Venus Retrograde in the Houses

Venus Retrograde in the Houses
Venus Rx in Leo Crystal Wisdom Oracle Reading


It’s time to pay attention to our hearts.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, romance, finance, relationships, harmony, and our values. It stations retrograde today, July 25, 2015. This means that from our perspective on Earth, Venus will appear to be moving backward for the next six weeks until September 6, and all things Venus-related will be brought to the forefront of our lives in a very introspective way.

Venus retrograde occurs every 18 months. In the Tropical Zodiac, Venus will be retrograding back through Leo, and Leo is concerned with being appreciated and recognized for its uniqueness and creativity.

There will be a strong urge to create more beauty in our lives as we strive for balance and clear house. This is also a time of reanalyzing WHAT and WHO we value. All relationships, especially those of the romantic nature, are up for review.

Venus Retrograde in the Houses

Here’s how to tell how this particular Venus retrograde in Leo will affect you: look in your natal chart for 14 degrees Leo through 1 degree Virgo. The house(s) in which this segment of your chart falls indicates the area(s) of life that will be directly impacted.

1st House: self-presentation, personality & appearances. How do you present yourself? Is it your best version?

2nd House: physical & financial resources. Are you getting what you want from what you have? Are the stuff & things in your life a help or hindrance?

3rd House: self-expression. Are you clearly and effectively making your desires known? What do you even want?

4th House: soul & core values. How have your values shifted? Are you living aligned with your true nature?

5th House: heart & creative impulse. What is truly inspiring to you? How’s your libido? To what are you giving birth?

6th House: routines & daily life. Is life working for you or are you spinning your wheels? Do you practice self-care?

7th House: relationships & subconscious projections. What do you truly want from your reflections? What are you looking for outside that is buried within?

8th House: power & security. What’s missing? What’s not working that used to work? Do you need a refocus regarding your desires for resources?

9th House: higher beliefs. Does your overarching life theme still stand? Is it satisfying, or a distraction from the bigger picture?

10th House: public standing & fame. How do you define yourself and your success? Does is your reputation and platform need a revamp?

11th House: dreams & networks. Are your friendships authentic or a means to an end? Who do we take for granted?

12th House: undoing & the hidden. Is your emotional button switched off? Do you think much more than you feel? Are you misunderstood or blocked? What the fk is going on? Take your time and go easy on yourself. <3


Guidance: Venus Rx in Leo Oracle


Once we go through the process of working with the shadow and facing and integrating the deepest parts of our psyche, we can emerge from this Venus Retrograde period transformed and more clear about the love we give to ourselves, and our values.

This is the Crystal Wisdom Oracle card I pulled for myself this morning, and it applies to all of us as we embark upon this journey through the underworld:


Smoky Quartz Elestial – transmutational magic

Smoky Quartz Elestial is enfolded upon itself with windows that open into different dimensions and bring about powerful transmutations. A stone for karmic healing, it carries magic: a complete change of reality.

Self-understanding: You have a powerful survival instinct and ability to go where others dare not. Transmute the past, realize darkness is not evil. Once you face your deepest fears, you turn these into golden gifts for the soul. You have learned that death is only a transformation into another state of being. Take responsibility for your own life. Do not let others take control.

Divination: Be patient. Much stirs beneath a calm surface. Total transformation is close, but this may entail a trip into the underworld. Your shadow becomes your greatest gift. Toxic emotions turn to positive regard. Ground your efforts in the everyday, while retaining contact with higher realms. Success comes through dedication and trust in your own abilities. Mentors are available. Release from old enchantments.


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