Crystals 101, Class 1: What are Crystals?

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Crystals 101

Class 1: Introduction – What are Crystals?

Crystals have energetic healing properties and can influence our bodies for balance and betterment, but what the heck IS a crystal, anyway? A super pretty piece of rock?

A crystal is defined as a natural, solid body with a geometrically regular shape and a consistent molecular structure. ALL solid matter is made of atomic particles arranged in a specific crystalline pattern called a lattice, so in truth, we are all crystalline at our core.

Mega Crystals

Alignment with the mega crystal

A crystal actually grows! It starts with a seed, known as a “unit cell,” which is a collection of atoms that are connected in a certain way. That unit cell blueprint is repeated in exactly the same way throughout the entire mineral specimen. Sound familiar? Think about the process of human creation: egg and sperm merge, form a singular blueprint “unit cell,” and that duplicates into two, four, eight, etc….

If you were to take a huge crystal and bash it on the floor, it would shatter in a very specific pattern because of the molecular structure holding it together.

Cubic Raw Fluorite Crystals

fluorite is a beautiful example of a crystal with a cubic structure

The Science of Crystals

Crystals are used in many technical, scientific areas of everyday life because they are so stable and regular, with a lot of energetic potential. When certain crystals are compressed, they emit a positive electric charge called piezoelectricity. This natural ability helps convert mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy.

orgonite crystals copper energy

Orgonites are positive energy generators. Crystals and other metals are compressed within resin, causing the piezoelectric effect. As such, the orgonite device absorbs harmful negatively charged ions in an area and emits a constant emanation of positively charged electromagnetic energy, also known as orgone.

Crystals are the components of watches and clocks that help provide very accurate timekeeping. Quartz crystals are silicates (its chemical structure is SiO2 [silicon dioxide]), and silicon chips are what provide computer memory. Crystal radios draw energy from atmospheric radio waves, and as such, do not need batteries!

Since quartz crystals are stable and able to resonate at various unseen frequencies, they are also able to transform and amplify other types of subtle energies.

Human beings are inextricably connected to the inorganic world of minerals. Biophysicists have concluded that at the molecular level, every cell of our body has a liquid crystalline cytoplasm. In short, we’re all made up of the same stuff. We’re all One; all connected with every natural thing we see around us.

It makes sense, then, that we can connect with other crystalline objects that form from the earth. We can energetically receive and perceive a crystal’s energy flow—AND vice versa; we can program our intentions into a crystal much like crystals can be programmed for computer microchip technology.

Amethyst Cathedral Crystals

Amethyst, the ultimate meditation stone: Activating the 3rd Eye


Rocks and minerals are in a constant process of transformation: Creation, Change, and Dissolution. It’s a cycle; like wash, rinse, repeat.

Our human lives undergo very similar processes as rocks and minerals. As above, so below, right? So just as the big planetary rocks in the heavens are an astrological macrocosm of our lives, the rocks below us in the earth are a microcosm of our lives.

In the next class, we will go deeper into the science and geology of how crystals are formed, and how their transformation processes reflect the same processes we humans experience. Welcome to the Age of Eleven! Now is the time to recognize the mystical in everyday life.

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