Improve on Your Negative Sun Sign Characteristics

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When talking about astrology with others, I often hear people say that they “are annoyed by” or “can’t stand” people of a certain Sun sign. But you know what? As amusing as it is to make fun of signs using their general traits, not all people of the same sign embody all of the same traits. For example, not all Leos need to be in the spotlight 24/7 and not all Virgos are control freaks. Furthermore, one person’s experiences with a certain sign can be very different from another’s. When you go on the internet, you see many people who bond anonymously over the same awful experiences with the same signs.

It’s funny to read until you come across comments bashing your sign. You think to yourself, “Whatever. I’m nothing like that, these people don’t even know me.”  Then you realize they might actually know you better than you think. You realize you actually have acted the way these people say you have. What if you were the reason that someone else decided to stay away from other people in your sign? Would that make you want to change? If so, this entry is for people like you. If you are friends with or are dating someone with their Sun sign’s negative characteristics, this will help you understand them. If you haven’t affected people with your negative Sun sign traits, then you can read it and understand why people say these things about your sign.

I firmly believe that although you may have been born with a certain personality trait, you can tweak it if you wanted to. Sun signs opposite of each other generally want the same things in life, but go about achieving them very differently. From my point of view, the key to balancing out some of your traits is in the opposite sign. Keep in mind that not everyone will benefit from this, as not everyone takes on the negative traits of their signs.

*These traits may also apply to your Ascendant and Descendant.

*If your Moon is in a Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) the Sun sign’s description may apply to you



Some complaints I have heard about Arians is that they are moody, selfish, aggressive, confrontational, impatient and impulsive. If you are an Aries and have been called any of these things, it is because you constantly feel pressured to magically put everything in its place. Because you generally exude an air of confidence and enthusiasm, people expect you to be solid 100% of the time – even though you are a real person with real, mushy feelings (don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul :P). Your pride often urges you to prove that you can put more on your plate than most people can handle, and then you look like an asshole because you lash out when you realize you took on too much responsibility. So how do you channel your opposite sign to help you out? Think of Libra traits.

Libra the sign of balance, justice, indecisiveness and selective detachment. Libras also appreciate teamwork and they avoid confrontation because Venus, the planet of love and harmony, tells them to. Like you, Libras also feel pressure to make other people happy, but not because their egos want to. To get rid of some of the weight on your shoulders, simply appreciate the fact that two people work faster than one, and ask for help. Look in the future and figure out whether or not your ego will care 10 years down the line if you accomplished everything on your own. You are an action-oriented, Mars-ruled sign. Think like your Libra brother, who is indecisive because he wants to make sure things are balanced, rational and done beautifully. Let yourself be indecisive for a little bit. If they can do it, you can too.


Complaints I see about Libras are that they are shallow, lazy, non-confrontational, indecisive and superficial. You can blame Venus for this, since Venus prefers harmony and beauty. If you’re a Libra and have noticed that people feel this way about you, look to your opposite Sun Aries for advice. The reason you are called lazy, non-confrontational and indecisive is because of your thinking process about what you can do to make sure that things are balanced, fair and just. People think you are shallow because once again, because you believe in fairness. You spread your love thin between many people because you believe it is fair that many people have you in their lives. (Sidenote: that’s why people think you’re shallow – because you offer no depth, but you think everyone wants a piece of you.) Additionally, you are most comfortable with your social settings when they are harmonious, easygoing and filled with objects and people that are pleasing to the eye.

Channel your Arian brother’s mentality. Get ahold of the reality that people depend on you, and they don’t have all day to wait for you. Think about how unfair it is for you to expect others to hold their breath for your long-awaited answers. Think about how you’d feel 10 years down the line when you realize, “Omg I’ve put so many things on hold because my brain can’t stop trying to come up with the fairest solutions to everything!” To help dissipate the idea that you are shallow, channel your inner Mars and interact with passion. People love you because you are intelligent, funny and you know how to have a good time – but think about how imbalanced it looks when this is the only part of you that people see. Let people see you sad and depressed. They will appreciate your realness. As for the belief that you are superficial, that will dissipate when you show your true self. Also, carry on with that – ain’t nothing wrong with being beautiful and surrounding yourself with beautiful people.


Negative Taurean traits I often hear are that they are slow, lazy, workaholics, stubborn, possessive and cheap. If people call you out on these traits, blame Venus for all this. I also blame the bull’s influence on your characteristics. The reason that you are slow and lazy are because, like your Venusian counterpart Libra, you think THINK THINK about the best way to do things. However, instead of wondering what would be fair and balanced for everyone like Libras do, you think about what what would be most practical and harmonious at the same time. You are stubborn because when you know something, it means you have deliberated on and researched the subject – you’re basically an expert about things you know. You are possessive over others because Venus has you wanting harmony in relationships – if you feel strongly about someone, then it makes sense that they feel and act the same way. Right? WRONG, you crazy bitch. People will feel strongly about you when they’re ready to. As for the complaints that you are cheap, other people just don’t understand the need to saving up for financial security like you do!

Think about your Scorpio sister’s mindset. Scorpio has magnetism and confidence that the world will work for her best interest because they have a deep understanding of other people. Scorpios are hard workers too, but let’s face it – they work smarter than you do. Because of Pluto’s influence, they can make people want to do things for them. Scorpios understand peoples’ strengths and delegate them to lighten their own load. You are blunt about requests, yet you fear acting bossy, so because of that fear you often take on more than you need to. Use some good old Plutonian manipulation and give people incentives to help you. Think of how practical it would be to have multiple people working on the same project instead of just you. Although Scorpios are known for being possessive of people too, their way of thinking can help you be less possessive. A lot of the reason that you get possessive is because you feel that the relationship isn’t going the way you want it. Once again, your Scorpio sister ruled by Pluto would find a way to make other people think it was their idea to come around – and if that doesn’t work, cut them off.


Scorpios are known for being manipulative, secretive, grudge-holding, and possessive. Now I know I made you sound awesome in the previous paragraph, but get that shit out of your head. This is about your flaws now. Pluto, the planet of power, transformation and manipulation, has you perceiving the world as if you can will everyone and everything to do what you want. Granted, if anyone can do that, it would be you. But Pluto is a karmic planet, and you don’t want to use your manipulation skills so much that karma will find the need to make you see your ways. The reason you’re so secretive is because Pluto gives you reason to believe that when you let someone see all of you, you become vulnerable and give up power. Your unmatched ability to hold grudges and act possessive is all part of your power games. When your manipulation hasn’t worked on someone, you hold a grudge or act possessive because you are so used to getting what you want.

Do you see that Taurean bull sitting in the opposite constellation? She’s just hanging out, sipping wine with her friends in the grass after a hard day’s work. She trusts that she has the brains and brawn to do things the right way, so she doesn’t feel the need to manipulate others to take care of business for her. She understands that relationships are a two-way street, so instead of keeping her fears and feelings a secret, she shares them so that others can feel comfortable doing the same. When you feel like acting possessive towards someone, maybe you could take a look at yourself and see why someone would want to keep their distance from you. Maybe it’s because you keep expecting others to be open when you have a hard time doing the same, and when you are intense towards the other person maybe it’s confusing for them because they feel they don’t know you as well as you know them?


Geminis often get ragged on for being inconsistent, unemotional or too emotional, lazy, bored easily and noncommittal. I blame Mercury and the dual nature of the Twins who symbolize your sign. The reason you go through different stages of feeling a certain way about something is because of your Mercurial mind. You can see everything from different points of view and your mind moves so fast that you end up identifying with your mind more than your heart. The reason you get bored and noncommittal is because, once again, your mind races about the possibilities and convince yourself that you need to be stimulated by more than what is in front of you. This is not to say you lack emotion. In fact, you have plenty of emotions, but your head and your heart are often at war with each other.

Across the constellation in Sagittarius, they seem to get what it takes to stick to one thing and to let their minds and their hearts make decisions accordingly. Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, bestows its people with the knowledge that people can feel fulfilled when they concentrate on one thing. Sagittarians use their brains to get ahead in life, but they use their brains to focus, learn and become successful. Also, when their minds and hearts decide to fight with each other, they exert themselves and continue living because they know that the right answer will come to them. As for being noncommittal, think about how little your wishy washy tendencies stunt your growth. Once again, think of Jupiter’s ability to expand what is already blessed. If you find a relationship you want to stay in, but your mind tries to convince you otherwise, use your Mercurial mind to think of ways to change things up in your relationship. Stop letting yourself be your own worst enemy. Spread your wings and let them take you far.


Sagittarians are known for being tactless, impatient, unemotional, self-obsessed and noncommittal. Jupiter’s influence on you makes you want answers right away so you can move onto other endeavors, and because that’s how you are, you believe others want the same – hence the impatience and tactlessness. Jupiter also has you thinking that facts, knowledge and functionality are what serve this world best. You’re looking to expand your skills and bless the world around you with the gifts you have to offer. Emotions don’t fit into your description of what serves this world, which is why you can care for someone and be with her, but not feel the need to get wrapped up in relationship-type situations. Your self-obsession can be attributed to the fact that Jupiter has bestowed you with more luck than most – you are intelligent, driven, sexy and wise. If you were the opposite sex, you would do yourself.

Sure, we all know that you are awesome. But how does it feel to know that people think you are heartless and self-obsessed? If that makes you want to change, think to yourself, WWGD (What Would Geminis Do). Geminis would think and feel from their perspective and from other peoples’ perspectives. Let yourself feel how your words affect others and how your impatience stresses other people out. Balance your head and your heart (I know you have a heart somewhere in that abyss) to understand that matters of the heart actually do help make this world a better place. Universal love makes people act out of kindness and sympathy. Love in relationships often lead to babies. Without babies, there would be no future. Love = expansion. As for your self-obsession? In addition to thinking highly of oneself, self-obsession leads to the belief that you are the key to other peoples’ happiness. Think of how much more you could expand your own life if you didn’t have that issue.


If you are reading this and you are a Cancer, don’t blame me for pointing out your flaws. Instead, blame the Moon, your ruling planet. When the Moon’s energies are absorbed too deeply, one can become clingy, overemotional, pessimistic, resentful and suspicious of others. The Moon, which is the planet that rules emotions and instincts, can change how everyone feels just by moving. Crazy, right? Yes, and being ruled by the Moon would make you crazy, too. When you become clingy or overemotional, it is because the Moon allows you to feel other people’s emotions in addition to your own – clinginess would occur when you feel the other person needs to be cared for, or when you feel that the other person is strong enough to nurture you. Pessimism, resentfulness and suspicion are brought on because your instincts are either correct about others; or your instincts are actually a projection of feelings you have stifled about yourself or other people.

Capricorn, the Saturn-ruled Goat, looks at the world with purpose and determination. Do they let their feelings get in the way? Absolutely. But they pick their asses back up after crying or daydreaming so that they can carry on with their goals. Saturn is also the planet of lessons. Capricorns learn from their setbacks which include people who have wronged them and events that have worked out against their favor. So that’s what I want to see from you, detrimental Cancer. Repeat in your mind: “Live. Suffer. Learn. Then pick your ass back up because you have work to do.”


Capricorns have a bad reputation for being detached, overachieving, headstrong, superior and selfish. Because Saturn has you wanting to move up in ranks, pay grade, social status and just in life in general, you often lose out on true love and other aspects of life that other people are naturally drawn to. The reason you are seen as detached because instead of stopping to smell the flowers sometimes, you put on blinders that set your sights to the future. Your tendencies to be headstrong and superior are because of Saturn’s influence to make you want to be in charge, higher up in the ranks than where you started.

I know I spent the past couple paragraphs bashing Cancers (trust me, they need to know how people feel), but take a lesson from them! Cancers, ruled by the Moon, allow themselves to feel deeply and allow their instincts to take precedence. While selfishness, detachment and overachievement can move you forward in the workplace, think about how getting in touch with your emotions will move you forward in all your relationships. Besides, you never know what people would be willing to do to help you move forward when you offer up your heart and attention to them. When you realize you are being headstrong or superior, let yourself feel what it would be like if you were talked down to or if your opinions were dismissed in the same manner.


People often bash Leos because they are stubborn, egoistic, arrogant, impatient and dominating. If people have said these things about you, hopefully they said it behind your back because you would have torn them a new asshole if you heard it straight. You can rest your ego knowing that it’s not your fault that you’re a dick – it’s the Sun’s fault. The Sun rules your sign and is the planet of Self. Therefore, everything revolves around you and your pride. Your pride makes you believe that your way is the best and only way to do things. Your pride causes you to be arrogant because you are so proud of your opinions and the way you’ve learned to project yourself. Dominance is mainly saved for your close friends and loved ones, even though they don’t particularly want it. Your ego is fragile because your pride makes you believe that your ego is untouchable, until someone brings you down to size – then you feel like one of the little people.

In order to lessen that pride of yours, look at your Aquarian brother. Aquarians and Leos both have huge hearts, but for different reasons. For example, Leos feel good about helping others because it feeds their pride, whereas Aquarians feel good about helping others because the world is a better place when people are happy. Aquarians are ruled by Uranus, which means that these people believe in freedom and detached ego. Their expanded consciousness keeps their emotions and egos at bay in order to better serve the world. When you feel like acting stubborn and impatient with others, think about how proud you would be of yourself if you didn’t act like a dick just because someone didn’t act the way you would’ve acted in their situation. Understand that when you let go of your arrogance and dominance, you are free of the constraints you put on yourself to act a certain way.


Aquarians are criticized for being unemotional, unpredictable, inflexible, overly opinionated and stubborn. People who say these things about you are pointing out your negative Uranium traits. Uranus plays the role of the Great Awakener in astrology. Because Uranus puts your focus on bigger pictures than what is in front of you, you feel a need to be there for everyone, which makes you look unemotional and detached. You can also have a superiority complex due to your unique drive and desire to take on more knowledge than others. The knowledge you acquire makes you feel like an expert in the subjects you care about, which can make you overly opinionated. When you act unpredictably, you lash out when you feel like you have done everything to be a good person, but the Universe hasn’t repaid you. Stubbornness and inflexibility are fixed sign traits, and are made stronger by the fact that Aquarians are very cerebral people, so they think things through before deciding.

Your opposition brother, Leo, has the mentality that you can balance yourself out with. When you are called out for being unemotional and detached, think about how Leo believes that they are the center everything they hold dear. Realize that there is a hierarchy in how people should be treated. You know someone well and see them often? Treat them like gold (Leos love gold) – they are irreplaceable. When you feel connected to other people and situations, you can attach yourself. When you attach yourself to people who are important to you, you will find yourself treating the ones you love differently from people you don’t know. This will actually help you refrain from lashing out. When people feel loved, they will often return the love. This is just one way the Universe will repay you for being a good person.


Virgo complaints usually have the words “cynical, paranoid, fussy, controlling and sensitive” in them. This is Mercury’s precision giving you the need to sweat the small things. So that’s pretty much why people think you are all these things. You feel misunderstood, but honestly, people understand you just fine – they just don’t like what they see when they look at you. You notice everything, then you analyze everything to shit until you think you’ve figured everything out, and let your negative thoughts override anything good in your life.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune, are adaptable and focus on the big pictures of situations. If you learn to adopt some Neptunian ways of seeing things, it would be much easier on you. Think of yourself with less wrinkles and less gray hairs – and I know you notice all those things because you see EVERYTHING. When you start analyzing a small situation, such as, how someone looked at you the wrong way, or how something isn’t sanitized the way you want it to be, just breathe. Will these situations be important to you in the long run? Do you really think that you are SO important that people will stop at nothing to piss you off? Because chances are, these people had no idea what was going through your screwy head when they failed to consider every little detail the way you do.


Pisces get ragged on for being escape artists, over-sensitive, pessimistic and easily demoralized. If you are a Pisces and you have been called these things, it is because Neptune has blessed you with its negative traits. I’m sure Neptune’s positive traits are there too :). The planet of dreams, big-picture thinking, intuition, compassion and escapism has given you high hopes in a world filled with disappointment. When you are over-sensitive, it is because you are aware of your feelings and other peoples’ feelings. It’s like sixth-sensory overload for you! You also have an innate sense that the world is a good place, so when you offer yourself to people who aren’t as kind, you come back pessimistic and demoralized. All of these harsh realities make you want to escape, right?

I never thought I’d say this, but if you have any of these problems, start thinking like a Virgo. Virgos, as stated previously, notice everything. Pisces in general have a problem finding a happy medium – either the world is a dangerous place filled with awful people, or the world is filled with sunshine and rainbows. Take on some Mercurial traits to help you balance out your perception of other people. Notice the little things they do. Then ask yourself, are they worth trusting? Do their actions and intentions deserve to experience my compassion and hear about my visions for a better world?

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