8 Ways to Manifest with the Moon Cycles

8 Ways to Manifest with the Moon Cycles

It is highly beneficial to work with the phases of the moon to get in sync with the cycles of nature and use that energy to manifest. Much of this process includes meditation; check out my partner Mary Jo’s Meditation 101 post here!

As we learned in my blog Crystals and the Planets, “as above, so below” is a universal law that applies to the heavenly bodies above us and the crystals that form below us. We’re all energetically connected, and our bodies are crystalline.

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The phases of the moon all point to certain types of energy. Tap in!

Crystal Pyramid Chakra Meditation Set

1. New Moon/Dark Moon – cleansing, intention-setting

During the new moon, it can be beneficial to use selenite in meditation or to cleanse and charge other crystals (as pictured above) as you plant the seeds of manifestation. This is a blank slate time of new beginnings and becoming clear about what you wish to create during this cycle.

2. Waxing Moon – building, drawing

A few days after the New Moon, this Waxing Moon (as it gets larger) phase is beneficial to build a foundation upon which you can grow your desires. Use your focused attention to grow your intentions. Fertility rituals can be worked at this time. Rose quartz and moonstone are nice crystalline tools.

Age of Eleven Crystals

Crystal phalluses for moon manifestation fertility rituals; rose quartz, amethyst and citrine

3. First Quarter Moon –  attracting, cultivating

Continue to build upon your desires through meditation and altar work.Tap into your manifestation energy, work your prosperity magic!  Unakite is a great stone for bringing things together.

4. Waxing Gibbous – amplifying, manifesting

Here is when you work to amplify your intentions for this cycle. Focus on abundance, prosperity, protection, success, love and friendship.  Aventurine and citrine are THE prosperity stones.

citrine points

Raw, juicy citrine points for prosperity & abundance

5. Full Moon – recognizing, energizing

This is a time of reaping the fullness of what we’ve sown at the new moon. Now is when we are keeping our minds focused on our goals, and being in gratitude for that which we’ve brought forth.

During the full moon, you can work with clear quartz crystal to energize your center of creation. You can even make crystal elixir during the full moon and drink it! Energy is at an all-time high, and sexual energy tends to peak at the light of the moon.

Raw clear quartz crystal points for crystal elixir

Raw clear quartz crystal points for crystal elixir

People also turn into werewolves, so it’s also good to sage your aura and just cool out. 🙂

6. Waning Gibbous – reflecting, liberating

During the waning moon phases (as it gets smaller), we have more clarity on what did or did not manifest during the first half of the cycle, for “better” or “worse.”Here is when we begin releasing that which no longer serves. Now is the time to meditate upon that which serves your greater good and operate without attachments to outcome.

7. Last Quarter – releasing, detaching

This time is powerful for ending things, dealing with enemies (your own shadow), and banishing evil. In meditation, focus upon replacing the negative energy of any situation with its positive aspects. Frankincense and myrrh resins burned on a charcoal disc are also good for smoking out the place at this time.

frankincense varieties

Various frankincense & myrrh resins

8. Waning Moon – clearing, banishing

It’s time to powerfully clear house! Banish negativity, illness, and things that no longer serve. White sage and palo santo holy wood are wonderful for smudging (energetically cleansing) yourself and your spaces. Integrate the shadow, learn the lessons of this cycle, and transmute the negative into something powerful.

White Sage and Palo Santo.

White Sage and Palo Santo. Always be burning something!

Prepare for the clarity and new blank slate to come with the new moon!

And we start back at 1; the cycle continues.


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