The Fierce & Love Opposition: Tyra Banks

The Fierce & Love Opposition: Tyra Banks

An opposition is an aspect where planets are directly opposite one another and can “see” each other most clearly.


The line between the two planets cuts the 360-degree zodiac wheel in half, and that’s why it’s referred to as a 180-degree aspect. An opposition is indicated by the longest red line in a chart (not to be confused with a square, which is the shorter red line, indicating a 90-degree angle).


Oppositions occur between two planets in the same polarity (Masculine/Feminine) and in the same modality (Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable). Oppositions bring tension and call for balance and perspective.

Like magnets, the signs opposite one another go together. Two planets or points on a chart that are opposite one another are motivated by the same core issues; they just approach the same issue from different ends of the spectrum.

Learning About Opposites via The Axis of Identity

Think of Aries (individual trailblazing), which is opposite Libra (harmony in relationships). They both are Masculine, Cardinal signs. They both are concerned with identity but have different focuses.

The same goes for your Ascendant, or the cusp of your 1st house (your identity), and your Descendant/7th house (your other half).

Can you love another person without loving yourself first? Can’t have one without the other, right? They both are important, but the balance is needed so that both types of expression can coexist.

Everyone has Aries & Libra energy in their chart. It plays out in several places:

1) where Aries & Libra actually are in your chart
2) where Mars & Venus actually are, since Mars rules Aries, and Venus rules Libra
3) by what planets and signs are in your 1st House & 7th House

So, due to this law of balance and opposites, we could say:

1) Aries, & Mars & the 1st House carry the same essence – individual trailblazing
2) Libra, & Venus & the 7th House carry the same essence – harmony in relationships

What makes each of us unique is that the core essence of Identity is expressed in several places in our natal charts, because Aries & Libra will be in different houses depending on your birthdate and time. Likewise, Mars & Venus will be in different houses & signs, depending on your birthdate/time.

Tyra Banks Case Study

Tyra Banks Natal Chart

The Sun only tells part of the story! For example, Tyra Banks’ Sun is in Sagittarius, the Masculine, Mutable Fire sign, but is Sagittarius energy her major essence? let’s look at how her Identity energy plays out in other places:

As I said previously,
1) Aries, Mars & the 1st House carry the same essence – individual trailblazing

Aries Energy

1) Aries rules her 10th House/Midheaven/MC (featuring the Moon, Chiron, and Mars)
2) Her Mars is in Aries in the 10th House. Mars rules Aries, so this is the place where Mars is most comfortable and powerful! This also means that Mars is the ruler of her chart, unless we find another personal planet in rulership.
3) Her 1st House/AC/Rising Sign is ruled by Cancer (no planets here)

We get a bonus here!

-Tyra’s Moon (emotions) is also in Aries (identity) in the 10th House
-The Moon (emotions) rules Cancer (emotions), and Cancer is at the cusp of her 1st House (identity)!

Even though she has no planets in Cancer, Cancer energy influences how she sees the world and how she is perceived since that is what the 1st House/AC is all about. Then her Moon (emotions) is expressed through Aries (identity). Her 1st & 10th Houses are connected quite nicely.

Also, most people who know Tyra Banks’ life story know that her mother was always supportive of her career; managing her as a teen as she traveled the world as a budding model. The Moon also represents the mother, and Tyra’s Aries Moon being conjunct (closely connected to) her MC/Midheaven (the highest point in one’s chart/career/public platform/fame) indicates that her mother was INTEGRAL in helping Tyra become independent as an individual, and reach the top.

So beautiful.

Remember, we are still focused on identity and the balance of opposition.

We see Aries rules here; now let’s look at Tyra’s Libra identity expression.

2) Libra, & Venus & the 7th House carry the same essence – harmony in relationships

Libra Energy

1) Libra rules her 4th House/Nadir/IC (featuring Pluto and Uranus)
2) Her Venus is in Capricorn in the 7th House.
3) Her 7th House/DC is ruled by Capricorn (featuring Venus and Jupiter)

Tyra’s Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (innovation) are in Libra, so they “answer” to Tyra’s Venus (love/beauty) because Venus rules Libra and will influence any planets that are in Libra. [This is the concept of dispositorship, which I will explain more in a future blog.]

Now! Although Tyra’s natal Libra is in her 4th House specifically, generally speaking Libra is the 7th sign, so Libra and Venus are the natural rulers of the 7th House (relationships). So for Tyra to have Venus in her 7th is a nice placement!

Capricorn (responsibility) ruling the 7th (relationships) is a bit of a downer here, but it brings:
1) the natural balance to Tyra’s nurturing Cancer rising energy (think of how she gives tough love on America’s Next Top Model), and
2) a love and passion for work and acquiring material wealth, and she looks for partners who either can help her or respect that in her nature.

This approach to her relationships also corresponds with her Moon being in the fiery Aries 10th house of career. She is driven and passionate about wealth and beauty. Hello, ANTM empire, and thank you, Tyra’s mom!

See how the same themes are playing out? And we’re not even discussing her sun! This indicates that Tyra’s unique ways of shaking up the world are filtered through that Venus in Capricorn. Jupiter being present in the 7th also brings a sense of ease and fortune in the area of relationships; people are drawn to and inspired by her likeability and beauty.


OPPosition, OPPortunity.

Let’s come back to the Opposition Aspect.

Nothing in astrology is necessarily “good” or “bad;” placements simply indicate possibilities. It is what we do with what is there that can propel or hinder us.

Tyra Banks has the perfect example of how Oppositions bring tension to a chart and require balance to function. Perspective is everything: they can be seen as hard, but they can also be seen as opportunities.

The 10th House/MC is your career and most public platform (and pertains to the father). The 4th House/IC is the MOST hidden part of a natal chart and pertains to the subconscious, karmic parts of ourselves, and the mother.

Aries & Libra are opposite signs on the axis of identity, so the planets in Aries & Libra will be in opposition.

Opposition 1: Tyra’s Aries Moon (fiery, independent emotions) is opposition her Libra Pluto (airy, harmonious transformation).


It is notable that Tyra’s Aries Moon/mom is conjunct the MC, but it’s also notable that it is opposite Pluto (transformation) in Libra in the 4th House of her soul. Whereas Tyra’s mother supported her largely in creating her career, perhaps there were some issues of overprotection, or Tyra felt a lot of pressure to succeed and/or projection to make it for her family.

Moon opposition Pluto: This is a difficult aspect to get your hands on because both of the planets involved are buried or unconscious and need to be illuminated. The unconscious part of you that you reject in yourself and/or project onto others—Pluto, your “shadow”—becomes activated and illuminated (made more conscious) in your relationships to women and to your mother (the Moon). You may have started out in life by being fairly cut off from your feelings and tending to keep them at arm’s length. You nevertheless got into other people’s space and personal business, which produced heavy confrontations. Strong evolutionary forces are acting on you, however, to bring about your emotional self-reliance by eliminating external dependencies.
[source: My Astrology Book]


It’s kind of heavy, right? But as I said, the opposition is the opportunity. It brings tension and requires balance. Tyra used her base and that karmic connection with her mother to create a self-sufficient empire with her name on it, called Bankable Productions. She is all about empowering women, as we saw on her talk show, the Tyra Banks Show, and in her non-profit foundation, TZONE.

From the TZONE website:

As a young girl growing up in Inglewood, California, Tyra Banks experienced a sudden transformation in her physical appearance and its impact on the relationships with her most intimate circle of classmates, family, and friends. At the age of 11 years old, Tyra grew three inches taller and lost 30 pounds in a period of three months, which made her stand apart from her peers. During this awkward phase, bullies branded her with nicknames, like “Giraffe” and “Lightbulb Head.” The constant taunting caused a young Tyra to feel insecure and alone, conditioning her to think that being different was not beautiful. While this negativity had the potential to lead to low self-esteem, the encouraging mentors and role models that surrounded Tyra guided her to overcome adversity by believing in herself, which led to her subsequent success. In her adulthood, Tyra felt grateful to have been subjected to the struggle firsthand, because it taught her the value of kindness, the necessity for positive reinforcement, and the ability to celebrate her flaws. [source: TZONE, “Our Focus”]

Age of Eleven alert!!! 😉

With her Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries, she uses the area in which she was wounded to heal herself through helping others. She doesn’t talk about her love life and is a relatively drama-free celebrity, but she is a catalyst for bringing to light other people’s deepest, darkest emotions and propelling them to the top.

Opposition 2: Tyra’s Aries Mars (fiery, trailblazing power) is opposition her Libra Uranus (airy, harmonious innovation).

Mars opposition Uranus:
The opposition between Mars and Uranus, just like the square, creates a tension inside of you. This forces you to get things done, forge new paths, while you “create” competition with anyone and everyone (and yourself). For people like Tyra, it can cause an anxiety that is only lifted through action, and in the end gives the native power.

Channeling the fierce by making it part of your modeling competition show and one of your slogans? Talk done.

As we can clearly see, just by focusing on one small segment of Tyra’s chart, we’re drawn to see how she used the tension in her oppositions to create balance, heal her wounds, and empower others while building a Bankable empire in the process. We can also see how one’s purpose is blatantly obvious, and repeated in several different areas of a natal chart. We didn’t even talk about her Sagittarius Sun sign, but that only adds to her fiery repertoire.

The opposition is the opportunity.
As Tyra always says when signing off, “Fierce & Love!”
In astrologese astrospeak, that translates to “Aries & Libra!”


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