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Oracle card readings are invaluable divination tools for self-understanding. As I shared in the Introduction to Oracle Readings, oracles offer guidance, insight, and suggestions for what kind of action may be necessary to bring about a desired outcome.

Since antiquity, Oracles were beings who remember and embody the inherent connection we have to the divine. An Oracle should always bring you forward to yourself; not cause you to become a follower of some guru or ideology.

It is important to really only work with a person that you trust as a clear vessel. Does this person walk their talk? Anyone can shuffle a deck and pull a card, but when it comes to matters of the spirit, it behooves us to use discernment. Check their receipts!


My Personal 2015 New Year’s Eve Oracle Reading

As I mentioned in the introductory blog, some readers place the cards into a specific pattern or structure called a lattice, or layout.

Each position in the specified layout represents an aspect of yourself, such as Your Present Situation, Subconscious Blockages, Ancestral Root Causes, Action Required, and Outcome, for example. Oracle Readings also reveal the crystals that can assist you in achieving balance and vitality.

Personal New Year Oracle

The 4Square Crystal Oracle spread I did for myself on New Year’s Eve as we prepared to usher in 2015.

As always, many things were shifting in my life, and winter always comes with time for real introspection. My husband and I were torn about whether or not to close our retail shop. We wanted to go travel for the winter in an RV.

I asked, “Should we close the Crystal Pyramid Room and head out west to sell at the Tucson gem & mineral show and relax in California?”

In a (very abridged) nutshell, the above-pictured card reading said this:

1. Current situation: Amethyst; inner peace – Make a concerted effort to overcome addictive behavior. Balance work and play, as you are prone to excess in both. Go within to know yourself. Do not rely on others; be shrewd in business dealings. Pay attention to your family. You create anything you set your mind to.

2. What’s holding you back: Anandalite; cosmic consciousness –  Recognize you previously operated in a narrow band of awareness; you have the potential to live in a completely different dimension of consciousness. Transform your goals and seek a new direction. You find yourself stripped to the bone as the old falls away, but do not despair–new light is infused.

3. Action required: Bloodstone; perseverance – Let go of the past. Break away and be strong. Locked doors open for you; obstacles are swept away and romance blossoms. Preserve your good reputation. Recognize your enemies and keep them close; do not be deceived. Remember that detoxification and chaos precede transmutation. A farewell is called for; mourn appropriately and let go. You are a spiritual warrior. Get in touch with your assertiveness.

4. Outcome: Selenite; divine light – You are a translucent soul- use insights wisely. Do not be manipulated or too eager to please. A situation is unpredictable no matter how solid it appears. Be prepared for challenges and changes. Banish confusion. Bring in spirituality: allow divine light to inspire the future. Let go of something dear to you – parting does not mean loss of love. Overheard conversations enlighten you.

My Oracle Reading Interpretation and Manifestation

The reading was poignant for me on several levels. The first thing that stood out to me was amethyst in the “current situation/intention” position. Amethyst is the stone of sobriety and clear perception, and my husband and I had literally just embarked upon an alcohol “fast,” if you will. After a lot of holiday partying with our families, it was time to lay off the drinking for a while and gain some clarity as we moved into a new year. We didn’t even have champagne for the midnight countdown!

Bloodstone, my “action stone” also mentioned detoxification, and said straight up: “A farewell is called for.” To me, it meant closing our shop. The Selenite outcome also indicated to let go of something dear, and emphasized that situations would be unpredictable. I figured the unpredictability referred to our cross-country travel intentions, which is par for the course on epic journeys.

I meditated on it and made the decision to wrap up the Crystal Pyramid Room within a month.

However, when I told our customers about the closing plans, they all seemed so devastated. The CPR was truly a beacon of light and safe haven in the increasingly commercial Hyde Park neighborhood.

Then I found a potential employee who could work the store in our absence, so I reneged on my decision and chose to keep the CPR open, giving life to the people of Chicago’s south side. Thank you, overly sacrificing natal Libra south node. And thank you, Mercury Retrograde shadow period.

At the same time, we manifested our perfect family RV at the EXACT price I wanted! But several factors caused delay, and although we bought it before, we couldn’t officially bring it home until the first official day of Mercury Retrograde. Of course.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss. Click the image to read my blog!

Even though the transaction was perfect, because of Retro, I knew we weren’t going anywhere in that travel trailer anytime soon. Chicago blizzards came and the RV got buried, so instead of heading west, we hibernated and had our staff supplement our efforts in the store.

All was well on the surface, but as Bloodstone mentioned, the “enemies” were very close; making secretive plans to shut down our CPR operations. The Selenite insight about “do not be manipulated” played out when it came time to discuss the new lease contract for the shop. We were stonewalled with ridiculous offers. Although I could have easily handled the increases in operating costs, I wasn’t about to be anyone’s bitch. Plus, Bloodstone had told me to get in touch with my assertiveness.

Eventually, my earlier choice to close up shop came to a culmination, and we wrapped up the Crystal Pyramid Room in Hyde Park.

The fact that I’m even writing this post on this website is a testament to the new beginnings that have opened up as I continue to trust my gut and not be externally influenced or make major changes in foggy Mercury Rx.

Fast forwarding to this present moment, everything that the Oracle specified has come to fruition, despite the fact that I did not perceive it all in that moment.

Oracle card readings can be very poignant if you choose to be open to allowing spirit and the universe to speak. As a reader, my intention is always for the highest good and to integrate the shadow aspects so we can effect true healing; not surface remedies. The Oracle tools of divination are invaluable when the connection is right.

If you’d like to schedule an Oracle reading/consultation with me, I’d love to build with you.

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  • Stacie Forbes says:

    “everything that the Oracle specified has come to fruition, despite the fact that I did not perceive it all in that moment.” I’m learning to simply record my insights and trust that all will be revealed to me at the perfect time. Thank you for sharing this beautiful example.

    • Thank you, Stacie! So much clarity comes foward in time; it IS crucial to note everything because the bits are always revealed slowly but surely!