Gemini New Moon: Welcome to the Real World

New Moon in Gemini
June 16, 2015

The New Moon: A time of introspection, and the beginning of the next moon cycle.

Gemini New Moon

Gemini New Moon alignment

The Sun and the Moon are conjunct in Gemini, meaning they are perfectly lined up with the Moon in front of the Sun, causing the Moon to appear dark. The darkness of the Moon signifies a blank slate.

The New Moon is when farmers plant seeds because the soil is more fertile and wet. Similarly, if we’re cognizant of the moon’s influence and choose to manifest with the moon cycles, this is a time for us to plant fresh ideas in our psyche.

The Moon Dynamics

This Sun/Moon conjunction in Gemini is at 25 degrees. Look at your natal chart to what house 25 degrees Gemini is; these are the areas of life that will be mostly affected by this New Moon.

In my chart, for example, the New Moon is transiting my Gemini 11th house of my “hopes and dreams,” which also pertains to my community, networks & friends. Transit Mercury (where it is today) has also been conjuncting my natal Mercury (where it was when I was born) all month. So even throughout the retrograde period, I’ve been feeling rather mentally on point due to the amplification of the transit energy.

The New Moon in Gemini Aspects

Gemini is an airy mental sign, all about ideas, writing, travel, and communicating, so this blank slate time pertains to new ways of thinking and expressing ourselves.

-Mars is conjunct the Sun/Moon, so as Alyssa Sharpe would say, we have a SolMarMoon happening. 😉 This means that our new way of self-expression is amped up, and perhaps more assertive or aggressive with the help of Mars.

All of this happening in Gemini means that some of the word vomit that was playing out during the Sagittarius Full Moon may still be continuing. Verbal spats or debates are fueled by our lunar emotions, and everyone has something to say!

[I have a natal Gemini Sun and a Capricorn MarMoon, and so this Gemini SolMarMoon feels pretty good to me.] 😉


-Saturn (lessons/restriction) is opposing Mercury. After the fog of Mercury retrograde, Saturn’s realness is rather needed to bring us forward to more level-headedness. The oppositional energy will spark us back into the real world.

-Neptune (spirituality/illusions) has stationed retrograde and is squaring both Mercury and Saturn.

-Mercury retrograde is over! The planet of communication/travel has begun moving forward once again in Gemini, which is nice for added clarity.

We’re still in the shadow period of Mercury retrograde, meaning that Mercury has to re-travel forward through the degrees to reach the point at which it started moving backward.

Mercury retrograde is helpful in that it highlights the areas of our life where we need to pay more attention to detail. Just like Saturn, it causes us to be thorough in our dealings.

How can we implement what we’ve learned? We may know things with our higher mind; now it’s time to bring them down to earth and implement things in practice, not just theory.

-Neptune square Mercury signifies a spiritual perspective that will help us to see the interconnectedness of all of the lessons from the Mercury retrograde period, but beware of being delusional and thinking in too abstract of measures.

-Neptune Square Saturn pinpoints the weakest links around us. It makes it harder or us to hold onto any structures that aren’t stable, and calls for us to pay attention to our weak spots, or square up on things we’ve been avoiding.

The energy of what could be the delusional Neptune square is balanced out by the straightforward Saturn, which acts as our beacon of light to cut through the fog.

-Chiron (the wounded healer) is squaring our New SolMarMoon, giving even greater incentive and a push to heal the wounds that were brought up during Mercury retrograde. Our wounds provide our greatest strengths!

-Uranus (unconventionality) is sextile our New SolMarMoon. This is a harmonious flow of energy which will also influence us to shake things up and approach life and communication in a new way.

-Uranus squaring Pluto (rebirth) is cause for a revolution. We see what’s really going on, on a grand scale, and don’t have to accept status quo any more. Power to the people!

-Jupiter (expansion) in Leo is also sextile our New SolMarMoon, and subsequently, trine Uranus. Jupiter, the greater benefic planet, harmoniously connecting with the planet of shock and awe, gives us more courage to feel like we can take on the world as we reinvent ourselves. All of this brings a new zest for life and powerful creativity to think outside the box.

Ways to Manifest with the Gemini New Moon

Knowing what you know now about what is happening cosmically, you can capitalize upon all these planetary energies to put them to work in your life for this cycle.

-set your intentions for this new 28-day cycle. This basically means writing down what you want to create in your life this MOONth. 😉

-use selenite to cleanse and charge your other crystals. You can lay the smaller crystals atop the selenite wand, or you could make a selenite grid in any shape and place the crystals inside it.

Age of Eleven Selenite Crystal Chakra Kit

-write yourself an abundance check! This is very simple; you can use a real check (people still have checkbooks?), or print a blank check online and write out an amount to yourself, payable by the universe.

-use white sage to cleanse your aura and your space, or light up some charcoal and burn frankincense resin to clear the air and mark a fresh start.

frankincense varieties

Age of Eleven Frankincense Resins

#DecodingTheAll: In Summation

-Get your house in order. It’s a good time to pay off longstanding bills, loans and debts. How can one build on a deficit? Level up.

-See things on a spiritual level with your first eye, and continue #DecodingTheAll from a higher perspective…but take what you know in the spiritual realm and apply it to your daily life on this physical earth plane. Knowing about astral travel, crystals, and ancient Egypt is useless if your actual life is in shambles.

-Reflect on what Mercury Retrograde brought up for you. Attend to the chips in the armor, and let go of underlying patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back. For real! Do it, or this all will pop up again in a few months.

-Recognize this New Moon blank slate opportunity to create a fresh start, and take action. Write down your goals and make a start toward them today. If not now, when?

Welcome to the Age of Eleven!
Now is the time to recognize the mystical in everyday life.



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