Oracle Reading: Jupiter Direct in Leo

Jupiter Direct in Leo Oracle Reading Preview

The photo above is of a Crystal Wisdom Oracle Reading I did for this celestial occasion.

Take a moment to meditate on a question or some insight you may be seeking. Gracing the tops of each card is a unique quartz crystal that either me, my king or baby Eleven dug out of the earth on our recent mining excursion a couple weeks ago. Fresh, untouched, clear energy is at hand for all of us.

Pick a number, 1 through 4, and below the answer and your personal message will be revealed below.


The Transits

The recent Libra/Aries Total Full Moon Eclipse Blood Moon on Saturday, 4 April was intense, energy-wise. Many of you have been feeling “it” lately, and the Blood Moon is symbolic of the “end of the world as we know it.” Libra and Aries are opposites on the zodiac chart, pertaining to codependency and relationships as opposed to individualism and independence, so these are the themes that are flaring up right about now.

How timely that the Full Blood occurred on the between the Good Friday and Easter holidays; the most obvious death and rebirth archetypal time of the year.

Easter, to me, has always been less church dresses and platitudes, and more symbolic of renewed Christic/Krystos/Crystal consciousness. And since Jesus turned water into wine, I honored his Great Work over the strongstart (not weekend/weak-end) with a bottle of merlot. 1.5 Liters, to be sure.

Elsewhere in the cosmos, on the 8th of April 2015, Jupiter stationed direct after being in retrograde motion since December.

About Jupiter

Jupiter is a huge planet with a slower orbit, and it pertains to expansion and benefits, whereas giant, slow-moving Saturn pertains to restriction and lessons. Jupiter takes things to the next level and pushes us forward in the best way, even when it’s not readily apparent, and sometimes when we don’t want to let go.

Jupiter is currently moving forward in Leo, and Leo is my ascendant and ruler of both my 1st (identity) and 2nd (worth) houses, so I’m feeling the expansion in new levels of freedom regarding my self, creation, and financial opportunities, as well as new partnerships. Jupiter is about to do the work to raise us both up and out of any situations that may have been in crisis, especially on the helms of the Blood Moon eclipse death.

Remember that this Jupiter direct motion in Leo is expansive and supportive of creative risks and new ways of thinking and being. Don’t over analyze, don’t worry, just trust. Now is your season!

For those of you who are ready to dance with Jupiter, this direct motion (and the trine with Uranus) is pure gold. Take a risk. Step out into an area that you’ve been eyeing, but would never have considered in the past. Your odds of success are fairly high with this trine (especially if you have anything from 12 to 20 degrees of the Fire signs).

The Grand Oracle Reading Message Revealed

Take note of the number you selected earlier.

And now, here is the grand reveal! Below is the message associated with each crystal wisdom oracle card.

Jupiter Direct Oracle Reading Reveal

1. Trigonic Quartz – the soul’s code

A holographic Quartz that holds the secrets of the universe and rapidly expands your awareness to link to multi-dimensions, star beings and unity consciousness. Triangles etched into a Trigonic are cosmic coding for the soul.

Self-understanding: You are an eternal spirit on a human journey. Reconnect to your divine origins. Expand your awareness to encompass All That Is, restructuring your physical and subtle bodies, beliefs, and realities. Birth your soul fully on earth if you feel alienated. Meditation triggers your soul’s full potential and purpose in incarnating. In reintegrating fragments of your soul, you bring about true wholeness.

Divination: Recognize the multidimensional breadth of your own soul. Remain honest and open to achieve success. Reach beyond consensual reality and karma, let go of conflicts. Renegotiate soul contracts; heal your soul traumas and the etheric blueprint. Expel toxins from the physical and subtle bodies to receive a download of higher-frequency spiritual energies and integrate the light body.

Frequency: Extremely High

Chakra: soma (mid-hairline), alta major (inside skull), higher crown

Timing: Aquarius, Pisces

Soul Path: Evolution to highest dimensions


2. Tiger’s Eye – empowerment

Tiger’s Eye integrates the power of the sun into the earth. A talisman against ill wishing, it symbolizes prosperity and encourages right use of power. It helps balance your needs with those of others, finding solutions.

Self-understanding: You are a child of the sun and earth with untold powers — assert yourself wisely. You make your own fate. Bring hidden talents to the fore and face up to your faults with courage. There is a tendency toward obsessiveness or becoming spaced out. Learn to ground yourself. Explore your past lives to discover the causes of these traits. Deal sensibly with day-to-day reality and face challenges boldly.

Divination: Prosperity and lasting success are yours. Long journeys and celebrations lie ahead. Your personal power, confidence and energy are high — use them wisely. Unlock your creativity. Commit to goals. Distinguish between wishful thinking and what you really need. You attain more than you thought possible. Assist friends to gain their heart’s desire. Past lives throw light on current situations.

Frequency: earthy to high depending on color

Chakra: solar plexus, third eye (brow)

Timing: Leo, Capricorn

Soul Path: becoming empowered


3. Labradorite – the mind’s eye

Iridescent Labradorite raises your consciousness to connect to mystical dimensions and the highest protective energies. It assists in safely accessing past, present and future. It strengthens your faith in yourself and aids your intuitive guidance.

Self-understanding: You are an intuitive being who has the gift of foresight and who is in touch with other realities. Keep yourself grounded. The veil between worlds is thin for you and you could easily confuse yourself and others with your imaginings. Aim for clear insight. Hold onto your common sense — it is your most effective tool in assessing your intuitions and acting on those that are valid.

Divination: You face a temporary setback, but a sudden reversal of fortune is possible. Be careful what you wish for; it may come true. Beware psychic vampires. Be sure that you do not have a “leaky aura” that allows others to draw on your energy field. Raise your consciousness to the highest levels. Traditionally, Labradorite indicates capricious love.

Frequency: high
Chakra: third eye, crown
Timing: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Soul Path: opening the inner eye


4. Malachite – the subconscious mind

A copper-based stone that penetrates the depths of the subconscious mind, Malachite brings to light ingrained programming and toxic beliefs. An amulet against pain, this is a powerful stone for emotional transformation. It stimulates the survival instinct.

Self-understanding: Unconscious programs or beliefs run your life and cause psychosomatic dis-ease. This merciless crystal brings these to light — forcibly if you don’t cooperate. Go willingly into the depths — therapy may be needed. Your deepest fears become your greatest gifts as hidden abilities come to light. Go where angels fear to tread to bring back insights for your own healing and that of others.

Divination: Overcome fear of the unknown. Danger threatens. Not all is as it seems. Stand firm in your power. You survive. Protect yourself against unseen forces or powerful minds that manipulate you. Learn psychic protection. Have no fear. Take a course in magical arts to call up past life skills. Spread your wings. Do not become embroiled with a charismatic man.

Frequency: earthy to high

Chakra: heart base, sacral and solar plexus

Timing: Scorpio

Soul Path: transforming your subconscious mind


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