The Astrology Analogy: What IS Astrology?

The Astrology Analogy

Astrology tells a story. You are the “who,” the planet is the “what,” the transit is the “when,” the sign is the “how,” the house is the “where,” and the aspects answer “why.”

Astrology is a language. The planets are the nouns, the signs are the adjectives, the houses are the adverbs, the aspects are the lines of dialogue.

Your natal chart is like your own personal labyrinth.

Some parts are depressing, but knowledge is power.

Some aspects are anxiety-ridden, but by diving into the shadow, you become empowered.

Some parts bestow good fortune and ease, which like a winning lotto ticket, you would be wise to cash in.

Some dynamics reveal unspeakable pain, which is the direct key to your healing.

We can look into our natal charts and see passed down pathologies and cultural influences.

We can look into our draconic charts and recognize our grand missions from beyond space and time.

The graph tells us our destiny; that for which we are here to strive.

It shows us our default mode; how we will remain if we do not try.

The lessons, the goals. The potential, the flavor.

The expression, the blockage. The purpose, the favor.

Your chart wheel is your cosmic selfie. It’s the once-in-a-universal-moment energetic portal through which you came.

The planets don’t govern us like gods. They are archetypal energies which are present within us all.

Astrology is having knowledge of HOW we uniquely express our thoughts, our anger, love, responsibility, good fortune, spirituality, and transformation.

When Mercury is retrograde, it will affect us all uniquely depending on how our natal charts are set up. Same goes for the Saturn return or any other planetary event.

Do you have a day chart or a night chart? All that will inform how you experience Saturn and Mars; Jupiter and Venus. There’s so much nuance to it all.

So when astrologers say, “be aware of Mercury retrograde,” it’s not that it’s gonna be a sweeping wave of default torment for all of us.

It’s just like knowing that the tides will be higher or that people snap out during the full moon. Proximity and alignment of planets, gravitational pull, cosmic orbits- these are all connected in the physical realm and surely have an impact energetically.

Astrology is not a religion, and no one’s “giving up their power to” or “worshipping” the planets. It’s not that we have to be “stronger” than the planets and transits.

Astrology gives all of us an opportunity to be aware of HOW certain energy is going to manifest within and project from ourselves.

As above, so below. As within, so without. Either way, it’s all ONE.

Welcome to the Age of Eleven.

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