The Chakras and the Zodiac in Everyday Life

The Chakras and the Zodiac Signs in Everyday Life:
A Case Study in Integration

Let’s talk about practical application of working with the chakras. Which chakra have you been paying attention to lately?

My third eye and crown chakras have always been on fleek. I’ve known my spiritual truth from when I was a child. This also corresponds to my Jupiter (natural gifts) in Pisces (return to Source) in the Placidus 9th House (beliefs).

I’d always been flighty, but since having a child, I recognize the importance of grounding. Babies bring you back to earth, especially after running around the globe, partying, expanding business and subsequently giving birth in a foreign country. As Mary Jo wrote, you need the support of the lower chakras before you can really take off. ūüėČ

[note: For future references to the Houses in my chart, I use the Koch system, which for me speaks to my psychology and integrated perspective as an adult.]


Root Chakra –¬†Grounding/Power

My focus last winter was on my root chakra. In layman’s terms, this corresponded to me rehabbing my house; turning my husband’s former bachelor pad/workshop domain into a home suitable for a toddler and my sanity.

It’s a work in progress, but I’ve transformed what my king called the “Ghetto Penthouse” into the “Pyramid Penthouse” suites.

After years of not watching television and being somewhat sanctimonious about it, I bought a TV and got a cable hookup and Netflix subscription. Seriously, after years of just reading spiritual/metaphysical books, watching TV has been super grounding and enjoyable, especially when I can decode the esoteric messages present in all media.

Thank you, Empire and Modern Family. Thank you, Orange is the New Black. And thank you, Oprah Winfrey Network, for producing quality programming that speaks to the spirit! OWN all by itself makes having cable worth it.

On the home front, focusing on renovating what I already have, rather than running away and trying to build elsewhere, has been so good for me. It’s helping me integrate the shadow of my Saturn (restriction) in my home life (4th House). Pluto (transformation) is also in my Libra-ruled 4th house of my soul, indicating that constant self-reinvention.

Sacral Chakra РCreativity/Expression 2nd-chakra

Not interested in being subject to the general public and at the mercy of jealous leeches, I closed my Hyde Park retail jewelry shop to bring the Crystal Pyramid Room onto private turf. I now am able to provide products and services for customers on my own terms in a much more intimate and satisfying setting.

This is also aligned with me moving toward my Aries (independence) North Node (destiny). I’ve also learned how to say “no” and be very deliberate in my partnerships and collaborative efforts.

The existence of our new Crystal Pyramid Room meditation center is the perfect manifestation of my Sagittarius (Quest for Higher Truth) Uranus (shock & awe innovation) and Capricorn (responsibility) Neptune (spirituality & illusions). They are both found in my 5th house of creativity.

Nowhere else in the world can you find the convergence of spiritual, energetic tools for meditation and cellular oscillation.

We could have never made the meditation space in our retail shop, so to have the Pyramid Room space adjacent to our jewelry boutique and my office is just perfect.

Solar Plexus Chakra –¬†Action/Discipline¬†3rd-chakra

I finally have my own office space! It is painted yellow for the third chakra, and I am deliberately keeping the decor minimalistic.

My solar plexus chakra work is building from the sacral chakra, and it pertains to my Gemini (duality expression) Sun (ego).

Since creating my own separate space, I am finally able to think, breathe, and organize. I can write at my desk and hold private consultation sessions with clients. My creativity is flowing and my ability to self-express is only growing.

My Chiron (deepest wound) is also in Gemini, so by being able to make powerful choices and use my natural gifts of writing and teaching from a spiritual perspective, I’m healing my wounds as I consult with others.

My organized space is helping me connect beautifully (Venus in Cancer) with my networks (11th house) and realize my dreams (11th house).

I’ve learned how to create and implement systems, and am slowly but surely cultivating a workable schedule so that all the areas of my life are balanced and tended to.

This solar plexus work has been a great foundation for becoming more heart-centered…

Heart Chakra РEmpathy/Self-Love 4th-chakra

I truly believe that the love we are able to give and receive is directly related to the love that we give to ourselves. Without the foundation of the lower chakras, the higher chakras have no support and cannot self-sustain.

With my own foundation of self-love, I can accept and reflect the love I constantly receive from my husband. I can manage being a loving, present mama and a business owner at the same time.

All my relationships are important–my marriage, my motherhood, my connections to my parents and siblings, my friendships, my business partnerships, and my connections with my clients. Now that my life is becoming more steady, I am able to be more present in my relationships.

Never having had a stable family life from childhood, my default status as a young adult was that of gallivanting, freedom, fun, and disconnection. Saturn is continuing to show me how to implement solid roots so that I can build my visions and still enjoy life fully.

As I said above, having a baby brought me straight back down to earth and caused me to focus on the basics. My daughter is soon to be two years old and I just now am feeling like I’m catching up to myself because of the systems I have integrated into my formerly meandering state of being.

By working with my Saturnine necessity for discipline and my Chiron wounds, I’ve been able to find even better footing on co-creating the loving, beautiful life I desire.

Throat Chakra РSpeech/Wisdom 5th-chakra

There’s much to be said about self-satisfaction and being a creator of content vs. a consumer of content. I feel good about what I am creating and contributing to the world, and with that heart-centered power, my confidence in sharing my truth and living authentically grows by the day.

I’m introverted, but with the lower chakra work I’ve been doing to support my core needs, I don’t feel so drained by my connections. I don’t feel like I’m flailing and doing a million things at once (even though I am– the projects are just more organized and deliberate).

I’m rediscovering my voice and am able to say no to offers¬†without feeling guilty. I’ve learned how to cuss out and check people who’ve taken advantage of me–but I’m grounded and discerning enough now to nip those relationships in the bud before it even gets to a leech-y place. ūüėČ

I’m re-examining the ancestral inheritance that is at the root of my childhood family issues. I often sit with the deep and dark emotions that used to color my ability to speak my truth (Chiron in Gemini).

I’m rooted enough and enjoying my self-education in that I can be an effective writer, teacher and consultant. I’m writing regularly, both publically and in private, and the regular outward expression has been beyond satisfying as I embody this new, balanced chapter in my book of life.

And this brings us forward to the third eye and crown chakras once again.

Of course, all the chakras need regular attention, as life is a roller coaster of emotional fluctuation. I’m enjoying the ride and the process of integrating the energetic concepts of the chakra energy centers into practical application in my everyday life.


What chakras have you been working with lately?



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