Astrology & Parenthood: The Great Leveler

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Astrology & Parenthood: The Great Leveler

Many of our adult experiences are colored by childhood issues and the skills/coping mechanisms we did or did not receive in our youth. This means that even though we are individuals, we receive many of our various complexes from our parents.

For example, I love to work and create new things. It is because I’m entrepreneurial at heart, but also because I don’t want to pass down poverty mentality. I refuse to have my child go without when the universe is infinitely abundant, and I also realize that the valuable things I can offer my daughter are not only THINGS, but the mindset.

I used to hold a lot of resentment knowing my father once had a LOT of money but invested it poorly instead of say, in a college fund or savings account. Paying for higher education was always a challenge for me in my early 20s, and it pissed me off because it could have easily all been covered had my father made better choices back when I was *11* years old. #11alert

I skipped a grade in elementary school, was always in gifted programs, and have always been academically brilliant. However, even after attending one community college and two universities, I’ve recognized that I am patently unable to be entrained in traditional approaches to higher education, despite my highly-educated African parents’ urgings.

Journalism school was nice; I learned a lot, can write a mean press release, and I just love writing. But tell me WHAT to write, and HOW to write it, and MAKE me leave my opinion out? Kick rocks. What the point? I don’t think prose CAN be objective without being completely dry, and I ain’t about that life.

Not depending on academic credentials but my OWN inherent talents and abilities have made me the innovative entrepreneurial creator I am today.

But I digress.

I said above that poverty is a mentality more so than even a bank account balance– because money only amplifies who you already are. Despite my father feeling that lack and it permeating the home life of my youth, I’ve deprogrammed myself and haven’t lived in that headspace for a long time.

I work very hard because my life is not just about me and my husband, but our daughter. Of course my father knew that and worked very hard, but unlike him, I have never had any doubt about the value I can bring into the world which can only result in more currency circulation.

I AM the abundance source!

Parental Astrological Influences

Back to parental influences in astrology–all of what I’ve shared can be seen in our natal charts.

I have Leo ruling my first AND second houses, so that ambitious, creative pride rules not only my identity but how I perceive, create, and receive value and make money. I also have to be creative with my business endeavors because I refuse to work for someone else, and I know millionaires have seven income streams. 🙂

Anyway, Eleven’s Aries Moon (indicating she has a fiery warrior independent mama who teaches her as such) is in her 5th house, and the 5th house’s natural ruler is Leo. So there I am again, with my Leo showing up in her chart in an indirect way. Eleven having her Moon in the 5th house indicates a mother who is creative and self-centered, and these are both true of me.

Eleven’s 5th house Moon is also conjunct Uranus, the planet of unconventional innovation. My personal Uranus is not aspecting my Moon, but like Eleven, I also have Uranus in the 5th, so she and I are both innovative in our creative expression.

According to Alyssa’s Your Moon Sign & Your Mother article, Uranus conjunct Moon can indicate either a distant & uncaring OR a different & unique mother.

I already know I have the disposition to be distant and uncaring because of my relationship with my own mom, but I know that because I am so aware of how tragic our relationship is, I am able to recognize the default trappings and triggers and use my knowledge of self to not repeat these cycles of disconnection.

Besides, I AM different & unique. Everybody says they are unique, but by average standards my life is like, totally Uranian in nature. And I AM raising this starchild to be the warrior princess.

Now, if only I can keep up with her! 😉

Eleven 11. 11:11

Leveling Out

Alyssa’s blog about Your Moon Sign and your Mother is poignant because it brings all of us back down to earth. None of us has it all figured out, however graceful and glamorous and glorious we look in the photos we share with the world.

Astrology also isn’t here to sugar-coat anything, and not one single life on this planet is here without some struggle. We could sit under trees and meditate 24/7, or we could use our obstacles as stepping stones for our soul evolution.

A good workout causes the fibers in our muscles to tear, then repair, in order to grow. They don’t get bigger unless they become damaged!

So yes, our parents fucked us up in ways, but they’ve also built us up and given us exactly what we need.

Parenting is hard, and I think most people are genuinely doing the best they can with the resources they have, so if you are a mother and worrying about your mistakes, shortcomings, or how your children will turn out, just know that some things are simply written in the stars and are ultimately for the greater good.


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