotion) in her 3rd House of expression. She knows how to run her mouth, but Mars in Cancer is debilitated so she can be either passive aggressive or put her foot in her mouth—often both.

But she DGAF, cuz she’s just being Miley, on a Sagittarius destiny quest to integrate it all and make everything—the lewd, the crude, and lascivious—okay.

Miley also has both her Sun in the 7th House of relationships, retrograde Mercury conjunct her Descendant, so her expression is backwards. She wants to say what she wants, but still wants to appease everyone, hence her backtracking and blaming miscommunication on the “industry.” She probably feels her best when Mercury is retrograde, when everyone else’s communications are haywire.

When I watch Miley, I just wonder, WHY. Why is this child trying SO HARD.

She is the queen of cultural appropriation. She said that Nicki Minaj shouldn’t have “made her statements about the VMAs all about race,” yet she wants to borrow everything from black American culture.

From thinking she’s the queen of twerking, to wearing faux dreadlock ponytails that changed color all night, to having a rapper sleepover party and out-thugging them with her raunchiness, to turning Snoop Dogg into a literal pig and calling him her “Mammy,” she is just too damn much, and is clearly an instrumental puppet in exacerbating the race war climate we witness occurring in the mainstream media.

Miley also said Nicki Minaj was not kind nor polite, and when on earth is the last time we’ve seen a polite Miley Cyrus? You can’t crack on The Weeknd’s natty dreads while you’re changing your fake dreadlock ponytail with every costume change.

The whole thing has been one big troll and I’m not here for any of it.

Miley’s actions likely stem from:

-Chirotic childhood wounds (who knows the extent of mind control she went through, especially being thrust into Hollywood at such a young age)
-Her Uranus (shock & awe)/Neptune (delusions)/Venus(value) conjunction in Capricorn, forming a Stellium in her 8th House of Other People’s Issues.

8th House people live in prisons of their own making. Miley presents herself as cute and unique and wild and free, but I can only image what her inner life is like; who or what she is when the cameras aren’t on. She might not even know who she is, since the cameras are always on. And for all the revenue she’s created for herself, someone, somewhere is capitalizing even more from her antics.

We can see how she compensates for her Chiron wound in Leo by being SUPER attention-seeking. Those with Chiron in Leo were either blocked or ridiculed as children, or pushed by ambitious parents who liked to live through their children—and I would guess it was the latter. Now that Miley is older, she is expressing her creativity in the wildest ways, and taking her audiences all down an acid trip rabbit hole with her.

She’s also just gone through her Saturn Square, which is like a mini-Saturn Return preview of sorts, so she’s just gonna keep building up and self-destructing and making mistakes and being wild.

When Miley Cyrus grows up a bit and goes through her Saturn Return in about five years, I suspect her personality and public presentation will have radically shifted. Her creativity will always be at the forefront, but once she matures a bit and breaks out of her beta kitten programming, we may see a different character.

Or she may turn into a Britney Spears automaton, which would be a shame, because Britney is clearly no longer a human being.

Britney presented the first award, and although she didn’t perform (although anytime she is seen on a major show she seems to just being going through the motions), she was the FOURTH SAGITTARIUS to enter the screen.

We also got a performance from a breakout singer named Tori Kelly, another Sagittarius. To add to the fire, Aries Pharrell Williams performed, as did Leo Demi Lovato.

Fiya fiya fiya!


All The World is a Stage

Even if you don’t know how to decode a natal chart, just glancing at the overall shape of the Nicki Minaj’s, Taylor Swift’s, and Miley Cyrus’ charts, you can see how they are similar. They all have a mostly wedge/bundle chart configuration, representing a natural ability to focus and concentrate energy with most of their planets in the areas of Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

Saturn is transitioning from Scorpio into Sagittarius, and will affect each of these stars greatly. Clearly the life themes and astrological energies in the cosmos now gives these women a certain edge so they can fulfill certain storylines.

Celebrities play roles, and Sagittarius is the natural actor! Even if they’re not acting in film, they’re on a stage. Think of your rising sign—it’s your presentation of self. Actors are like rising signs on steroids. They represent archetypes, and themes, and play out carefully cultivated storylines that are meant to influence popular culture.

If you are filming a Youtube video, or a reality show, or recording a podcast, the arc of the episode has to be produced. Even if you don’t recite from a script or read from a teleprompter, you know WHAT you are going to talk about, and you know what the overarching theme will be. This is what production is about!

We do not know the whole story, nor do we know these people personally in any way, just like how out of your 1,000 Facebook friends, maybe 2% know you—and still they know the you that you choose to share with them.

Everything is symbolic.

Depending on what you believe about man actually walking on the moon, the Moon Man award statue and in turn, the VMAs, can be seen as symbolic of a grand illusion, a staged ritual performance to get people talking and sway public emotions.

You can only get tie up in the spectacle if you choose to. Like Kanye said in his Runaway film: “Don’t believe anything you see on TV.”

They say that millionaires don’t consult astrologers; billionaires do. Those who own MTV are billionaires, and I know that people who make things happen in large ways pay attention to the energies of the cosmos to capitalize.


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