Introduction to Oracle Readings

What is an Oracle?

Oracle cards are a tool of divination, or guidance. Similar to other tools for self-understanding, such as palm reading, I-Ching coins, runes, pendulum work or most similarly the Tarot, oracle card readings can help us receive insight and self-understanding for current and future situations.

Each oracle deck has its own theme, and every card in a deck has a unique symbol, word, phrase, or archetype.

I’ve been working lately with The Crystal Wisdom Oracle; a deck created by Judy Hall who is the author of world-renowned reference guide, The Crystal Bible.

Each card in my Crystal Wisdom Oracle card deck has a gorgeous photo of a crystal, and each crystal card has a unique meaning. The deck comes with a guidebook that explains all the different attributes of the stone, so that I, the reader, can interpret the card’s meaning for myself or the person receiving the reading.

To work with and receive an oracle reading, first you have to realize that nothing in this world is “coincidence.” Recognize that everything is connected. The universe is always speaking to us because our realities are subjective. Life doesn’t happen “to” us; it happens “through” us!

The process works by setting the intentions for the session, asking a question, shuffling the deck, and selecting a few cards at “random” to allow spirit to speak.

These are a few examples of types of questions you can ask a Crystal Oracle:

-Please give me insight into…
-How can I move forward from…?
-What lies behind this situation?
-What is subconsciously hidden within me?
-What would be the result of…?

Sometimes the reader places the cards into a specific pattern or structure called a lattice, or layout. Each position in the specified layout corresponds to a particular area of life.

For example, in my four-card Cubic 4Square layout, the first position signifies your intention or current situation. The second space indicates what is holding you back, whether it be subconscious, karmic, ancestral, etc. The third card specifies the action required to bring a certain outcome, and the fourth card declares what the outcome may be if the action is implemented.


The Benefits of Oracle Wisdom

In a full reading, each card provides:

  • the crystal’s description and metaphysical properties
  • the oracle’s message for self-understanding
  • the oracle’s message of divination
  • the frequency of the crystal (earthy, medium, high, extremely high, and/or exceptionally high)
  • the chakra association (earth star, root/base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, higher crown, and/or highest crown above stellar gateway)
  • the timing of your answer (immediately, in every moment, or in association with one of the Tropical Zodiac seasons [example: Gemini = May 21-June 21)
  • the soul path lesson

So, to use the example above, the card in position 1 is Trigonic Quartz, which in this layout represents the recipient’s present situation/intention.

Trigonic Quartz – the soul’s code

A holographic Quartz that holds the secrets of the universe and rapidly expands your awareness to link to multi dimensions, star beings and unity consciousness. Triangles etched into a Trigonic are cosmic coding for the soul.

Self-understanding: You are an eternal spirit on a human journey. Reconnect to your divine origins. Expand your awareness to encompass All That Is, restructuring your physical and subtle bodies, beliefs and realities. Birth your soul fully on earth if you feel alienated. Meditation triggers your soul’s full potential and purpose in incarnating. In reintegrating fragments of your soul, you bring about true wholeness.

Divination: Recognize the multidimensional breadth of your own soul. Remain honest and open to achieve success. Reach beyond consensual reality and karma, let go of conflicts. Renegotiate soul contracts; heal your soul traumas and the etheric blueprint. Expel toxins from the physical and subtle bodies to receive a download of higher-frequency spiritual energies and integrate the light body.

Frequency: Extremely High

Chakra: soma (mid-hairline), alta major (inside skull), higher crown

Timing: Aquarius, Pisces

Soul Path: Evolution to highest dimensions


It is up to the receiver to interpret the meanings relative to themselves, and of course to remain fluid and open to possibilities.

Oracles don’t necessarily tell you what to do nor tell your future, but they do offer guidance, insight, and suggestions for how to move forward, especially if you ask an insightful question.

The cards point to choices and responsibilities, but the answers can be ambiguous, obscure, or speak to something subconscious that you mightn’t even realize is an issue.

Crystal wisdom can work for you if you’re prepared to let go of the past, incorporate advice, and expand your awareness.

My Crystal Wisdom deck in particular also reveals the crystals that can assist you in achieving balance and vitality; so it may help if you use the stones that come up in your reading, whether as a pocket stone or in meditation, or by wearing it in a piece of jewelry or using it internally as a yoni egg!

In my next oracle blog, I will share a sample Oracle reading I did for myself; the interpretation and the outcome/manifestation.

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mizChartreuse Crystal Oracle

GEMini Crystal Oracle consults with mizChartreuse

About mizChartreuse

mizChartreuse is a writer, urban shaman and rebel creator of The Age of Eleven, an international lifestyle brand dedicated to recognizing the mystical in everyday life. She owns The Crystal Pyramid Room, a metaphysical center in Chicago. Click here to book an Age of Eleven astrology reading, and check out her metaphysical oracle readings and consultations at her Featured Bloggers profile on this website!


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